4 Resume Writing Tips for Tech Professionals

It is essential to be aware that you have a limited window of time to make a good first impression on your boss; typically five to six seconds. Consequently, your technical curriculum vitae is a pivotal factor in the job application process. Having an up-to-date, well-organised, and comprehensive CV is essential to creating a positive initial impression and ultimately securing the position.

During the recruitment process, the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is instrumental in helping businesses to source, screen, hire, and manage personnel. Unfortunately, it also has the capacity to philtre out a large proportion of resumes that may not be deemed interesting or relevant enough by the employer, thus preventing them from even reaching their destination.

As a highly competent and experienced software developer, you possess the skills necessary to create a resume that is both aesthetically pleasing and optimised for an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Crafting a resume that is able to effectively communicate your qualifications to employers requires a creative touch, making it an art form in and of itself. To ensure your resume is seen by potential employers and make the most of your qualifications, you must make sure it is ATS-friendly.

This blog article will walk you through some of the best practices for creating tech resumes, allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

It is important to include the appropriate keywords in your technical resume

One of the most useful elements of an ATS is resume processing. This functionality is another reason why many recruiters depend on this method.

The applicant tracking system (ATS) enables employers to effectively sort and evaluate potential candidates by comparing the content of their technical resumes against the criteria outlined in the job description. If the technical resume does not use the same terminology as the job description, it may not be accurately evaluated, thus diminishing the chances of a potential employer discovering the applicant’s qualifications.

Pro tip: Include keywords or phrases from the job description in your resume. Using the appropriate keywords is critical for getting past the ATS philtres.

When applying for a position as a back-end developer, it is essential to carefully read the job description and familiarise yourself with the company’s technology stack. For example, if you have extensive experience with Python-based back-end development, you must nevertheless ensure that you include any expertise that the company is looking for, such as CherryPy and TurboGears, on your resume in order to be considered for the position.

In your tech CV, emphasise your duties, competence, and accomplishments

Employers are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of resumes they receive, and consequently, they do not have the luxury of time to get to know every applicant. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your resume is not only eye-catching, but also accurately reflects your skills and experiences. Including irrelevant and non-substantive information can be counterproductive, and is not an effective way to establish your value.

Highlighting your accomplishments succinctly will help you get brownie points. How do you keep technical resumes concise?

Adhere to the Task Action Result protocol:

  • Outline your previous project’s duties and responsibilities.
  • Mention the specific procedures you took to resolve the issue.
  • Share the outcomes of your efforts as well as the overall project.
  • Include accurate information and other relevant insights.

Rather than simply listing your responsibilities, demonstrate the value you brought to the project, as well as the impact of your efforts on the final result. To reinforce your argument, you should provide tangible evidence such as numerical data and other relevant information. Doing so will create a compelling case for your accomplishments.

When you consider each point you want to make, ask yourself if it effectively highlights your responsibilities, capabilities, and successes in a manner that is most likely to be satisfying to the reader.

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Good words and statistics are inexpensive, particularly in technical resumes

Creating a technical resume that is both detailed and concise can be challenging. In order to ensure that your resume is both thorough and succinct, begin bullet points with action words such as “designed,” “developed,” “computed,” “collaborated,” “improved,” “analysed,” “devised,” and “delegated,” to effectively demonstrate your skills and accomplishments. This will help capture the attention of the reader and provide a clear overview of your capabilities.

For instance, one of your resume’s bullet points may be:

  • As the Project Lead, I optimised an e-commerce platform and earned three times the income in 2021.

Using the appropriate words is critical since it helps to drive home the main point without the fluff.

Pro tip: Use rows and columns sparingly in your resume.

Maintain an informative yet simple resume

Resumes should be concise and organised, with the goal of conveying to recruiters the most important information about your qualifications and experiences in a single page. Take the time to assess and arrange your resume in a way that accurately reflects the value you can bring to the organisation in a clear and succinct manner.

As a recruiter, one is tasked with the responsibility of reviewing a great number of résumés in a small window of time. To simplify this process and ensure that the most important information is being taken into account, it is best to avoid including unnecessary details in one’s projects. Instead, one should focus on providing pertinent details that are relevant to the position they are applying for. Basic contact information should always be included, such as an email address, phone number, and LinkedIn profile handle. This will enable recruiters to easily reach out and connect with the applicant.

However, do not include high school accomplishments, present or permanent address, headers, or footers.

By including a link to your portfolio or Git repository on your technical resume, you can provide the employer with a convenient source for viewing your most relevant work, thus saving them time and helping you to move closer to the job of your dreams.

Showing your previous accomplishments is an indication that you have an open and confident attitude when it comes to your capabilities. Although it is not compulsory, submitting a concise and organised resume is a great way to demonstrate that you understand and respect the time of the reader.

Last thoughts

Given the importance of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in the recruitment process, developers need to understand the perspective of employers to increase their chances of securing a job. It is essential to emphasise one’s accomplishments, but it is equally important to bear the job description in mind.

When it comes to crafting resumes for technology-related positions, it is important to note that a generic resume will not suffice. It is essential to take the time to make any necessary changes or improvements according to the requirements of the specific job posting. Doing so will demonstrate your commitment to the position and your dedication to making sure you meet the employer’s expectations.

Having a strong technical CV is an important step in obtaining your ideal job. However, simply having a good CV is not enough to progress in the recruitment process. To truly understand the nuances of the hiring landscape, it is beneficial to become part of a growing developer network. Joining a community of like-minded professionals can be a great way to build connections, increase your knowledge and ultimately progress your career.

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