2023 Top Ruby on Rails Companies Retrospective

When it comes to developing powerful web applications, the dependable, productive and knowledgeable Ruby on Rails framework is an excellent choice. An extensive and experienced community of Ruby on Rails developers provides support and guidance to accelerate the development process.

This technology has been widely used by many well-known companies in their web development projects, delivering the most exceptional products to their clients.

Some of the most famous websites and applications, including SlideShare, Airbnb, CrunchBase, Bloomberg, Dribble, Shopify and GitHub, have been created using Ruby on Rails.

These are the 28 leading Ruby on Rails businesses as of the year 2023.

What are the Functions of Ruby on Rails?

The adaptable Ruby on Rails platform is employed in a variety of contexts and to develop various types of software.

The Ruby on Rails web development framework empowers developers to quickly build web applications. Additionally, Ruby on Rails streamlines the entire development process, enabling businesses to scale their projects and integrate new functionalities rapidly.

Programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and SQL do not natively support both front-end and back-end capabilities. However, Ruby on Rails framework integrates both, simplifying the development of web applications.

Typically, Ruby on Rails projects comprise the following:

  • E-commerce websites
  • Single-page forms
  • Dynamic web pages
  • Web application software

A Ruby on Rails expert can be employed to develop nearly every type of website or application.

28 Businesses Are Expected to Run on the Ruby on Rails Platform by 2023

Here are some renowned companies that have developed their products using Ruby on Rails:

1. CrunchBase

Crunchbase is a highly-regarded source for discovering the thought leaders behind the most groundbreaking companies across the globe. It is also a crucial resource for researching the key individuals behind projects that you might be considering investing in.

The backend of Crunchbase is built using Ruby on Rails, while page caching is managed by Varnish.

2. Tweeting

Twitter is a notable demonstration of how the Ruby on Rails platform can be leveraged to build a product rapidly. Its developers were able to construct a fully functional product quickly, thanks to the deployment of jQuery and Ruby on Rails.

Twitter redesigned its front end using Scala after a couple of years, although Ruby continues to be utilised in the back end.

3. Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace that enables the linking of makers and sellers of handmade and vintage items with potential buyers and suppliers. With roughly two million sellers and over fifty million registered users, Etsy is similar to a large market or bazaar.

Etsy exemplifies the innovative technological approach of modern businesses. Utilising Ruby on Rails, the online marketplace has been able to maintain a potent database, incorporate various systems, and introduce fresh features while enhancing the user experience.

4. Shopify

Shopify is a well-known and efficient online storefront that assists more than 600,000 online vendors. With no expertise in programming required, companies can swiftly and conveniently adapt their e-commerce sites to function within the Shopify ecosystem. Through a monthly subscription fee, business owners can obtain instant access to a versatile and fully customizable e-commerce platform, enabling them to reach customers worldwide.

Shopify is recognised globally as one of the most successful companies powered by Ruby on Rails. It has expanded substantially within the framework and is reported to handle around 80,000 requests per second. The Shopify front end is created using a combination of the Turbograft Framework and the Liquid templating language.

5. GitHub

GitHub is a commonly used software hosting service, well-liked among web and application developers for its enormous open-source repository. Over 1.8 million organizations, including software development companies and startups, utilise GitHub’s services.

The impressive community of around 40 million software developers has supported more than 100 million repositories utilising the service.

From a purely technical viewpoint, most of GitHub’s code is composed in Ruby on Rails. Rails 6.0 was introduced by GitHub in August 2023.

6. Hostel

Airbnb boasts an unmatched user interface and experience design compared to similar services. It offers a platform that links people in search of temporary accommodation with those who have spare rooms or apartments for rent.

Founded by three graduate students in 2007 with an apartment to rent, Airbnb’s platform now serves over 150 million people, with more listings than the top hotel brands in the world combined.

A multitude of technologies, including Ruby on Rails, were used to build Airbnb. Experienced professionals developed it, employing a variety of third-party libraries such as Raven.js, Moments.js, and React.js.

7. Ask.fm

Ask.fm comprises nearly 220 million registered members, a substantial proportion of whom are under 35 years of age, rendering it a notably favourable social media platform among younger generations.

The business idea is quite straightforward – users can ask questions to a specific individual (such as a popular Ask.fm user or a friend) and receive their response.

Ask.fm is one of the most prominent Ruby-based platforms. At its peak, the brand had 350 million monthly pageviews.

In addition to Ruby on Rails used at the backend, AJAX and jQuery are also used by the platform.

8. Fab

If you are looking for unusual health and fitness items, Fab is the ideal online marketplace for you. This platform presents a broad range of products, including electronics, artwork, and apparel. Allow Fab to assist you in locating what you require.

