Future Vehicle User Interfaces Are Going to Be Incredible

Automotive UI design has come under fire for its poor aesthetics, complexity, and outdated features. Consequently, designers are forecasting how these designs may evolve in the coming years.

Automotive UI design has historically been harshly criticised for its confusing, outdated, and unattractive nature. This lagging behind other industries has opened the door to creative thinkers to envision how future automotive UIs might impact our driving experience.

The auto industry is constantly evolving, with more modifications and advancements expected in the next twenty years than the last hundred. For this reason, it is essential that digital designers prioritise this sector in order to innovate car user interfaces and revolutionise the way people interact with their vehicles.

This is an amazing collection of futuristic Vehicle HUDs, UIs, and third-party software controllers from designers around the globe. These designs range from ready-made products to those still in the works.

Tesla’s Mobile Command Centre Model

What makes it so amazing?

Have you ever felt a sense of unease when you needed to double-check if you had secured your car, switched off the lights, or given the keys to your newly-licenced teenager for them to drive?

You can stay seated while testing out this mobile application prototype. If you own a diesel hybrid, you can start the engine in the morning to rid of the frost. The animation and transitions feature provide visual and tactile feedback so you’ll know once a task is done.

User Interface for On-screen Touch Controls

What makes it so amazing?

This touch-based user interface relies on intuitive gestures and muscle memory for operation. Its function is familiar to those using Apple devices, such as the iPad and the Magic Mouse, where certain movements made with a certain number of fingers are used to increase or decrease values.

You can perform multiple tasks from different categories without having to be aware of all the small details with the help of the user interface (UI). It provides a large selection of icons which makes it easier to use the same action or some of its variants.

Idea for the Tesla Car Console Display

What makes it so amazing?

With utilities and vehicles becoming increasingly interconnected, the data available to us could eventually become too much to manage. In order to maintain a degree of personal control, we must rely on the power of intuition and Artificial Intelligence (AI) rather than relying solely on machine learning.

Automated System for Tracking the Status of Vehicles

What makes it so amazing?

Nowadays, it’s much harder to identify car problems as they are all electronically-driven and accurately engineered. This smartphone invention helps you make sense of your vehicle’s condition so you can get it running perfectly before your long-distance travels.

Tyre Pressure and Temperature Interface

What makes it so amazing?

This interface can provide detailed information regarding the various tyre pressure ranges and how much air to add while conducting a tyre assessment on the go. Its vital data makes it a must-have feature, so it should be standard in all vehicles.

Hudway’s AR HUD for an Elevated Reality Experience

What makes it so amazing?

Distractions from mobile navigation systems can lead to car accidents, but the Hudway app provides an innovative solution to this issue. It allows drivers to project the app’s interface onto their windshields, providing audio directions and a visual extension to the user’s mobile device. This cutting-edge technology makes use of the extensive capabilities of glass surfaces, opening up the possibilities of the future.

Using the City Guide CarPlay Application

What makes it so amazing?

This user interface is perfect for the intrepid traveller. With this program, you can quickly explore a set route or venture off the beaten track and discover what your environment has to offer – all the while ensuring you don’t get too far off the beaten path.

iCloud Carplay

What makes it so amazing?

Everyone had been waiting for this. If you’re an Apple enthusiast, there’s no excuse not to install their products in your car. Apple Carplay is the latest example of a second-screen experience, and the technology will only continue to improve.

An Electronic Instrument Panel for the Vehicle Dashboard

What makes it so amazing?

Starting the engine and watching the gauges and lights come alive is like a magical experience. You can hear the motor, watch the display lights, and feel small vibrations that tell you when you need to fill up, turn, or check your tyre pressure. It’s a captivating experience, like a finely-tuned marching band in full performance.

Although digital displays may be preferable at first, they can become tedious over time. Without the option to manually intervene, a blown fuse or any technical difficulty can put an end to your journey if all functions are digital.

A concept for an Apple Watch interface based on Tesla’s design.

What makes it so amazing?

As wearables become part of our connected devices, it’s logical to free up your handheld device from managing the most sophisticated components of related products. This prototype shows how this could work on a wrist device. Check it out here.


How do you see the state of modern car user experience design? What innovative approaches are you aware of? How do you feel about this selection of principles? Share your insights with us in the comments section!

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