10 Ways for Newbies to Attain Resolute Ambition as a Freelance Writer in 2021

guest contributor
guest contributor
February 8, 2021
10 Ways for Newbies to Attain Resolute Ambition as a Freelance Writer in 2021

This blog piece is written by John, a freelance writer on Gigworks, for Freelance Writers Appreciation Week. You can find other pieces from this project by clicking on the tag ‘Freelance Writers Appreciation Week. Thank you to all the participating writers!

Do you want to become a freelancer? Write top-notch articles or even learn the tricks and stunts of successful freelancers? Are you really desperate and anxious about all this? Your wait is over if you answered, yes!

I have been in this business for a while and I know firsthand what you need to do to succeed. My journey into freelancing started just after college. A journey of many ups and downs.

Perhaps, you are on the down path now. But do you know that writing can really be fun? It can be, if you know what you are doing.

You need not to stress yourself trying to create your own template to succeed, just follow these tips and you will be sought after as a writer.

1. Research to understand the topic

It’s easy to be a Jack in a trade but claiming mastery is reserved for the few who capitalize on the good resources available to them.

Thankfully, the advent and advancement of the internet has saved us from the time it takes to obtain sufficient and quality information for a write-up.

Thus, the secret to delivering an on point write-up is dependent on the understanding the writer has regarding the topic.

What you don’t understand, you cannot produce or reproduce. So, do everything possible to research the topic – research the topic before putting pen to paper.

2. Write out of inspiration

Where there is a drive there is a way. Where there is a desire, there is inspiration. To be frank, it takes a lot to finish a quality article.

We have many writers who write very good articles, however, there is always a “but” which prevents a writer from completing articles they start.

The “but” of procrastination, which can be curbed by inspiration. Writing out of inspiration is an easy way to finish your articles. Write out of inspiration, and you will make your readers and yourself happy.

3. Meditate on the article

Men as water take the shape of everything they inhabit. The more you focus your thoughts on the topic you’re working upon, the higher your chances of writing precise and concise content. So make time to meditate on the topics you write on.

4. Be yourself

Often, the fear of your opinions being rejected prevents you from delivering candid and genuine work. But remember that the beauty of writing is in the strength of being yourself. Respect your personal convictions, because that is how you will wow your readers and audience as a writer.

5. Be real and authentic

Trust is only built on truth. There is fulfilment in delivering your clients work, knowing the time and precision it took to complete the work.

Supposition and guess-work are characteristics of mediocrity. It shows unprofessionalism and makes your client disbelieve in your competency. Make sure your work is filled with proven facts.

6. Plan, structure and restructure

Good organization is an ingredient for work that gets clients satisfied. It can only be done when priorities are set. Planning your work carefully ensures clear information to your readers or audience.

7. Build your drafts

The masters of crafts always have a prototype. The first work which serves as a guideline does not only help you produce the best work, it saves you from the many mistakes a writer usually makes.  Additionally, it boosts your confidence when negotiating for wages.

8. Be disciplined

One trait you should keep even if you’ll neglect any other tip is discipline. Every client has got a schedule he will want you to work within.

Your ability to deliver within these terms and time frame proves your integrity and competence.

And the more clients regard you as such, the more you gain contracts. However this can only be ensured through discipline. Set your goals right and commit yourself to them.

9. Engage your readers

Who are your audience? What are their appetites? What makes them rise on their feet? Your ability to answer these questions properly will enable you to engage your audience well.

Do you remember how that teacher kept you listening always when you were even tired? Have you wondered how he did it?

The same applies here. Creativity is the mother of the earth. Be creative and wow your audience.

10. Get details from your clients

Make sure negotiations are done with the client to ascertain terms, wages and the needs of the job. Engage with the client to give him what he wants, not what you want. At the end, it is the smile he gets when you deliver the work to him that will bring him back.

Find John on Gigworks to get engaging content for your business today! Visit the Gigworks website to find out more.

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