3 Workplace and Employment Trends that Will Affect Engineering Groups in 2023

In 2023, organisations seeking to hire engineers will experience a drastic shift in office culture. Young engineers are now seeking employers that emphasise diversity and inclusivity, foster a lively work atmosphere, and provide adequate resources for remote work.

The year 2022 witnessed a significant transformation in the workplace that will be remembered for years to come. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent rise of the social justice movement have had a profound impact on the recruitment process. As remote work continues to be on the rise (read more here), engineering managers must contemplate on how to encourage effective teamwork and collaboration amongst their diverse global workforce.

Continue reading to discover the top three recruitment trends that will have a significant impact beyond 2023:

  1. Technology’s role in facilitating remote teamwork

    Remote work is becoming increasingly popular amongst engineers, and it’s crucial for organisations to invest in technology that provides secure virtual connections and enables virtual collaboration. Job-seekers are keen to understand a company’s remote work policies, so companies should make this information readily available and easily accessible.

    The use of technology to enhance communication between management and individual engineers is paramount. According to the Chief Technology Officer of Works, “We require tools that enable engineers to convey their performance.” In other words, “A happy workforce leads to better engineering quality.”

    Documentation of processes and workflows can significantly improve an engineer’s effectiveness and efficiency. By doing so, engineers across different locations, time zones, languages, and experience levels can access the same level of clarity and consistency, and work in a united and organised manner.
  2. A Strong Culture is Crucial for Distributed Teams to Succeed

    Thanks to modern technological advancements, organisations like yours can now access a wider and more diverse pool of global talent, with the option to staff projects remotely. As a result, competition for qualified and capable engineers has significantly increased since they are no longer limited to seeking employment only in their locality.

    To appeal to top-tier engineers and attract them to your organisation, it’s important to establish a compelling public vision and a set of core values that emphasises the significance of making a positive impact in the world. Nowadays, job-seekers are searching for meaningful work that offers them an opportunity to create a positive impact, and it’s imperative that your company sends a message that resonates with these individuals. By providing a clear vision and core values that demonstrate a commitment to doing good, your organisation can position itself as a desirable and appealing workplace for talented engineers.
  3. Diversity Initiatives Take the Lead During Critical Junctures

    Following the social justice protests of 2023, job-seekers are increasingly interested in employers’ commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Companies must be prepared to respond to questions regarding their efforts to promote DEI, such as inquiries regarding the racial and ethnic diversity of leadership, or the implementation of employee resource groups and initiatives. It is vital for organisations to be transparent and demonstrate their commitment to DEI when hiring.

    Diversity initiatives offer several benefits, including the attraction of top-tier engineers.

    A candidate’s assessment of available employment opportunities may be influenced by an organisation’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs. Therefore, your DEI initiatives could be a deciding factor for job-seekers when considering different job opportunities.

    In 2022, we saw that distributed engineering teams can not only survive but also thrive under extraordinary situations when working collectively. Moving into 2023, your organisation can be an attractive workplace for talented engineers by creating a supportive and inclusive work environment in terms of both technology and culture.

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