15 Low-Cost Methods to Show Your Remote Staff How Much They Mean to You

As you reflect on your workload, it’s important to remember the moments of levity and support provided by your colleagues. Bob’s humorous meme on Slack and Jack’s assistance with an issue are just two examples of the invaluable contributions made by your staff. On 5th March, Employee Appreciation Day, take the opportunity to show your gratitude and recognize the hard work they do to keep your business running.

As more and more businesses transition to a remote working model, it can be hard to show appreciation in an online environment. Even a small gesture of gratitude can make a difference to someone’s day, but this holiday season is the perfect chance to really demonstrate your appreciation for your staff by going the extra mile.

If you manage a remote team, consider these methods for showing thanks to your employees.

Top Tips for Recognizing Your Staff

Managing a remote workforce can present a challenge when it comes to distributing rewards. Decisions must be made regarding whether to provide all employees with the same item, or to offer individual gifts, and how to ensure international delivery if required.

It is essential to bear in mind that employees value recognition and acknowledgement of their efforts more highly than any material rewards. Celebrating the smallest of successes and rewarding outstanding performance is a significant way to demonstrate appreciation.

Employee Appreciation Day is an opportunity to demonstrate your gratitude to your employees for their hard work throughout the year. Consider these 15 cost-effective options to show your remote workers your appreciation on this special day.

First, Give Them Chocolate.

Chocolate can be a great way to express appreciation for a team’s hard work. If it is a popular treat, it can be a thoughtful gesture to show gratitude.

You can ensure that everyone on the team is pleased by sending them the same type of chocolate. Alternatively, for a more considerate gesture, you could ascertain the preferred brand of chocolate for each team member.

Second-Saturday Video-Game-Playing

As a leader, it is important to ensure that your team feel valued and included, even when physical distance may be a barrier. To bridge this gap, there are a range of digital methods you can use to express gratitude. These are both cost-effective and can be a fun way to engage with everyone on this special day.

As an example, if your team enjoys playing video or board games, there are numerous opportunities for online activities that can be enjoyed together. At work, we have even set up a Zoom call to host a friendly game of prank phone calls.

3D Personalized Video

This gift is both cost-effective and thoughtful. Consider the impact that would be felt amongst your staff if they were welcomed at the office each morning with a video from you, expressing your gratitude for their hard work.

With a team of five to ten employees, it would be easy to take a few moments out of the day to create short films in which each team member recalls a time when someone went the extra mile to help or show appreciation. This could be used to highlight each individual’s unique qualities or both.

A Sweet T-Shirt from the Office!

Many of us have a great appreciation for t-shirts! They offer versatility and comfort; they can be worn with casual clothing as well as making a great choice for working from home.

Put each employee’s name on the back of the corporate tee for a really unique gift.

A Virtual Award Ceremony

A team’s dynamics are formed by the combination of individuals who make it up. We recognize the leadership of the team member who often issues instructions, the helpfulness of the team member who is always willing to lend a hand, and the sense of humor of the employee who often provides jokes and videos to lighten the mood. On Employee Appreciation Day, we take the opportunity to highlight the unique qualities that each team member brings.

Arrange a Zoom call and ask everybody to dress up as if they were attending the Golden Globe Awards. This is an excellent way to provide virtual incentives and show appreciation. As the host, you should give out awards to employees who have demonstrated particular qualities.

Electronic Lunch

If you have a small crew, this may be a feasible option. When working with a small team, purchasing lunches is not a major expenditure.

When all schedules are aligned, it is possible to enjoy a meal together, even if some individuals are having lunch while others are having supper.

A Mug

Mugs are a universally appreciated item, and we should all acknowledge it. And coffee and telecommuters go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Of course, some don’t like coffee but could favor tea, and a mug is the ideal customized, economical present that makes everyone feel unique.

An Online Cooking Class

It may not be necessary to hire a chef for the class when there are numerous simple and delicious recipes available online. All that is required is to select an easy recipe with your team, arrange a Zoom call and begin cooking!

Venue: The kitchens of all the team members!

Most appetizing meal takes the prize!

Invest in Their Development

A career-enhancing course could be a great gift for your remote workers. See if any of them expressed an interest in gaining knowledge or honing certain skills, and consider giving them a course related to the topic or in another area where they would benefit greatly from the training.

In addition, they may save a lot of money by taking classes online since most of them include excellent materials that they can utilize.

Subscription to a Meditation App

Meditation has been demonstrated to be highly effective in achieving both objectives. Remote employees are well-recognized for working excessive hours, sometimes more than 8 hours a day.

You may assist them in achieving greater focus and a sense of calmness by gifting them a subscription to a meditation app. This should help them in reducing their stress levels and finding a better balance between their work and home life.

Digital book

It all comes down to how much of a passion for reading exists within your staff members.

If they have an appreciation for literature, you could give them a copy of your favorite book which has had a significant impact on your life and consider setting up a virtual book club to discuss it.

Another option is to just ask the person what book they would like to read.

Toasting the End of the Workday in Cyberspace

On-site workplaces often provide happy hours for their employees. After a long day, you and your coworkers unwind at the pub outside the workplace.

There is potential for remote staff to successfully execute this task. Time differences may present a challenge, however, this can be managed. With Zoom, virtual happy hours can be hosted for remote staff, including a bartender and preferred beverages.

Weekend Staycation!

The purpose of Employee Appreciation Day is to provide employees with a well-deserved break. Offering them the day off, or even better, a long weekend (by allowing them to take Friday off) to spend time with their family and friends, would be a great way to show appreciation.

Take Care of Their Pets

Working remotely can be rewarding in many ways, one of which is the opportunity to become acquainted with the furry friends of your colleagues. It’s not uncommon for cats to make appearances during video conversations, or for the sound of a dog barking in the background to be heard.

It can be a nice and unique gesture to show appreciation by providing something for someone’s canine companion. This could range from gourmet food to a fun toy.

A Heartfelt Gratitude Greeting

Last but not least, you may go with the old reliable: A card with heartfelt gratitude written on the inside.

It is not necessary to provide expensive gifts to demonstrate appreciation for employees. Expressing sincere gratitude is the most important factor, and a hand-written letter of thanks is a meaningful way to show your appreciation.

Making Your Remote Team, A Better Team

Providing a token of appreciation to your virtual team can help to foster a sense of appreciation and inclusion in the organization. Such occasions are a great way to demonstrate your gratitude for their hard work and commitment over the course of the year.

Nobody has found the transition to remote working to be easy, not even organizations with a longer experience of this way of working. Having a supportive team around you can make a huge difference when times get tough.

If you are looking to expand your remote workforce, please get in touch with us. We are a remote staffing service specializing in helping businesses of all sizes find and retain highly skilled IT professionals to work remotely.

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