Each and every product they offer has a breathtaking aesthetic. This renders the site a great match for people who appreciate aesthetics and design.

Ruby was selected as the primary framework language to build Fab. Additionally, New Relic and Backbone.js are also utilised.

9. SlideShare

SlideShare, which is now owned by Microsoft, lures more than 70 million unique monthly visitors. It enables users to share their presentations, videos and documents in formats like Keynote and PowerPoint.

SlideShare, which was previously acquired by LinkedIn before being purchased by Microsoft in 2023, authorizes its users to source, access, and disseminate content they admire and appreciate. Ruby on Rails serves as the predominant framework for building the platform.

10. Hulu

Currently, this service is solely accessible within the United States. Although not as famous as HBO GO or Netflix, it is swiftly expanding and adding premium content to its library each month.

Despite being available in only a few select nations, the service boasts a combined total of nearly 28 million paying users globally.

Since its inception, Ruby on Rails has been a favorite among developers, and it was employed to establish Hulu.

11. SoundCloud

Based in Germany, SoundCloud was established to facilitate musicians in sharing their work easily over the internet. Subsequently, it has expanded to function as a publishing hub, allowing budding artists to showcase their musical creations to a vast audience. With a total of 80 million registered users and 200 million tracks uploaded, SoundCloud is an invaluable source for exploring new musical concepts and recordings.

SoundCloud caters mainly to non-mainstream, alternative, and niche performers. The platform was initially developed using Ruby on Rails framework, which enabled rapid expansion while maintaining top-grade quality. As the platform grew considerably, it was subsequently revamped with Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to accommodate this expansion.

12. Basecamp

There is an intrinsic connection between Basecamp and Ruby on Rails: the former is an online application for project management, while the latter is a framework created by David Heinemeier Hansson. Hence, it is unsurprising that Ruby on Rails plays a vital role in providing the Basecamp experience.

Ruby on Rails has played a pivotal role in the swift expansion of Basecamp, with the number of accounts rising from 45 in 2004 to over 2 million by 2023. The framework has proven to be a valuable asset to Ruby on Rails developers associated with Basecamp.

13. Zendesk

Zendesk offers a cloud-based customer support solution that allows users to access customer care via their computer, mobile device or tablet. Various companies, including Uber, Shopify, Airbnb and Tesco, have achieved success with the customer-centric software. This helps in fostering growth and lowering the expenses associated with customer support.

14. Bloomberg

Bloomberg has earned recognition in the media sector for its coverage of financial and economic news. Additionally, it provides software for commercial and financial industries, facilitating activities such as market report generation and data analysis.

With more than 100 million unique visitors every month, their platform, built using Ruby on Rails, has positioned them as a global leader. Furthermore, with over 15,000 employees, they rank among the largest corporations worldwide.

A group of engineers builds the Bloomberg platform utilizing an array of frameworks, the most noteworthy of which include Ruby on Rails, PHP, Express, and ASP.NET. Additionally, Bloomberg’s technology stack is composed of twelve libraries, including but not limited to Backbone.js, jQuery, and RESPOND.

15. Fiverr

Fiverr is a digital marketplace for freelancers to sell and obtain work. The process of both offering and buying services is swift and straightforward, with a wide range of options ranging from web development, graphic design, digital marketing, UX/UI design, and mobile development, all starting at a reasonable rate of $5.

Apart from Ruby on Rails, they utilize a range of other technologies, including jQuery, Python, and React.

16. GoodReads

The premier social networking platform for book lovers, Goodreads lets its visitors browse through virtual bookshelves of other users and leave their feedback on authors and publishers they have recently read.

With a user count of over 90 million, Goodreads boasts an impressive collection of over 2.6 billion books and 90 million reviews.

Since the acquisition by Amazon in 2023, the platform has experienced significant growth.

Goodreads operates on a diverse technology stack that includes Bugsnag, GoDaddy Domain Registration, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), MarkMonitor, HTML5, Modernize, OpenSearch, New Relic, Symantec SSL, and Dyn DNS.

17. Diaspora

Diaspora is a social networking portal that prioritizes decentralization, personal privacy and individual autonomy. Differently from Facebook, the site doesn’t attempt to dominate or claim ownership over users’ personal data. While there is no centralized database, users can choose to store their information on local servers.

Diaspora provides its members the liberty to communicate without interference from third-party programs while committing to maintaining its autonomy from multinational corporations.

Diaspora may not be as large as Twitter or Facebook, yet with a community of one million members, it is still a force to reckon with. Anyone can browse and alter the platform because its source code is accessible on GitHub because it is an open-source platform.

