10 Traits You Should Search for in a User Experience Designer

UX designers are often referred to as “jacks of all trades and masters of none”. They have become an integral part of many projects, providing essential insight into how to make the product attractive to both new and established customers. UX designers are responsible for the visual elements of the programme and strive to enhance its user experience.

When hiring a UX Designer for the first time or replacing an existing one, there are certain criteria which should be considered. We have compiled a list of the top 10 key elements to look for when making this important decision.

The Capacity to Present Hard-to-Grasp Ideas in an Understandable Manner

Software development requires professionals to have specific roles and skillsets. It is important that these professionals are able to explain their work in a way that is understandable to those outside of their field. If you ask a UX designer to explain their role and they provide an overly technical explanation that is difficult to comprehend, this could be indicative of a lack of an essential trait.

The ability to express ideas concisely and clearly is an essential attribute for any UX designer. Effective communication is a crucial part of the job, as it allows the designer to get into the mindset of the user and create an experience that resonates with them. If a designer is unable to communicate their work in an engaging and comprehensible manner, it is likely that they struggle to relate to the end user.

Competence in Research

User experience (UX) design always starts with extensive user research. This is just as essential for this role, as it is for scientific research; the only difference being that scientists focus on different topics. The basis of this concept is market research, which can be achieved through interviews, surveys and other methods.

UX designers must have reliable research to support their concepts before they can formulate believable personas and prototypes. They should be able to estimate how customers will respond to the different features of the product, based on their understanding of consumer requirements and preferences.


In order to create effective user experiences, UX designers must possess empathy. Being able to understand and relate to the needs of the product’s target audience is essential for successfully designing the visuals and user experience. This is the essence of empathy.

When assessing this important criterion, what is the best approach? It is possible to gain a good understanding of the UX designer’s capabilities through conversations with them. Alternatively, it is possible to gain insight into the designer’s work by obtaining feedback from customers who have previously worked with them.

Having a Solid Investment Portfolio

In order to assess the true capabilities of a potential user experience designer, it is important to review their work sample and portfolio to ensure that their skillset matches the claims they have made. This will help to ensure that the candidate is capable of delivering the desired outcome and will bring the necessary expertise to the project.

It is essential to consider the overall look and structure of the portfolio, not just the individual content. Difficulties navigating it may suggest that the creator is lacking certain skills. The presentation should be clear, and the content should be easy to read.

Work History in the Field

Experience is essential, but it is also important to ensure that a UX designer has relevant experience in your industry. Due to the wide range of product usability and design that can be found across industries, it is beneficial to collaborate with a partner who is already familiar with the specifics of your sector.

When considering whether or not to outsource UX design, it is worth taking into account the experience of firms and freelancers that operate on a project-by-project basis. Such professionals have worked with a variety of customers from different locations, including those in the local area.

Knowledge of the Method of Software Development You Prefer

Today, most organizations in the software industry operate using specific practices, such as the Agile development methodology. It is essential for UX designers to be knowledgeable about, and comfortable with, the methodology that is being used. This will enable them to collaborate effectively with the team and to work in accordance with the guidance provided. Additionally, they must be aware of the feedback loop and the outputs that are required.

Equipment Knowledge

To ensure successful performance in their role, UX designers must possess a comprehensive understanding of a variety of software and hardware. It is advised to ask questions regarding the candidate’s preferred platforms during the interview stage to assess their proficiency and confidence when discussing the tools they use.

It is beneficial for employees to have a general understanding of the tools their colleagues are using and how these platforms integrate to create a product.

Ability to Collaborate

UX Designers are an essential part of the development process, yet remain part of a larger team. It is necessary for them to collaborate effectively with other team members, including programmers, project managers, QA testers, team leaders and all other stakeholders involved in the successful completion of the project.

As a UX Designer, it is essential to collaborate with other members of the team to ensure that the product’s features and capabilities complement their ideas. Working alone is not an option; the design process must involve input from all involved.

Capabilities for Creativity

In order to be successful in UX design, a wide range of creative skills is necessary. Writing and visual art capabilities are essential for professionals in this field, as user experience (UX) encompasses everything from aesthetic design to audio quality.

Creating something innovative can be difficult to quantify. If you are considering employing someone, you can gain valuable insights by examining their past work and enquiring about the choices they made, such as the use of colour and the accuracy of their microcopy.

Familiarity with Computer Code

It is not the programmers who created the software; however, UX designers who have had formal training in software development or have some knowledge of programming often produce better outcomes. Gaining familiarity with coding can also enhance their communication and collaboration with product developers, as well as their capacity to devise and construct the product. With roles increasingly converging, it is beneficial to have some understanding of computer programming.

The designer is a key member of your team, as UX design is essential to any product’s success. When considering potential employees, these qualities should be taken into account with great care.

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