The Complete Collection of the 50 Best Sketch Plugins

Designers often opt for Sketch, which is renowned for its ease of use. Its extensive array of plugins comprising of numerous features and functions make it a go-to choice for creative professionals. Explore an exhaustive catalog of 50 of the most popular Sketch plugins that provide added capacities and power to the designing process.

There is no denying that Sketch has emerged as a dominant player in the design industry. Although the company hasn’t disclosed any particular statistics, it is apparent that design teams worldwide have embraced Sketch as an essential tool of their trade.

Sketch is renowned for its dynamic developer community and an extensive array of plugins. These plugins empower users to effortlessly produce captivating 3D graphics and exclusive animations. With such a vast range of plugins available, Sketch emerges as a potent tool to create stunning graphics.

I have compiled a comprehensive list of the top fifty Sketch plugins, saving you valuable research time. The plugins have been categorized below for your convenience.

Sketch Plugin Managers
Collaboration Sketch Plugins
Plugins for generating content and objects
Plugins for front-end development and exportation
Plugins for managing layers
Utility Plugins

Top Sketch Plugin Managers

Before you start, install any of these four essential Sketch plugins to optimize the management and operation of your other plugins.

Sketch Plugin Packs

Sketch Packs provides a comprehensive plugin browsing, managing, and updating experience for Sketch users. This not only guarantees that plugins stay up-to-date, but also reduces the risk of employing incompatible plugin versions while upgrading Sketch.

Sketch Runner Plugin


Sketch Runner, also known as Spotlight or Alfred for Sketch, is an efficient Sketch plugin that allows you to access Sketch tools and commands quickly through keyboard shortcuts. Besides, this plugin offers an easy way to install and manage other useful plugins.

Sketch Plugin Management Plugin

Download the plugin at:

This is the third out of four recommended plugins that will assist you in testing and monitoring your plugins. Using Git, this plugin guarantees that all your plugins are kept up-to-date and well-maintained. By enabling this plugin, you can significantly enhance the efficiency of your plugins.

Sketch Toolbox Plugin

Get the plugin here:

Sketch Toolbox is an alternative solution for managing, installing, and updating all your Sketch plugins.

We advise you to test all available Sketch plugins. Nevertheless, based on my personal experience, Sketch Runner provides much more functionality than just managing plugins. After you get used to using this plugin, you might find it challenging to work with Sketch without it.

Sketch Plugins for Collaborative Work

After selecting a plugin management system, it’s time to explore Sketch collaboration plugins that can assist you in organizing your documents, working with teammates, gathering feedback, and performing other tasks.

Zero Height Plugin

Download the plugin at:

Zero Height is a complimentary third-party plugin that offers a creative approach to creating asset libraries, style guides, and working with other designers. With everything synchronized in the cloud, users can effortlessly access their work from anywhere.


Get the plugin here:

For making extensive colour changes in large documents, Chain is an excellent Sketch plugin. Users can establish dynamic colour relations and modify colours globally at any time, making it a very convenient tool.


Access the plugin at:

Kaktus is a plugin for design version control that manages files and enhances team communication.


Download the plugin from:

Abstract is an essential plugin for designers, providing a complete Git repository that keeps track of the whole project while collaborating with other designers. It simplifies Sketch file version control, integrates with Slack, and streamlines feedback from customers who don’t use Sketch.

Craft Plugin by InVision

Get the plugin at:

Craft by InVision is one of the most popular Sketch extensions, with various plugins that cater to the diverse needs of designers. It includes features such as content generation, feedback collection, and prototyping tools, making it an all-in-one solution. Unlike other plugins, Craft also allows designers to obtain actual website content instead of depending on lorem ipsum filler text, and enables easy upload of user avatars from the extension itself instead of searching through stock sources. In addition, designers can easily create phone numbers without having to invent them.

These are just a handful of examples of what Craft can do. To gain further insight into Craft, read the essay written by Works Designer Bree Chapin, available at Works.

Plugins for Generating Content and Objects

Sketch Material Plugin

Get the plugin at:

This Sketch plugin lets you create any element from the Google Material Design framework.

Bootstrap Grid Plugin

Get the plugin at:

With this Sketch plugin, you can add a Bootstrap grid to your Sketch files. Just draw a rectangle, and the plugin will create the grid within it.

7-Column Calendar Plugin

Get the plugin at:

Generating a seven-column calendar is a breeze with the Seven Column Calendar plugin. It is one of my preferred plugins, offering considerable time-saving benefits when producing a calendar.

User Flow Plugin

Get the plugin at:

Creating user flow diagrams is effortless with the User Flows Sketch plugin.


Get the plugin at:

Looking to create visually appealing graphics? Looper is a personal favourite plugin of mine that’s worth considering. It replicates shapes and grouping, allowing users to generate a variety of graphics such as banners, posters, patterns, abstract backdrops, and more. For more details on this plugin and its capabilities, please explore the link provided.


Get the plugin at:

Create confetti from objects and layers in Sketch with a single click using this Sketch plugin.

Icon Flower Plugin

Get the plugin at:

Effortlessly organise icons in a Phyllotaxis pattern with this plugin.


Get the plugin at:

Skatter is another fantastic Sketch plugin for generating randomised patterns. Draw a few basic shapes, and Skatter will convert them into beautiful patterns.