Backbone.js is used to build the front end of the platform, while the entire system is designed in Ruby on Rails framework.

18. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a fantastic mobile and online application that helps you in achieving your fitness goals and enhancing your overall wellness. The app tracks both your physical activity and nutritional intake to achieve a perfect balance between the two.

Users have shared remarkable outcomes from using the app for weight loss. The app has received numerous awards and high praise from users worldwide, and ranked high in several competitions. It has an average user count of 150 million on daily basis.

MyFitnessPal’s entire platform, including its online application, is developed using the Ruby on Rails framework.

19. Scribd

Scribd is the equivalent of Netflix for book fans since it offers access to a vast collection of 40 million books, periodicals, and audiobooks. The platform already caters to over 80 million users, and the number continues to grow.

Scribd allows users to host and share their files. The platform is predominantly constructed using Ruby on Rails framework and also incorporates other technologies such as Backbone.js and React.

20. 500px

500px is a fantastic platform for photographers to showcase their work, receive constructive feedback, and build associations with other photography enthusiasts. The platform’s distribution partners offer a licensing system through which users can monetize their content.

Over 13 million photographers worldwide use the platform and have shared over 100 million photographs to date.

The platform was created using Rails framework, while Node.js offers additional functionality.

21. Square

Square provides card readers that businesses can use to accept payments from customers. The card readers are easy to set up on any tablet or smartphone, and the app includes all the necessary software.

Since its establishment in 2009, Square has amassed a user base of 15 million.

The early rendition of Square was programmed using Ruby on Rails, establishing a sound infrastructure for future expansion. However, in 2023, the platform underwent a significant architectural overhaul, which involved a shift from the underlying JVM.

22. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is a globally recognized local business directory, named after the original “yellow books”.

The directory contains the contact information of all the local businesses in a particular region, including their phone numbers and addresses. In the United States alone, the updated Yellow Pages receives over forty million searches every year. It is the most reliable source for details regarding local businesses in the country.

The original version of the platform was developed using Java, but it has since been rebuilt using Ruby on Rails.

23. Groupon

Groupon is a worldwide digital marketplace, linking shoppers with vendors from across the globe. The platform offers exclusive sales and discounts on a range of products and services. To date, Groupon has sold over one million deals internationally and has provided services to more than 50 million users worldwide. It is the top-performing company in its industry.

At the onset, the site was constructed using only Ruby on Rails as the back-end technology. However, with the site’s expansion, the decision was made a few years ago to migrate to Node.js.

24. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is an online network established on the premise that travelers can offer each other accommodations across the globe. The platform’s reliable and fun rating and review system have made it an exciting way to book lodging.

The Couchsurfing community now boasts of an estimated 15 million members, with regular meet-ups taking place in over 200,000 locations worldwide. The insights garnered through Couchsurfing are almost as valuable as the free accommodations.

Couchsurfing’s back-end infrastructure was built using Ruby on Rails technology, as well as a variety of other components, including SCSS, Redis, MySQL, JavaScript, Thumbor, and SOLR.

25. Dribbble

Dribbble is an extensive collection of graphic design resources, featuring the work of over 500,000 designers worldwide. Users can upload their own designs, receive critiques from others, and search for job opportunities all on the same site. In 2023, Dribble exhibited more than 640,000 images of featured work.

The system was developed using the Ruby on Rails framework and utilizes jQuery and the HTML5 History API.

26. Kickstarter

Kickstarter is an exceptional platform for Ruby on Rails companies to seek financial backing for their projects or to contribute to the initiatives of others. The site has achieved remarkable success, having funded almost 150,000 ventures, including Wasteland 2 and Oculus Rift.

The creation of Project Kickstarter involved the use of the Ruby on Rails framework, the programming language Perl, along with the libraries History.js, jQuery, and React.

27. UrbanDictionary

If you need help understanding a slang term, you’re in the right place. Alternatively, if you’re looking to create a new term that could gain widespread use, our website offers various perspectives on common phrases and their meanings.

Besides Ruby on Rails, UrbanDictionary employs Foundation and the Heroku Vegur Proxy. The JS frameworks used include React.

28. Twitch

Twitch is a widely popular platform among avid gamers. It’s a social media platform that enables players of all skill levels to share and view live streams of their gaming endeavors.

Today’s most acclaimed streamers, such as Markiplier and PewDiePie, initiated their broadcasting careers on Twitch.

Every month, around 54 million people watch over 2.1 million hours of live video streaming.

The platform was developed using the Ruby on Rails framework.

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