4 Proven Methods for Forming an Extraordinary Group

Organizations aspire to work with individuals capable of generating ten times more output than their peers, a phenomenon referred to as a “10x developer.” However, it is uncertain what particular qualities contribute to such remarkable levels of productivity.

In an interview conducted by Bradley Scott, Vice President of Product at Works, with three technology industry leaders, it was found that making a team ten times as productive is far more significant than focusing solely on individual performance. However, the attributes typically linked to a “10x developer” may not be the same factors that amplify team productivity by tenfold.

Consider your ability to enhance each developer’s performance marginally within your team of 10.

As the Director of Engineering at Honeycomb.io, Emily Nakashima plays a vital role in creating a culture of inclusivity and openness, where all team members are emboldened to question established solutions. Emily takes this a step ahead by including a diverse range of experience levels in the interview process to obtain a comprehensive outlook on the team’s challenges. Honeycomb.io’s success largely depends on Emily’s ability to mentor junior developers and grant them more autonomy. By welcoming various viewpoints, the team may identify long-overlooked issues and uncover more efficient solutions.

A skilled programmer acknowledges the importance of user feedback.

According to Barsana Riyaz, the Engineering Manager at Expedia, a 10x developer should have the ability to acknowledge and act upon constructive feedback. Even the most accomplished programmer may not be able to recognize every potential issue or area for improvement in their work, making it crucial for a senior developer to be open to suggestions from their peers. It is detrimental to the team’s progress if a developer lacks emotional intelligence, becoming resistant to criticism. Therefore, it is imperative that senior developers possess the ability to offer as well as receive feedback to maximize their potential.

Open dialogue is a priority in our interview process.

Identifying the ideal candidate for a role can be a daunting task, but the greater challenge is locating them. Honeycomb’s recruitment process involves assessing the candidate’s coding abilities through an evaluation that must be performed independently. During the interview, recruiters scrutinize the candidate’s code to evaluate their decision-making and problem-solving skills as well as their ability to collaborate effectively. While perfection is not expected, Nakashima asserts that an indicator of a suitable candidate is their ability to justify the changes they have made. This provides the interviewers with further insights into the candidate’s communication and teamwork skills.

Rely on reason, not instinct.

Frida Polli, the CEO and co-founder of pymetrics, aims to solve the challenge of effectively matching job applicants to positions. Pymetrics assesses the cognitive and emotional qualities of candidates to evaluate their potential performance in the job. Contrary to the belief that any person could be a “10x developer,” regardless of the job, Polli believes that “fit” is of paramount importance. She proposes that engineering managers prioritize their teams’ values and use data and technology to evaluate candidates based on those values, resulting in an efficient method to evaluate whether a candidate’s aptitudes are suitable for the position.

Riyaz asserts that a software developer’s success does not depend on writing more code within a shorter period of time. Instead, it is about establishing higher standards for individuals in their immediate surroundings. Riyaz proposes setting a higher bar for colleagues rather than for oneself.

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