2023 Updated List of the Top Free Online JavaScript Tutorials

If you are looking to develop web applications or tools, JavaScript is a popular choice for client programming. With the ever-growing demand for web developers in the job market, having knowledge in JavaScript is essential. Fortunately, there are many free online courses available for those interested in acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the language. This tutorial will provide a summary of free online JavaScript courses to get you started.

The question of how to learn JavaScript without spending any money is an important one.

After carefully analysing user feedback and comments, we have compiled this list of free JavaScript classes to help you save time. We encourage you to take a look at these tools now to make the most of them.

  1. Visit FreeCodeCamp.org to Get Started with JavaScript Today!

    • Curriculum-based platforms let users to study, create, and share codes and real-world projects. freeCodeCamp.org
    • It’s a place to practice your coding abilities while also lending a hand to other campers and volunteers in need.
    • The portal offers a YouTube channel and a community forum where users can get help with topics such as machine learning, python, data science, web design, and web development. Through the forum, users can pose questions and receive assistance from fellow community members.
  2. Free JavaScript Tutorials: Furry-pawed programmers of Java
    • If you’re looking for a free online JavaScript education for beginners, go no further than JavaScript for Cats.
    • Functions, data structures, and primary programming languages and libraries are all covered here.
  3. Download this free JavaScript 30 course now!
    • JavaScript 30 is a free resource for learning JavaScript, which may be used to create a wide variety of applications.
    • You may get your JavaScript certification without spending a dime by taking this free course and completing the Day Vanilla JS Coding Challenge.
  4. Check out CodeMentor, a free online resource for learning JavaScript.
    • CodeMentor is an excellent choice if you are looking to acquire a professional certification in JavaScript without investing a cent, in as little as four weeks. With CodeMentor’s comprehensive learning resources and experienced instructors, you can gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become a certified JavaScript professional in a short amount of time.
    • JavaScript libraries like as Json, Angular JS, Ajax, jQuery, and many more are covered in this online JavaScript course.
    • Also, if you have any questions or concerns throughout the lesson, you may hire a tutor for $15 per hour.
  5. Free JavaScript Tutorials: The JavaScript course for beginners on Codecademy.
    • If you want to learn JavaScript quickly and for free, the Intro to JavaScript Track on Codecademy is a fantastic resource.
    • Motivating feature of this JavaScript certification-free site is its comprehensive, beginner-friendly teaching structure.
    • All of JavaScript’s data types, loops, and functions will be covered by the course’s conclusion.
    • In addition to JavaScript, you may study additional programming languages, such as HTML, Python, SQL, and CSS, without spending a dime.
  6. Educative.io Teaches You HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Free
    • Learn JavaScript online with Educative’s fantastic Educative.io – Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from Scratch course.
    • After completing this course, you will have the fundamental knowledge to create your own web pages with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
    • This course focuses on standardised testing and employs a variety of static and dynamic media, including videos, to provide a stimulating learning experience and ensure that students retain their interest and comprehension of the material.
  7. The Fullstack Academy’s no-cost JavaScript primer is a great place to get started learning how to code.
    • Fullstack Academy’s Intro to Coding program offers a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, as well as providing students with resources to learn JavaScript at no cost. With this course, students can gain a strong foundation in the basics of coding and access to the necessary training to become proficient in JavaScript.
    • This free, 15-hour course will get you started with JavaScript and prepare you for the skills and problems of programming that lie ahead.
  8. Download Treehouse’s free JavaScript course now to learn the fundamentals!
    • Treehouse’s comprehensive platform is the perfect way to learn JavaScript online. Our platform includes video lessons, interactive tutorials, quizzes, and assessments at various levels, allowing you to develop your understanding of the language as you progress. With Treehouse, you can learn JavaScript in a convenient and engaging way.
    • Despite the associated costs, this course offers ample resources to enable learners to swiftly comprehend topics such as variables, data types, class declarations, and the basics of programming.
  9. JavaScript.info is where you can go to learn it for free.
    • To learn JavaScript quickly and simply, visit JavaScript.info, a site dedicated to JavaScript principles and lessons.
    • The site is split into two sections: one where you can learn JavaScript for free, and the other where you can work with browser-based applications.
    • Concepts of programming, both basic and complex, are included.
  10. Codecademy is a great place to get started with JavaScript.
    • Although many JavaScript courses are available for free online, a membership to Codecademy is required to access them.
    • This self-paced, self-paced course makes it easy to learn JavaScript at your own pace and in your own environment.
  11. JavaScript tutorials at no cost: MDN JavaScript
    • The MDN JavaScript documentation includes comprehensive lessons and modules for all JavaScript features.
    • This JavaScript tutorial is provided for free and is translated into several languages to accommodate individual preferences.
    • Use JavaScript Garden if you’re just starting off and want to stay away from typical pitfalls.
  12. Get free JavaScript training at Sololearn.
    • Since Sololearn provides access to live coding sessions, it is possible to acquire an understanding of JavaScript at any level, at no cost.
    • This free JavaScript certification course has been designed by industry professionals and upon successful completion, participants will receive official credentials.
    • The Sololearn PRO upgrade will set you back around $12 monthly.
  13. Find out everything about JavaScript with no cost at all by visiting TutorialRepublic.
    • To learn the basics of the JavaScript language, check out TutorialRepublic.
    • This open-source JavaScript environment covers the fundamentals, advances, and everything in between with reference materials and working examples.
    • In addition, it has a number of fun and useful interactive features including an HTML Editor, a Colour Picker, and a SQL Playground.
  14. Free JavaScript Tutorials: Online Java scripting courses
    • Google’s engineers have built a portal called Learn JavaScript Online that provides access to forty or more free JavaScript classes.
    • This app is a fantastic workaround if you need access to JavaScript programs for use in a certain project.
  15. EdX Offers a Free Online Course in JavaScript
    • On edX, you may take advantage of a free online JavaScript course collection curated by experts from a number of famous institutions.
    • Unless you require a certificate for your course, all of the JavaScript courses on edX are free.

And Thus, to conclude…

If you are a programming enthusiast eager to learn JavaScript without incurring any costs, this book could be an excellent resource for you. Finding the right place to study something thoroughly can be a daunting task and it is not advisable to invest both time and resources on a source that ultimately proves to be unproductive. Fortunately, these free online JavaScript courses can provide a comprehensive overview of all the free courses offered on the web. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Two issues have already been raised and we are awaiting a solution. You can also find me at the blog post linked above.

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