2023 Updated List of the Top Free Online JavaScript Tutorials

JavaScript is a favoured choice for client programming when developing web apps and tools. Due to the increasing need for web developers today, it’s necessary to have a solid background in JavaScript. Thankfully, there are various free online courses accessible for those keen on mastering the programming language. This tutorial will offer a brief rundown of the complimentary online JavaScript courses to commence your learning journey.

The inquiry of how to learn JavaScript without spending any cash holds significant value.

Following extensive scrutiny of user feedback and comments, we have collated this index of gratuitous JavaScript courses to maximise your efficiency. We strongly advise you to peruse these resources at your earliest convenience for optimal benefit.

  1. Initiate your JavaScript learning journey today by exploring FreeCodeCamp.org!

    • Education-based platforms empower users to learn, construct, and exchange codes and practical projects. Explore freeCodeCamp.org now!
    • It is a platform where you can refine your coding skills while also assisting fellow campers and volunteers in need.
    • freeCodeCamp.org provides users with a YouTube channel and a community forum to seek guidance on an array of subjects such as data science, machine learning, web development, web design, and Python. The forum allows users to seek solutions by posting queries and obtaining support from other members of the community.
  2. Free JavaScript Tutorials: An Introduction for Novice Programmers

    • If you’re seeking a cost-free online JavaScript learning platform for novices, look no further than JavaScript for Cats.
    • Here, you will discover lessons on functions, data structures, fundamental programming languages, and libraries.
  3. Download this complimentary JavaScript 30 course now!

    • JavaScript 30 is a free tool to learn JavaScript, that can be utilized to develop a diverse range of applications.
    • Complete the Vanilla JS Coding Challenge on this free course to receive your JavaScript certification at no cost.
  4. Explore CodeMentor, an online platform that offers complimentary JavaScript courses.

    • If you are hoping to achieve a professional certification in JavaScript in as little as four weeks without spending a penny, CodeMentor is a superb option. With CodeMentor’s qualified trainers and exhaustive learning resources, you can swiftly get the skills and expertise required to excel as a certified JavaScript professional.
    • This online JavaScript class covers various JavaScript libraries such as Json, Angular JS, Ajax, jQuery, and many others.
    • If you have any queries or doubts during the lessons, you may hire a tutor for $15 an hour.
  5. Codecademy’s Free JavaScript Tutorials: The beginners’ course on JavaScript.

    • Codecademy’s Intro to JavaScript Track is an amazing resource if you want to quickly learn JavaScript for free.
    • The alluring aspect of this free JavaScript certification platform is its easy-to-follow teaching format, suitable for beginners.
    • By the end of the course, all of the data types, loops, and functions in JavaScript will be taught.
    • Besides JavaScript, you can learn other programming languages like HTML, Python, SQL, and CSS for free.
  6. Educative.io: Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript for Free

    • Acquire knowledge of JavaScript online with Educative’s impressive course, Educative.io – Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from Scratch.
    • Upon finishing this course, you will possess the basic understanding to build your own web pages utilizing JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
    • The course places emphasis on standardised testing and incorporates a range of static and dynamic media, including videos, to deliver an engaging learning experience and guarantee that learners maintain their interest and grasp of the subject matter.
  7. The Fullstack Academy’s JavaScript primer, available at no cost, is an excellent resource to begin coding.

    • The Intro to Coding program at Fullstack Academy is an all-inclusive program that provides an extensive overview of HTML and CSS fundamentals as well as free resources for learning JavaScript. This course equips students with a firm understanding of coding basics and the training needed to become skilled in JavaScript.
    • Begin your journey with JavaScript and brace yourself for the programming skills and challenges that await with this 15-hour free course.
  8. Begin mastering JavaScript basics today with Treehouse’s no-cost course!

    • Looking to learn JavaScript online? Treehouse’s all-embracing platform is your ideal resource. Our platform incorporates video lessons, interactive tutorials, quizzes, and assessments across different levels, enabling you to enhance your comprehension of the language as you advance. With Treehouse, you can master JavaScript conveniently and enjoyably.
    • Although it comes at a cost, this course provides abundant resources and materials to facilitate learners’ rapid comprehension of important topics such as variables, data types, class declarations, and programming fundamentals.
  9. Need to learn JavaScript for free? Check out JavaScript.info!

    • Explore JavaScript.info for a quick and easy learning experience in JavaScript. It is a website devoted to teaching JavaScript principles and concepts.
    • Browse the website’s two distinct sections: one that provides free JavaScript learning resources and the other that enables you to work with in-browser applications.
    • From fundamental to intricate, the website encompasses a wide range of programming concepts.
  10. Get started with JavaScript today with Codecademy.

    • While numerous free JavaScript courses are available online, access to them usually requires a Codecademy membership.
    • Explore the self-paced JavaScript course on Codecademy and learn at your preferred speed, in your chosen environment.
  11. For free JavaScript tutorials, visit MDN JavaScript.

    • Access detailed lessons and modules on all aspects of JavaScript through the comprehensive MDN JavaScript documentation.
    • Our JavaScript tutorial is available for free and is translated into multiple languages to cater to diverse preferences.
    • If you are new to JavaScript and wish to avoid common pitfalls, consult JavaScript Garden.
  12. For free JavaScript training, visit Sololearn.

    • With live coding sessions available on Sololearn, you can gain a thorough understanding of JavaScript at no cost and at any level.
    • Developed by industry experts, this free JavaScript certification course offers official credentials upon successful completion.
    • The Sololearn PRO upgrade costs approximately $12 per month.
  13. Visit TutorialRepublic to learn everything about JavaScript without any cost.

    • Visit TutorialRepublic to grasp the fundamentals of JavaScript language.
    • Explore the basics, advanced topics, and everything in between with reference materials and working examples on this open-source JavaScript environment.
    • Additionally, it boasts a range of fun and practical interactive tools such as an HTML Editor, a Colour Picker, and a SQL Playground.
  14. Online JavaScript courses and tutorials for free:

    • Access over 40 free JavaScript classes on Google’s Learn JavaScript Online portal, created by their own team of engineers. Check out 7 Node.js Startup Benefits You Should Know for more information.
    • If you require access to JavaScript programs for a specific project, this app is an excellent solution.
  15. EdX provides a free online course in JavaScript:

    • Take advantage of a collection of free online JavaScript courses on edX, curated by experts from various renowned institutions.
    • With the exception of certification, all JavaScript courses on edX are provided free of charge.


For programming enthusiasts keen on learning JavaScript without spending any money, this book could serve as an excellent resource. Finding a reliable platform for thorough learning can often be overwhelming and it’s not advisable to invest one’s time and resources on a source that ultimately proves to be unproductive. Fortunately, the enumerated free online JavaScript courses provide a comprehensive overview of all the available free courses on the web. Feel free to leave your questions in the comments section below. Two issues have already been raised and we are awaiting a resolution. You can also get in touch with me via the blog post linked above.

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