11 Qualities Desired by Employers in a Telecommuter

The popularity of remote working is surging among businesses, driven by its potential to boost efficiency, economise costs, and improve the environment. Our remote recruitment service is also reaping the benefits of this shift in mindset in the form of an increased demand for remote workers among our customers expanding their technical teams. Despite initial hesitation towards embracing this new paradigm, it is now evident that the advantages of remote working are too significant to ignore.

Due to the growing demand for remote workers, an overwhelming amount of advice is available on the internet about how to effectively select and hire the most competent candidates. At Works, where we have been involved in this process for a considerable amount of time, we wanted to provide an update on the reliability of our advice.

  1. Adaptability to Local Culture

    It is crucial to be confident that the remote workers you hire share your company’s mission and ethos. Hiring the finest remote talent from all parts of the world can promote diversity in your workforce. To ensure the success of your remote team, it is essential that every member aligns with and is passionate about your company’s ethos. This is a pivotal aspect that is often overlooked when setting up a remote team, yet its significance cannot be overlooked.
  2. Outcome-Oriented Approach

    Though this may not be ideal, it is not a practice we recommend for remote workers. It is important for them to follow a process, but one they have developed themselves rather than the company’s. Nevertheless, managers of remote teams should focus on the end goal. They ought to trust their team members to complete their tasks within the stipulated time frame and not feel the urge to micromanage every step of the process. The techniques employed by your remote developers are of secondary importance to the final product.
  3. Thorough Technical Assessment

    We advise against the practice of using a whiteboard test as part of your recruitment process for developers. Instead, it is preferable to seek out candidates who can demonstrate an ability to contribute and collaborate with others, rather than those who have simply memorised the job description. Experienced programmers often confirm that it is entirely acceptable and even beneficial to search for solutions to problems online as it can help to ensure high quality standards.

    It is important to verify that the individual possesses the necessary technical skills. To achieve this, it is wise to conduct reference checks with their former colleagues to confirm this. If a technical evaluation is deemed necessary, we recommend assigning one of your developers to create a concise, independent project that can assess the candidate’s competency.
  4. Independent and Self-Motivated Workers

    For those accustomed to the traditional office environment, working from home can be challenging as it requires greater self-discipline and motivation. The daily routine of getting ready for work, commuting, arriving at the office, and making a cup of coffee (while ensuring that Dave from Testing hasn’t taken yours again!) can all contribute to the ritual that helps us get into the right mindset for productivity.

    It is crucial for remote workers to establish their own morning routine that helps them focus on their daily tasks. Having a dedicated workspace at home can make this easier, but it’s important for employers to inquire about potential employees’ methods for transitioning into ‘work mode’ when working from home. Clear boundaries must be established between personal and professional lives, in order to avoid any potential issues in the future.
  5. Punctuality is Key

    Depending on the nature of your tasks, punctuality may or may not be crucial. If your remote employees are working efficiently and effectively, it may not be necessary to enforce set office hours. They can work the hours that suit them best as long as they accomplish their goals. However, if specific office hours are required, it’s crucial to ensure that everyone on the team is available at the same time each day. For most work-from-home jobs, punctuality is not of the utmost importance unless there is an online meeting, for instance.
  6. Effective Communicators

    Remote workers must possess exceptional communication skills. They should be capable of articulating themselves clearly in virtual and face-to-face meetings, as well as in written correspondence such as emails, instant messaging, and help desk enquiries.

    For remote teams, it is essential to maintain open lines of communication, not just in terms of quality but also in terms of quantity. During interviews with potential hires, it is crucial to assess their experience in building strong relationships and resolving conflicts, particularly in the context of geographic and interpersonal barriers. This will ensure that personal as well as professional connections are maintained within the team.
  7. Problem-Solvers

    As a remote developer, you must be capable of finding solutions to problems in a natural and intuitive manner. Methodically resolving issues should be second nature to you in order to excel in this role. Resourcefulness and creativity are requisite qualities, especially if you are in a different time zone from your colleagues. Independent thinking and offering guidance when necessary are also indispensable, so that others do not have to spend their entire shift attempting to decipher something they should already know.

    When evaluating a potential hire, asking them how they might deal with a problem in the workplace is a more effective way to assess their problem-solving abilities than asking them to explain how they would handle a hypothetical issue.
  8. Highly Suited for Remote Work

    While more than 80% of working-age Americans desire the option to work remotely at least some of the time, it may not be the best choice for everyone. Extroverted individuals who thrive in social environments may struggle with the solitary nature of remote work. However, this problem can be addressed by utilising coworking spaces. But the issue of isolation is not the only concern. Not everyone possesses the required skills for remote work. Therefore, hiring someone with prior experience in remote work is an excellent way to ensure productivity, despite their physical absence from the office.
  9. Mutual Trust

    When hiring remote workers, it is an interesting concept that complete faith must be placed in them to accomplish the necessary tasks. This predicament should be carefully considered when contemplating remote hiring because without physical supervision, it can be challenging to guarantee that instructions are being followed. Instead, it is crucial to focus on the outcome of the work rather than trying to exercise control over the entire process. Ultimately, the location or activities of a remote developer are insignificant, as long as they are capable of solving the problem and delivering the required results.
  10. Work-Life Balance

    Remote workers may easily become overwhelmed by their workload. When work and
  11. Collaboration Skills

    Although it may seem paradoxical, being a team player is crucial for remote workers to feel a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves. Establishing a shared identity among remote workers is vital for keeping the team connected and united. Remote staff who are enthusiastic and capable of interacting with the rest of the team are an invaluable asset, as we have previously noted.

Is it too much for you?

We understand that those who have not previously hired remotely may have reservations about evaluating a candidate without a face-to-face interview. However, we are here to assist you. We are confident that we can identify candidates who satisfy your technical and cultural criteria and are capable of remote work within a mere two weeks. Would this timeline be convenient for you? Please feel free to contact us without hesitation.

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