Copywriting vs Content Writing: What It Means For You and Your Business

guest contributor
guest contributor
February 8, 2021
Copywriting vs Content Writing: What It Means For You and Your Business

This is a blog piece written by Aryana, a freelance writer on Gigworks, for Freelance Writers Appreciation Week. You can find other pieces from this project by clicking on the tag ‘Freelance Writers Appreciation Week. Thank you to all the participating writers!

As a freelance writer, I dive into both copywriting and content writing. I started with content writing for a few websites. As I grew more comfortable writing and found my own niche, I started trying out for copywriting gigs. I have a degree majoring in communications and being an extrovert, I always thought I’d find a job that revolves around physically and verbally communicating with people. But here I am now, enjoying communicating with people through words on a screen instead!

I absolutely love creating content as I love sharing information that can benefit anyone reading. Content writing to me is an art form of entertaining and educating the readers at the same time. Copywriting is a more cunning art form that involves more persuasion skills with a smidge of psychological tricks.

In this fast-paced digital age and information overload, brands must compete with each other to ensure that their clients trust their brand and stay. The most successful strategy is to utilize the art of storytelling. Storytelling is used to build rapport, gain the clients’ trust and assure them that the brand is there to help them.

This is why copywriters and content writers are crucial to building an impactful online presence. It is, however, a balancing act whereby copywriters and content writers play different roles in order to cultivate meaningful relationships with the clients.

If you need to outsource writers, which do you need: a copywriter or a content writer?

Here’s a summary of both of them for you to get a grasp of what they are and hire the right writers for your projects!


The ultimate goal of copywriting is to produce content with the intention of selling an idea, service, or product. Typically, copywriting aims to get readers to act impulsively. For example, open a promotional email, purchase an item during sales, subscribe to a mailing list, or following social media pages. The general idea is that a copywriter writes marketing material for a living.

Content Writing

In contrast to content writing, whose objective is to produce content to generate interest as well as helping the audience to understand the brand better. A content writer can be anyone who is capable to produce any type of content. Typically, the content created should align with the business and marketing goals of the brand. Content writing focuses on the quality of the material and shares information about the brand to the readers.

Vision without execution is just a hallucination.

Henry Ford

Now, If you have an idea, product, or brand you’d like to grow and market, you would need to hire at least one of these two. Quoting Henry Ford, “Vision without execution is just a hallucination.” If you have a vision of what you’d like your brand to become and you’re looking for an executioner, I’m the right person for the job!

I can help you build a solid online persona that works for your brand or website. Visit my profile on Gigworks & we’ll be on the way to securing you the online presence your brand deserves!

Find Aryana on Gigworks to get engaging content for your business today! Visit the Gigworks website to find out more.

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