3 Qualities Software Developers Look for When Looking for Work

As the demand for talented software developers continues to grow, the competition to recruit the most qualified candidates for these positions is becoming increasingly fierce. To gain a better understanding of the expectations of the best software developers, a recent survey of 80,000 engineers conducted by StackOverflow has provided valuable insights into what these individuals are looking for in new job opportunities. It is essential for both startups and enterprises to stay abreast of this data in order to ensure that their recruitment strategies are aligned with the needs of the current market.

Here are some of the survey’s key findings:

Flexibility is more important to software developers than salary

According to the survey results, the majority of developers (56%) prefer a flexible working schedule to the typical 9 to 5. Furthermore, when it comes to career progression within the same organisation, flexibility is deemed to be more important than salary package size; 65% of developers prioritise flexibility whereas 59% prioritise a larger salary package. This preference for flexible hours and remote work opportunities may be due to the fact that developers value a good work-life balance.

When developers evaluate or plan to stay in their current position, they value flexibility even more than salary.

In the wake of the global pandemic, many organisations have been compelled to explore new ways of working. Notable tech companies such as Twitter, Microsoft, and Apple have implemented either fully remote or hybrid working models. This shift in working culture has been further validated by Stackoverflow’s survey findings, which revealed that 50 percent of developers feel uncomfortable with companies that demand employees work from the office. It is evident that, regardless of the pandemic, remote working is quickly becoming the norm.

For software developers, employer reputation is critical

A survey has revealed that the majority of developers undertake research into potential employers prior to submitting a job application. To gain insights into a company, developers tend to both passively and actively seek out information. Passively, developers often reach out to their professional network (47%) and review media coverage (41%) of the organisation. Meanwhile, when actively seeking information, developers prioritise reading reviews on job boards to gain an understanding of the employer’s culture.

What technology stacks are preferred by the best software developers?

With the ever-increasing competition for skilled software developers, it is essential for businesses to have an attractive technology stack in order to secure the best talent. Recent studies have indicated that 32% of developers will decline interviews or turn down job offers if they are not satisfied with the technology stack on offer. To ensure that businesses are able to attract the best developers, careful consideration must be given to the selection of their technology stack.

According to StackOverflow, Python and Rust are two of the most desired programming languages among developers. Rust, which has a syntax similar to C++, can be used to run a wide range of applications, while its multi-paradigm programming language provides developers with the flexibility to work in different programming styles. On the other hand, Python’s interactive nature allows software developers to quickly test code on the spot instead of having to create and debug extended blocks of code.

The analysis of these findings indicates that software developers are in search of programming languages and frameworks that provide flexibility. Consequently, software companies should accumulate a selection of tools, applications, and services in order to build a modern and adaptable technology stack.

In addition to the technical capabilities of the software stack, it is important to note that other factors influence a software developer‘s decision to turn down a job offer. According to recent surveys, 36% of respondents indicated that they had received a better offer elsewhere. Furthermore, 24% of candidates reported that they had chosen to end the interview process due to a disorganised interview experience and/or negative employer reviews.

Finishing up

Organisations that demonstrate an appreciation for the time and efforts of their software developers will outperform their competitors. Therefore, employer branding is a key factor in influencing the career paths of developers. By prioritising the well-being of their developers, organisations can create a positive workplace environment that engenders loyalty and results in greater success.

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