3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Distant Soldiers Motivated

The contemporary shift in workplace practices is demonstrated by the various terms such as ‘telecommuting’, ‘working from home’, ‘remote working’ and ‘distributed workforce’. This intricate change has led to an increase in the efficiency and flexibility of businesses.

Although having dispersed teams can reduce overhead costs, managers still need to discover effective methods of inspiring their workforce.

When employees are motivated and inspired to give their utmost efforts, they are more likely to be efficient and productive, resulting in amplified output, better financial performance, and ultimately, greater success for the enterprise.

Managing employees situated in different time zones and geographical locations can be challenging. Ensuring the efficiency and productivity of such groups can be difficult, making it crucial to maintain an open line of communication and build trust among the workforce. Additionally, it is crucial to make remote workers feel valued, included and part of the team, so as to ensure a cohesive and functional working environment.

Outlined below are three uncomplicated measures to aid you in keeping up high levels of enthusiasm and productivity amongst your remote workforce.

Establish a Dependable Process for New Employees to Join Your Organisation

By conducting an online search for “onboarding process“, you will discover a vast array of potential solutions, ranging from the simplest to the most complex. Remember, the primary objective of an onboarding process is to familiarise new employees with the organisation’s culture and standards, enabling them to perform their job effectively. There is no need to overcomplicate the process; keep it uncomplicated.

Collaborating with a dispersed workforce has its own distinct challenges, but with proper guidance, these obstacles can be surmounted. As a company with our own remote workforce, we have extensive experience in onboarding procedures. Remember, the first week is crucial for new employees, so we suggest taking the initiative to welcome them to the team and introduce them to colleagues. Developing a “buddy system” and providing clear instructions on procedures and expectations are also vital for assisting the new hires in quickly adapting and performing efficiently.

For guidance on how to devise a successful onboarding process for your enterprise, take a look at the insights provided by our experts.

The Cultural Triad

Michael C. Mankins famously asserted in the Harvard Business Review that “culture is the adhesive that binds a business together.” Corporate culture is the amalgamation of encounters and outlooks of all employees, which is fostered through daily interactions, similar to how Apple has centred its corporate ethos on design, and Nike has embraced innovation as their focus.

All employees, irrespective of their rank within the company, are profoundly ingrained in the corporate culture. Even if team members are situated in diverse time zones, it is possible for a robust culture to evolve and prosper. This is particularly critical when collaborating with a dispersed workforce.


Gamification is more than just a fad in corporate practices; it has been demonstrated to have concrete benefits. According to Concur, employee engagement can be increased by up to 60% through the use of gamification. Susan Poser, a Senior Director at Oracle, emphasises that a positive and pleasurable work atmosphere can “encourage collaboration, enhance efficiency, and foster awareness.”

When all members of your team are situated in the same physical site, activities that may appear arduous can become rather effortless. But, how does one create a vibrant ambiance while overseeing a remote workforce?

The first step in effectively overseeing a team is to establish and communicate clear goals, targets, and individual contributions. To enhance productivity and engagement, it is crucial to implement a framework that acknowledges and incentivises both personal and collective achievements. This will inspire the team to work in unison towards shared objectives, culminating in a more successful outcome.

Through the integration of gamification into your operations, we can assist you in incentivising and motivating your team. This can result in raised productivity and concentration levels, even within a remote work setting. With our assistance, your dispersed workforce can be transformed into a potent and effective team, prepared to undertake any challenge presented to them.

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