10 Most Desired IT Skills for US Businesses in 2022 and Beyond

It is important for IT professionals to be prepared for the future job market, which prompts questions like: Which programming language will be the most in-demand and profitable by 2023? What changes do experts anticipate for information technology jobs in the United States? What are the IT recruiting trends and opportunities for 2023? To obtain insights into the most sought-after programming languages and occupations by 2023, a careful analysis of the prevailing job market and trends, and forecasted industry changes is crucial. Being well-informed about the job market’s present state and potential shifts empowers IT professionals to make informed career decisions and increase their chances of success.

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With 33% of the global technology market share, the United States is the largest market worldwide.

The technology job market in the United States is predicted to have a growth rate that is double the overall job market’s growth rate. By 2025, the specialised sector of software development services is projected to have a 4.8-fold increase in job opportunities. This optimistic outlook for the job market will undoubtedly strengthen the economy of the United States.

Have you ever pondered on the coding languages and other technical proficiencies needed to create and uphold the technological revolution driven by web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, and advanced programming? Undoubtedly, comprehending and implementing such technologies is indispensable for creating innovative solutions that can keep up with the ever-changing technological landscape.

Works’ report states that React, Python, Node, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services (AWS), TypeScript, Structured Query Language (SQL), Java, Representational State Transfer (REST), and React Native will be the ten most popular programming languages for software development projects in IT companies based in the United States in 2022.

Works conducted a comprehensive study on their customer base, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to agile start-ups, to assess their software talent needs. The research uncovered some intriguing trends in the current state of IT recruitment in the United States.

Employers are predominantly seeking developers with React.js experience.

Surveys conducted among American employers have recently revealed that React.js is the leading language for front-end development, responsible for 20% of employment opportunities and 14% of the top 50 programming languages. React has held its position as the most popular language since its first ranking in the Works report in 2020.

React, being a front-end JavaScript framework, offers a robust toolset for developers and programmers. With its open-source nature and free availability, React is a perfect option for creating user interfaces that are composed of reusable components. Furthermore, Meta (previously Facebook) and an independent community of developers and programmers maintain React.

React’s popularity among leading software companies can be attributed to its ability to develop applications with enhanced user interfaces, better user experiences, and greater speed. React’s capability to provide these features has allowed organisations to create applications that are more efficient and streamlined.

There is a significant demand for proficient developers with extensive knowledge of React and other popular programming languages and frameworks. Employers are especially interested in candidates with expertise in Node.js, Typescript, JavaScript, Python, CSS, AWS, HTML, React Native, Redux, and PostgreSQL, which are all equally important as React.

Currently, Python is the most in-demand programming language.

Python has held a higher rank than Java, C#, and even JavaScript on the Works Popularity Index for three consecutive years, which is notable. What is more impressive is that 30% of developers have expressed interest in learning the language, indicating its increasing popularity and potential for the future.

Python is an interpreted, high-level programming language that can be used for a wide range of projects. Its key attributes, such as dynamic typing and automatic memory management, allow developers to work more efficiently. Moreover, Python has a lively and expansive online community, making it a popular choice for developers seeking to venture into this programming language.

Python’s adaptability makes it a preferred option among engineering teams to manage their digital infrastructures.

Works clients require individuals with expertise and experience in various programming languages such as Python, React, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Structured Query Language (SQL), JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, and Docker. Consequently, we are in search of professionals with exceptional skills in all these areas.

Node.js is a universally preferred option for building web applications.

Node.js is currently the most preferred framework for developers, with 52% of them selecting it for developing websites. Furthermore, Node.js has over 90,000 users on GitHub and is the second most favoured technology on the platform. This underscores the broad appeal of Node.js, making it the preferred choice for numerous developers.

Node.js is a server-side JavaScript runtime environment that is platform-independent and open-source, using the high-performance V8 engine to interpret and execute JavaScript code, instead of relying on a web browser. In present times, many organisations, especially startups, are utilising Node.js to develop state-of-the-art web applications.

In the works industry, clients are looking for Node.js engineers with a comprehensive set of skills, which includes React, Typescript, JavaScript, AWS, MongoDB, Python, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, SQL, and CSS, among others. This level of expertise is essential for meeting their requirements effectively.

JavaScript has now moved up one spot to become the fourth most demanded programming language.

JavaScript is a programming language that is highly prevalent, with an estimated 97% of websites globally using it. This is indeed a remarkable statistic, considering there are over 1.7 billion websites across the globe. JavaScript’s widespread use suggests that it is recognised as a dependable and efficient programming language.

