About - Mission

We are committed to promote opportunity equality across Asia and the rest of the world.

To disrupt the long, overdue traditional hiring processes and develop the world's most collaborative talent network - one that is without language barriers, aligns incentives, redistributes economic value and shares long-term interest with Talent and Organisations.
Works is committed to change the traditional talent market and connects the world's top 1% remote developers and designers with leading enterprises, redistributing value and long-term interest with users.

Why we started Works

The way we work and hire is long overdue.

It is still based on the rulebook on how we should work, written a century ago by Henry Ford. Work has changed profoundly, but we still work according to the same principles a hundred years ago. Our economies are no longer industrial, but mainly knowledge-based.

The old structure limits workers and creates inequality.

It restricts work opportunities to proximity of the common place. It creates disproportionate wealth for wealthy people who get to stay on top of the structure. Proximity and/or language proficiency becomes a deciding factor in the hiring process instead of talent and qualifications.

The way work should be

We believe that work needs to be reinvented to a model that rewards individuals solely based on their qualities, unprejudiced by the enterprises who hire them.
At Works, our talent network is built with the belief that everyone shall be treated fairly with equal opportunities and the best person gets the job.

Transparent fees

Fees should be transparent and high commission fees taken from the middleman should be made obsolete.


Long-term benefits and incentives should go to the person who created the actual work value.

WORKS token

We look to enable this new model using blockchain technology and through the WORKS token.
Works, the world's leading blockchain-driven talent network where clients and remote tech talent can work together significantly more fairly, legitimately, and transparently.

Key Milestones

Gigworks - Freelance Services Marketplace Website

Gigworks Was founded

Kick-started the journey of remote job platform.

Singapore & Malaysia

Works soft-launched in Singapore & Malaysia with AI Chat Translation and Project Service.

South Korea, Taiwan & HK

Works soft-launched in South Korea, Taiwan, HK and began development in AI speech translation, Hourly service & Account management.
Q4 2021
Works - the world's fastest growing network of the most talented technical professionals


We rebranded Gigworks to Works and soft-launched in Mainland China. To incentivise our platform, we began blockchain development in WORKS token.
Q1 2022

Works Token

Our incentive programme, WORKS Token, was launched on Ethereum MainNet. We also added Hourly service & Account management and developed Voice & Video Call.
Q2 2022

AI Talent Matching

We began the development in AI Talent Matching, Suggestion and Invitation. We launched AI Speech Translation along with Voice & Video Call.
Q3 2022

AI Realtime Translation

We integrated and launched AI with Realtime Voice and Video Speech Translation.
Q4 2022

Southeast Asia

Market entry to Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia
Q4 2022
Meet our team

Reinventing the way we work.

Glenn Tay – Business Director at Works // Glenn Tay – Works Founder & CEO
Glenn Tay
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Business Director
Tomy Wijaya – Technical Director & Lead Ai Engineer at Works
Tomy Wijaya
Technical Director & Lead AI Engineer

Business & Management

Qin Ziyue – Business Director (China) at Works
Qin Ziyue
Business Director (China)
Rebecca Cheng
Rebecca Cheng
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Sales Development Director

Product Development

Grace Pang – Senior UI/UX Designer at Works
Grace Pang
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Lead UI/UX Designer
Alen Khasanov - Senior Software Engineer at Works
Alen Khasanov
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Senior Software Engineer
Ang Jia Yih - Senior Blockchain Engineer at Works
Ang Jia Yih
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Senior Blockchain Engineer