Grow into a Great Designer Through the Art of Copying

Aspiring designers should view the work of others as inspiration rather than as the secret to their own success. For new designers, copying is a great approach to hone their art and advance their abilities.

Pablo Picasso, a painter, famously remarked, “Good artists copy. Great artists are thieves. This is more true now than it has ever been.

Many people outside the industry think that designers are brilliant, gifted, or otherwise exceptional. We possess a natural aptitude for pairing complementing colors, an unexplained intuition for designing attractive typography, and the ability to develop stunning user experiences. This is all untrue. It it takes years of arduous effort, failure, and experimenting to become a great designer.

Unicorn thinking has the drawback of making design seem unachievable to those who are interested in it but don’t consider themselves creative. Many programmers and other IT professionals I’ve encountered are sure they can’t enter the design field because of this. But with a simple mentality change, people may transform these mental obstacles into building blocks. Consider the work of other designers as the secret to your success rather than enviously admiring it.

Since you can perfect interactive design by borrowing and copying from the best of the best, it actually shares a lot of similarities with the open-source software community. These are without a doubt the best designers in the world, coming from companies like Dropbox, Facebook, and Palantir.

How can I be sure it works? Since it was successful for me.

The Comparison of GitHub and Dribbble

Since open-source software accounts for around 80% of the market, I was astounded to see how much code was available and could be utilized for free when I first began learning design. The best thing is that you can change it and observe the results, which speeds up your learning Every plugin and piece of code you can think of is available on GitHub, including everything from a CSS framework to a jQuery dropdown.

The equivalent of GitHub’s “forking,” or downloading any piece of open-source software and making it your own, is Dribbble’s rebound function.

It’s the ideal method for honing your abilities. Visit Dribbble, look at your favorite user interfaces, then attempt to replicate them pixel for pixel. If you want to give credit to the original creator, you can add your own spin before rebounding it.

When you replicate another person’s design work, you must dissect it in order to comprehend it and use it for your unique project. Otherwise, the design will either not work or will appear strange. Effective copying teaches you how to execute something correctly. Innovate where it makes sense while nailing the fundamentals.

Do not hesitate and do not have self-doubt if you want to be a great designer. Visit Dribbble and subscribe to designers whose work you enjoy. Start replicating your favorite photos. Repeat it frequently and you’ll gradually improve your abilities. You’ll eventually be able to perform the identical tasks as your preferred designers.

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