10 Fantastic Online Team-Bonding Exercises for Dispersed and Cross-Sectional Groups

Working remotely can prove challenging for teams hoping to forge stronger bonds and establish a sense of connection. What activities can teams participate in virtually to enhance team morale and have some fun? How can remote teams partake in activities that facilitate collaboration and build trust?

If you’re looking for answers to the questions above, then keep reading.

Whether working remotely or in a hybrid setup, productivity can soar but certain challenges can arise. One such challenge is maintaining employee motivation and team morale, while fostering a strong sense of connection among colleagues. Creating an environment that promotes collaboration and engages employees is vital. Moreover, it is crucial to keep the team closely linked and supportive of each other, in order to sustain productivity and team morale. Refer to this blog article for more insights.

Thankfully, there are various hybrid and remote team games that can help overcome these obstacles. These activities can transform meetings into enjoyable and productive engagements, boosting collaboration and team coordination despite physical distances.

Ten virtual team-building exercises for groups working remotely or comprising of both virtual and in-person members

  1. Team trivia game using Kahoot!

    Kahoot allows teams to design personalized trivia games for group activities, including competitions and the creation of leaderboards. This platform is a great way to maintain employee motivation, keeping them engaged in meaningful work over the long term. Kahoot’s chatbot also fosters collaboration by sending out messages of encouragement to team members. Additionally, it is easy to seamlessly integrate Kahoot and its numerous accessible add-ons into any virtual team event.
  2. Virtual Escape Room

    Virtual escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular for virtual team building, especially for remote professionals. By prioritizing online team-building events, companies can promote team collaboration and productivity to a great extent.

    A Zoom virtual meeting platform is used to bring team members together to attempt to escape from the virtual room. A game master will live stream the escape, allowing players to monitor their progress. In-game inventory systems enable players to store any discovered items and clues. Additionally, players are provided with a web dashboard that allows them to interact with the environment in a full 360-degree view.
  3. Virtual Treasure Hunt

    Treasure hunts are an excellent way to promote collaboration and team spirit in a virtual environment, as they require rapid engagement and participation from all members. Setting up a virtual scavenger hunt is simple. Choose a broad theme, such as “music,” “space,” or “the ’80s.” Celebratory occasions like Halloween and Christmas are also great motivators to generate a sense of belonging and encourage participation.

    Once all the team members are present, the activity can begin. Participants are required to find items and clues from the provided list. They can either take a photograph of an item from the list found in their own home or they can pose for the camera to get points.

    After all the hints have been used, the winners are chosen by a vote or tally.
  4. Pancakes vs. Waffles

    Pancakes vs. Waffles is a fun and simple game that can even make the most serious supervisor smile. In this game, participants compete against each other, showcasing their creativity and imagination.

    The moderator of Pancakes vs. Waffles selects the topic of debate. Starting with the classic debate of pancakes vs. waffles, the game offers an opportunity for one of the options to be modified in the future. With the moderator’s encouragement, team members take turns presenting logically sound justifications for even the most ridiculous of topics.

    The winners of the initial debate round get to introduce a new topic for discussion. For example, proponents of pancakes might suggest a discussion on the relative merits of love vs Netflix, coffee vs music, or dating vs fishing.
  5. Two Truths and a Lie

    “Two Truths and a Lie” is a well-known game enjoyed by both young and old. It’s a popular interactive team-building exercise that can easily be adapted for digital format to further engage participants.

    This game is a great way for colleagues to get to know each other better. They can discover interesting and unexpected facts about their coworkers and even find common interests they were previously unaware of. To play, all participants provide two true statements and one false statement, as per the game’s rules.

    Here’s an example: 1. I have two dogs and a crocodile. 2. I was raised in the countryside. 3. I hacked into my high school principal’s computer during my undergrad days.

    The objective of this game is for players to differentiate between true and false statements. With nothing more than internet access, “Two Truths and a Lie” can be used as a fun virtual team-building activity.
  6. Video Game Bingo

    Virtual Bingo is an entertaining virtual team-building game that can be played by individuals of all ages, from Millennials to Baby Boomers.

    If your company wants to engage employees in a fun, interactive game, then creating a custom bingo game could be an ideal solution. You can tailor the game to any theme of your choice, incorporating inside jokes and references that your team will appreciate. A web-based bingo site or bingo software template can be used to create a unique and personalized game for your company, which will undoubtedly be popular among your team.

    You can browse pre-made game templates and cards by visiting sites such as bingomaker.com or myfreebingocards.com to get started.
  7. Online Scrabble

    An excellent icebreaker, drawing can reveal the wit and originality of your staff.

    To stay connected while apart, organizing a virtual team-building activity through a service like Drawsize or Scribbl can be quite worthwhile. A virtual drawing game is a fun and creative way to engage with each other during a virtual meeting. The facilitator can ask questions to the team and members can draw their answers, allowing for a fun and collaborative activity. Moreover, a unique game can be created by assigning a facilitator to pose questions, and the group can draw their answers to make it even more exciting.

    For instance, if the facilitator asks “If you were a legendary monster, what abilities would you have?” team members would need to envision themselves in the role of a mythical creature and visualize the special abilities they would possess.
  8. Online Charades

    Charades is a classic activity that provides both entertainment and a chance to support charitable causes. It encourages participants to step out of their comfort zones and take risks, while also fostering a fun and spirited atmosphere for competition.

    Playing a game of virtual charades is a fun way to bring your remote team closer and get to know each other better. Zoom’s highlight feature is an excellent way for distant teams to engage in and enjoy charades. To begin, create a list of subjects or phrases to use
  9. The Time-Travelling Individual

    Flex your creative muscles with this online team-building activity. As a team member, you have the opportunity to describe a historical era or social movement you’d like to virtually
  10. Games for more than one player on a board

    No matter what your opinion is on video games, it is undeniable that playing with other people has a beneficial effect on social interaction and forming connections. Furthermore, the skills of strategic and creative problem-solving that players develop while playing can be effectively applied in the workplace.

    Plugins enable users to experience the thrill of playing popular multiplayer games such as Catan and Dominion without having to meet up in person. Furthermore, it is also possible to purchase digitalized versions of classic board games like Monopoly and Scrabble. For those looking to purchase multiple games at once, two noteworthy sites are Jackbox Games and Tabletopia, both of which offer bundles of games.

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In conclusion

Virtual team-building exercises come in various lengths, from a quick five-minute activity to an all-day gaming marathon. It’s vital to commit the necessary time and energy to these exercises, and it’s essential that you and your team take the time to do them properly. Rushing through the exercises won’t lead to the desired outcome.

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