2020-23 Information Technology Plan

The ongoing tumultuous year has compelled numerous companies to review their policies, practices, and procedures. Processes that were once uncomplicated have now become convoluted in the aftermath of the pandemic.

As we approach 2023, your company’s IT department and strategies are expected to be of paramount importance. Despite the current situation where numerous businesses are still operating remotely, IT will remain the backbone of your organisation, enabling it to maintain operations smoothly in the face of any disruptions.

As we move toward the year 2023, the digital landscape of a company will be a crucial element for its success, regardless of its sector or market. To ensure the accomplishment of IT objectives, it is vital to have a plan in place. With that in mind, here are some recommendations for the upcoming year that will aid in achieving a smooth and successful journey


Placing Cybersecurity as the Top Priority

An effective IT strategy has always been dependent on robust cybersecurity. This is especially crucial in today’s digital world, where sensitive data is stored online. As more and more companies adopt cloud computing, the importance of implementing strong cybersecurity measures cannot be emphasized enough.

In today’s scenario, where numerous workers access sensitive information remotely while working from home, it is crucial to have ample security arrangements in place for all individuals with access to your systems and data. An efficient cybersecurity framework can aid in the prevention, response, and mitigation of the consequences of cyber attacks.

According to a September 2023 research conducted by Kaspersky, organizations have increased their cybersecurity expenditures by three percent from the previous year. With an expected increase in the frequency and complexity of data breaches, this trend is expected to continue in the coming years.

Reliance on Cloud Computing

Chances are that you have already made use of several cloud-based programs in today’s scenario. These may not have been essential prior to the pandemic; however, they have now become vital in maintaining productivity, with many individuals working from home. Cloud services allow for data sharing, utilization of essential applications such as word processing, and coordination of activities between individuals and teams.

Provided the current situation and the requirement for workers to access vital documents and collaborate with others from various locations, cloud computing will play a crucial role in your IT plan for the next year. This is an important measure to ensure that your organization is location-independent, particularly in light of the increasing trend of remote work across multiple sectors.

Embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI)

At present, we are delving into the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can bring about a fundamental change in our organization. We believe that it has the potential to enhance our response time and the quality of our customer service, coupled with additional benefits.

Integrating a chatbot has the potential to considerably improve customer service by allowing agents to concentrate on more intricate cases. In addition, the chatbot can offer clients assistance in resolving their queries much faster than a human agent.

With the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, more and more companies are seeking to integrate it into their models to reap various benefits such as enhanced efficiency, cost reduction, and improved customer experiences.

Leverage the Advantages of 5G

With the advent of 5G technology, many benefits such as enhanced throughput and reduced latency have come to light. While once viewed as a futuristic concept, 5G is now accessible in various cities worldwide, including New York, Seoul, London, Dubai, Rome, Shanghai, and Mecca. Its usage is anticipated to rise significantly by 2023.

The launch of Internet of Things (IoT) projects offers a significant opportunity for businesses. The 5G connectivity surpasses that of 4G, enabling a considerable increase in users and devices. Therefore, more devices and individuals can interact with each other without any lag or disruption due to the high-speed connections.

With the implementation of 5G, businesses have a range of avenues to enhance their services and products. However, they require a reliable IT infrastructure to attain these goals.

Consider Edge Computing

Edge computing is gaining importance as an essential component for teleworking. This architecture brings data repositories, edge servers, and endpoints closer to the applications that require them, enabling increased bandwidth, reduced latency, enhanced efficiency, and other beneficial features.

Edge computing is being extensively employed for time-sensitive data, such as autonomous vehicle control. Gartner estimates that by 2025, 80% of organizations will have shut down their legacy data centres, with edge data centres assuming their position due to their superior remote working capabilities.

Throughout the previous year, we faced various challenges in the corporate and other spheres. Following an eventful 2023, we could be heading towards a more favourable technological, occupational, and general environment in 2024. Nonetheless, for businesses to thrive and not just survive, they will have to adjust to this new reality.

For a thorough assessment of your company’s overall plan, it is crucial to have a well-defined and polished IT strategy in place for 2023. Technology is always a vital aspect, but it is even more critical at present. By exploring various tactics, like strengthening cybersecurity and investigating alternate delivery methods, you can be equipped to face the challenges of the coming year with resilience and adaptability.

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