3 Lessons from Microsoft’s Onboarding Procedure

A productive workforce necessitates a successful recruiting process that focuses on effective employee onboarding. A Glassdoor investigation disclosed that an efficient onboarding system has the potential to increase employee retention by as much as 82% and heighten productivity by 70%. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure the proper implementation of efficient onboarding methods to optimise the success of the hiring process.

Microsoft, a major contender in the digital industry, is recognised for its productivity-centred and employee-focused work environment. Both startups and larger corporations aspire to replicate Microsoft’s innovative work culture, which begins with a meticulously-designed onboarding technique. Microsoft’s work culture is one that many businesses strive to replicate as they recognize its success.

An onboarding protocol is crucial in aiding new personnel to adapt quickly to the company’s work culture and become productive team members. Nevertheless, numerous remote-first companies confront the difficulty of organising virtual onboarding experiences effectively.

In a current article, Lukas Velush, the Community Program Manager at Microsoft, expounds on how he and his team were able to develop an exceptional virtual onboarding encounter for new recruits at the company. Through fostering a positive onboarding experience, Microsoft was able to ensure that fresh hires feel respected and appreciated, even when they are unable to physically work on-site.

Three Methods to Create a Prosperous Onboarding Plan

  1. Onboarding Plan: Pre-boarding Requirements

    The pre-boarding process commences with the signing of a contract. It is vital to ensure that the new recruit has access to all required resources such as systems, email, chat, project management tools, and training material. Communication is of utmost importance when it comes to remote onboarding as it will help new hires feel more connected to the company’s virtual environment. Offering an efficient pre-boarding experience instills trust in the new personnel, contributing to their dedication to the company.
  2. Onboarding Plan: The Onboarding Companion

    Microsoft has effectively implemented its “buddy program” for its onboarding process. This program is utilised to supply organisational context, improve productivity, and expedite the onboarding process. By pairing a current employee with a new hire, the buddy program provides guidance and support as the newcomer becomes comfortable with the company’s culture and structure. Such a program is immensely beneficial in quickly orienting the new personnel, facilitating their understanding and acclimatisation to their new role.

    A business considering adopting a similar program should identify existing employees who would be willing to act as a buddy. An instance of a flourishing buddy program includes organising meetings between team members, which may encompass clarifying the reporting structure and discussing workplace expectations.
  3. Onboarding Plan: Introductions

    As part of the remote onboarding process, Human Resources managers frequently employ product demonstrations, user-friendly games, and quizzes to promote employee camaraderie and aid new hires in transitioning to their virtual work environment. Engaging with other team members throughout the onboarding process assists new personnel to comprehend company practices and adopt a sense of belonging to the organisation.

    Participating in events that are tailored to acquainting new workers with the company is a valuable method of learning about the organisation. However, the most effective way of facilitating new employees’ integration into the company is through interaction with existing staff. Taking part in “meet-and-greet” events allows new workers to become comfortable in the virtual environment and familiarise themselves with company procedures more efficiently.

Why is Onboarding Important in the Hiring Process?

A recent Gallup poll disclosed that only 12% of companies have mastered the onboarding process for new hires. Companies located in Silicon Valley such as Netflix, Twitter, Google, and Buffer, have attached significant importance to employee onboarding as an integral part of their hiring process. The success and job satisfaction of their staff indicate that having a comparable recruitment process is something to strive for.

Several onboarding and applicant monitoring software suppliers guarantee a seamless onboarding process, but there is more to it than just completing forms. The onboarding experience should be more than just paperwork; it should aim to unite the principles and aspirations of the employer and employee to create a harmonious work environment where each person feels at ease and capable of contributing to the organisation’s success.

Incorporating onboarding as a crucial element of the recruitment process enables personnel to get acquainted with their job responsibilities, the company’s principles, and its offerings. This allows them to gain a deeper insight into the company’s objectives, which aids in their focus on the mission.

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