There is currently high demand for developers skilled in JavaScript, as the language is versatile and offers numerous useful features. For instance, expertise in Nest.js can be valuable to developers.

Our organisation has a successful recruitment rate of 11 percent for developers, with JavaScript being the most sought-after language by our clients. Alongside JavaScript, we also require developers experienced in various languages and frameworks, such as React, CSS, Python, HTML, Typescript, AWS, REST, SQL, and PHP.

The use of AWS has increased in the IT industry in the US.

Our latest survey shows that AWS usage has increased from 6.3% to 10% among the top 50 jobs.

AWS is currently the most in-demand skill for DevOps, with almost half of the top 50 DevOps needs looking for it.

AWS’s robust security, scalability, adaptability and cost-effectiveness make it unsurprising to see it occupying a prominent position on the IT hiring trends table. For instance, many IT hiring needs look for expertise in AWS.

Organisations are seeking talented software developers with experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as React and either Python or Node. Additionally, expertise in Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Python, React, Node.js, Structured Query Language (SQL), JavaScript, TypeScript, and Java is highly valued among the company’s customers.

What other skills usually complement the top 10?

Employers are constantly searching for developers who have expertise in multiple programming languages. The top ten skills include:

Essential skills for back-end development

Companies are seeking back-end engineers who have expertise in programming languages like Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, REST, and C#. This is because back-end development is centered around databases, back-end logic, servers, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

For back-end developers, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding and prior experience of databases like MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, and SQL. This understanding is vital for generating, reading, editing, and removing data from databases, which is then passed to the front-end developers tasked with providing necessary features to the program users.

At Works, our clients are searching for seasoned back-end engineers who have a profound comprehension of programming languages, including Python, Django, Node.js, REST, Java, Go/Golang, PostgreSQL, PHP, Flask, C#, and .NET. Candidates must possess excellent skills in these languages and be capable of meeting the diverse needs of our clients.

Key Front-End Development Skills

Companies are seeking skilled front-end developers with an excellent understanding of React, HTML, CSS, Typescript, Redux, Angular, Vue.js, GraphQL, and UX Design. These developers play a crucial role in building user-friendly websites and applications. Furthermore, they should have expertise in CSS and JS frameworks.

At Works, a majority of clients have expressed a clear preference for front-end engineers who have a wide range of skills and expertise in various programming languages and frameworks, including React, Typescript, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Redux, GraphQL, Angular, Vue.js, UI Design, and jQuery.

Crucial Database Knowledge and Skills

A database is an information storage and organization system implemented by nearly all businesses. Companies must exercise caution when accessing or modifying customer data, as the stored information may often be highly sensitive.

The rising demand for businesses is to find database experts who have an in-depth understanding of NoSQL, MongoDB, Firebase, MySQL, and Redis. The individuals must be capable of applying their expertise in multiple technologies, including the Internet, embedded systems, enterprise networks, real-time systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, blockchain, and the Internet of Things.

Leading DevOps Skills

According to recent studies, the global DevOps market is expected to grow exponentially, reaching a value of $12.85 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 18.60%. This points to a clear need for DevOps engineers in the coming years.

There is a high demand for Developer Operations Engineers with proficiency in NoSQL databases, MongoDB, Firebase, MySQL, and Redis.

The Most Sought-After Skills for Mobile Developers

The projection of a $21 trillion global app economy is a clear indication of the thriving app market.

Businesses are actively seeking experienced mobile app developers who specialize in Android, React Native, Swift, and Flutter. Essential for a qualified candidate is knowledge in user interface and user experience design. This is an opening for the ideal candidate to be part of an innovative and forward-thinking organization.

What Other IT Skills are U.S. Enterprises Seeking?

The current recruitment trends in the U.S. IT market show that technologies like TypeScript, SQL, Java, REST, CSS, React Native, HTML, PostgreSQL, Go, Kubernetes, Ruby on Rails, Docker, and C# are becoming more popular. Companies are seeking skilled professionals who have expertise in these technologies to fill their vacant roles.

These programming languages and skills are valuable, whether you are transitioning careers or seeking to expand your knowledge.

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  1. Which Programming Language is Currently in Highest Demand?

    Popular Programming Languages
    1. Python
    2. JavaScript
    3. SQL
    4. Java
    5. CSS
  2. Which Programming Language do You Believe Provides the Best Career Opportunities?

    Python, JavaScript, SQL, Java, and CSS are projected to be highly sought-after languages in the future job market. Due to their versatility across various applications, these languages are a good choice for professionals seeking skills diversification. With the continuous progression of technology, it is important for individuals to keep up with the latest programming languages, and these five languages offer an excellent starting point.

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