15 Low-Cost Methods to Show Your Remote Staff How Much They Mean to You

Pondering over your work responsibilities, it’s imperative to acknowledge the uplifting moments and backing from your coworkers. From Bob’s amusing meme on Slack to Jack’s helpful resolution to a problem, your workforce’s invaluable efforts are worth acknowledging. On the 5th of March, which is Employee Appreciation Day, make the most of this chance to offer gratitude and acknowledge the diligent work done by them to keep your establishment functioning.

As an increasing number of establishments shift towards remote work setup, it becomes challenging to express appreciation in a virtual setting. Even a modest expression of gratitude can make a significant impact on someone’s day, but this festive time of year provides a great opportunity to exhibit your acknowledgement for your workforce by going the extra mile.

If you are in charge of a virtual team, take into account these approaches to express your appreciation to your staff.

Superb Recommendations for Acknowledging Your Workforce

Supervising a virtual workforce can be demanding when it comes to dispersing incentives. Choices have to be made whether to offer every member of staff the same gift or to offer individual presents, and the approach to guarantee worldwide delivery in case it is necessary.

Remember that staff members appreciate the acknowledgment and recognition of their hard work more than any tangible incentives. Marking even the smallest triumphs and commending exceptional performance demonstrates appreciation significantly.

Employee Appreciation Day provides an occasion to showcase your appreciation to your workforce for their untiring efforts throughout the year. Think about these 15 budget-friendly choices to express your gratitude to your virtual staff on this exceptional day.

Start By Gifting Them Chocolate.

Chocolate can be an excellent approach to convey gratitude for your team’s diligent efforts. If it is a well-liked delicacy, it can be a considerate gesture to showcase your appreciation.

To ensure delight for everyone in your team, you could send them all the same type of chocolate. On the other hand, for a more thoughtful approach, you could discover the favoured brand of chocolate of each team member.

Playing Video Games on Saturdays as a Team Bonding Activity

As a manager, it is crucial to make certain that your team feels appreciated and integrated even when distance may be an obstacle. To overcome this challenge, a variety of digital avenues can be used to showcase gratitude that is inexpensive and can be an enjoyable approach to connect with everyone on this remarkable day.

For example, if your team is fond of playing video or board games, there are numerous chances for online activities that can be enjoyed as a team. At Works, we have even arranged a Zoom call to host a cordial game of prank phone calls.

Customized 3D Videos

This present is considerate and budget-friendly. Imagine the impact on your employees if they were greeted each morning at the office with a video from you, appreciating their tireless efforts.

For a team comprising five to ten members, taking out a few moments from your day to create short videos could be effortless, wherein every team member reminisces a time when someone went beyond their job role to help them or display gratefulness towards them. This could be used to exhibit individual characteristics or team spirit.

A Cool T-Shirt from Works Office!

A lot of us have an immense fondness for t-shirts! They provide adaptability and coziness; they can be worn with laid-back attire and are an ideal selection for remote workdays.

Personalise each corporate t-shirt with the name of each employee on the back for an exceptionally distinctive present.

A Virtual Ceremony to Distribute Awards

The merging of individuals who make up a team forms the team’s dynamics. We acknowledge the leadership of the team member who frequently delegates tasks, the helpfulness of the member who is always willing to assist, and the sense of humor of the employee who often contributes jokes and videos to lighten the mood. Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect time to celebrate the distinctive qualities each team member possesses.

Schedule a Zoom call and request everyone to dress up as though they were at the Golden Globe Awards. This is a fantastic method of providing virtual rewards and displaying admiration. As the event organizer, you can present awards to employees who have showcased exceptional traits.

Virtual Lunch Together

This could be a viable option if you have a tiny team. Buying lunches for a small group of employees is not a significant expense.

Even if some people are having lunch while others are having dinner, it is possible to have a meal together when all schedules align.

A Coffee Mug

Mugs are a universally cherished item, and it deserves recognition. And coffee coupled with remote workers is an ideal blend just like peanut butter and jelly.

Naturally, some individuals may not be fond of coffee but could prefer tea, and a coffee mug is an excellent personalised, budget-friendly gift that makes everyone feel special.

A Virtual Cooking Class

You may not have to employ a chef for the class as there are several uncomplicated and mouth-watering recipes available on the internet. Simply pick an easy recipe with your team, schedule a Zoom call, and start cooking!

Location: The kitchens of every team member!

The most delicious meal wins the prize!

Invest in the Development of Your Team

Offering a career-building course could be an excellent gift for your remote workers. Check if any of them have shown an interest in learning or polishing specific skills, and consider providing them with a course related to the subject or a different field in which they would substantially benefit from the training.

Furthermore, online classes could potentially save them a considerable amount of funds as most of them provide excellent study material they can take advantage of.

Provide a Subscription to a Mindfulness App

Meditation has proven to be remarkably successful in achieving both goals. Working remotely often entails excessive working hours, at times more than 8 hours a day.

By providing them with a subscription to a mindfulness app, you can support them in achieving greater concentration and serenity. This would aid in reducing their stress levels and attaining a better balance between their personal and professional life.


It ultimately depends on the level of enthusiasm your team members have for reading.

If they have an inclination towards literature, gifting them a copy of your favourite book that has significantly impacted your life and setting up an online book club to discuss it could be a great idea.

Alternatively, you could ask the individual which book they would prefer to read.

Celebrating the End of the Workday Virtually

Brick-and-mortar offices typically arrange happy hours for their staff. After a long day, you and your colleagues gather outside the office at the bar to unwind.

It is possible for remote employees to accomplish this activity seamlessly. Time zone differences may pose a difficulty, but this can be addressed. Virtual happy hours with a bartender and preferred drinks can be organized for remote staff using Zoom.

Weekend Getaway at Home!

Employee Appreciation Day is intended to offer a well-earned respite to employees. Granting them the day off, or even better, a long weekend (by permitting them to take Friday off) to spend quality time with their loved ones would be an excellent way to express gratitude.

Attend to Their Pets

Working remotely can have its blessings, and one of them is getting to know the beloved pets of your colleagues. It’s quite usual for cats to show up during video calls or for the sound of a dog bark to be audible in the backdrop.

It can be a thoughtful and exclusive way to demonstrate appreciation by offering something for someone’s four-legged friend, which could include anything from premium food to an enjoyable toy.

A Sincere Appreciation Message

Last but not least, you can opt for the traditional yet dependable option: A card with a sincere appreciation message inscribed on the inside.

Expensive gifts are not mandatory to convey appreciation towards employees. Genuine expression of gratitude is the key aspect, and a hand-written thank you note is a significant and thoughtful way to demonstrate your appreciation.

Enhancing Your Remote Team’s Cohesion

Bestowing a token of appreciation to your remote team can help in nurturing a sense of appreciation and inclusivity in the company. Such moments are perfect opportunities to express your gratitude for their dedication and hard work throughout the year.

No one has found the shift to remote working effortless, not even companies accustomed to this modus operandi. During difficult times, having a supportive team by your side can make a significant difference.

If you aim to enlarge your remote workforce, please contact us. We are a specialized remote staffing provider catering to businesses of every capacity by sourcing and retaining expert IT professionals to operate remotely.

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