Get the plugin at:

Create beautiful gradients between two shapes with this new Sketch plugin.

Map Creator Plugin

Get the plugin at:

Say goodbye to the tedious task of capturing map screenshots for your designs. The Map Generator plugin is the perfect solution for you! With just a few simple steps, you can effortlessly replicate the style of Snazzy Maps. Draw a rectangle and enter the desired location, and let Map Generator handle the rest.

Sketchy Pies Plugin

Get the plugin at:

While Sketch may not be the best option for creating pie charts, Sketchy Pies plugin changes that. Now, you can easily design pie or circular charts with this Sketch plugin.

Random Sizing Plugin

Get the plugin at:

Create stunning bar charts with the Random Sizing plugin for Sketch. Randomize any shape dimension with this plugin to generate unique designs.

Plugins for Exporting and Front-end Development

Generate HTML/CSS files, complete websites, and automated newsletters with ease, without requiring any technical skills, using these plugins. Moreover, some of these extensions produce files that can be utilized by development teams not using Sketch.


Get the plugin at:

With this exceptional Sketch plugin, you can directly publish web pages that are ready for use inside Sketch, without any coding experience required.


Get the plugin at:

For your next HTML-ready email template project, consider downloading this plugin, designed to simplify the email template design process and help you achieve the desired results quickly and easily.

Sync to Slides Plugin

Get the plugin at:

This incredible Sketch plugin is perfect for internet presentations. It syncs Sketch artboards to Google Slides.


Get the plugin at:

When providing your design file to a development team, Measure is an ideal solution. It accurately defines all dimensions and generates an HTML file that includes the entire design, allowing developers without access to Sketch to quickly and easily access and use the design.


Get the plugin at:

The [name of plugin] plugin is an essential tool for developers who work in a team setting. This plugin simplifies the creation of HTML files with designs, and it allows users to copy CSS styles from all the layers in their designs. This streamlines the development process and ensures the highest levels of accuracy and precision.

Plugins for Layer Management

Sketch plugins provide a variety of useful features for managing large design files. They can help streamline cleaning, renaming, deleting, and searching for Sketch layers. These plugins also offer the ability to use emojis for file organisation and management.


Get the plugin at:

This Sketch plugin allows you to rename multiple layers at once by selecting them and using one shortcut.

Remove Unnecessary Groups

Get the plugin at

When working quickly, empty groups can be easily created. This Sketch plugin solves this issue by removing any redundant or empty groups.

Select Known Layers

Get the plugin at:

If you are used to using Adobe Illustrator’s “Select Similar Objects” tool, you’ll be pleased to learn that this plugin fills the void of its absence in Sketch. With this plugin, you can choose layers that have the same fill colour, border colour, text size, blending mode, and other relevant features.

Artboard Manager for Sketch

Get the plugin at:

Artboard Managers allow you to align artboards by snapping them into rows and columns.

Search Everywhere for Sketch

Get the plugin at:

Easily find any layer in Sketch by simply entering its name with this plugin.

Sort Layers for Sketch

Get the plugin at:

Quickly sort your Sketch layers or artboards with just one keyboard shortcut using this handy plugin.

Layer Toggler for Sketch

Get the plugin at:

This amazing plugin allows you to control layer visibility using the eyes emoji when it is used in Layer Names with Emojis.


Most of these Sketch plugins aim to improve and expand the basic capabilities of Sketch.


Get the plugin at:

For those who prioritize project accessibility, this plugin is an essential tool to have. It can simulate color blindness and check contrast.

Useful Sketch Tools

Get the plugin at:

Some features included in Handy Tools are layer alignment, spacing adjustment, and layer display toggling.

Corner Radius Nudger

Get the plugin at:

This plugin allows you to adjust the corner radius using your keyboard.

Symbol Importer

Get the plugin at:

If you frequently work with Sketch files, check out this plugin. It allows you to transfer symbols from one Sketch file to another.

Half Pixel Mover

Get the plugin at:

This plugin simplifies the process of moving an item in Sketch by half a pixel.

Plugins for Text Editing

Get the plugin at:

These two plugins allow you to merge multiple text layers into one field, or divide one text field into multiple levels.


Get the plugin at:

With Appalette, you can generate a colour palette from popular applications like Dropbox, Facebook, and Airbnb.

Spellcheck for All Layers

Get the plugin at:

This is one of my favourite Sketch Plugins. It scans the entire file for errors.

Automatic Layout

Get the plugin at:

This plugin can be described in four words: Responsive Design for Designers.


Get the plugin at:

This is a complex plugin that creates responsive artboards based on specified limitations.


Get the plugin at:

This Sketch plugin allows you to create dynamic components that are on the next level.


Get the plugin at:

This Sketch plugin is a small utility that lets you modify the width and height of an object using just one shortcut.

Pixel Perfect Plugin

Get the plugin at:

This simple Sketch plugin helps prevent broken layer dimensions.

Icon Stamping Plugin

Get the plugin at:

This Sketch plugin generates multiple icon sizes for you.

Social Media Artboards Plugin

Get the plugin at:

This Sketch plugin generates artboards of multiple sizes, saving you time when creating social media images.

Find and Replace Plugin

Get the plugin at:

This Sketch plugin helps you find and replace text within your project.

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