4 Ways to Foster a Positive Workplace Culture for Women in Technology

The technology industry provides a unique and valuable environment for women. Working alongside colleagues of varying genders, backgrounds, and cultures is one of the best aspects of being a woman in technology. To cultivate an inclusive workspace that embraces diversity and encourages communication, collaboration, and equal opportunities for professional advancement, employers must strive to create an ideal work environment for women. Providing women in technology with access to equal resources, support, and training while treating them with fairness and respect is crucial for achieving this. Encouraging open dialogue and feedback through a safe space can also foster a productive and inclusive environment for women in technology.

If you are looking for ways to establish a work environment that supports women in technology, you have landed on the right page. In this article, we will delve into four strategies that companies can employ to create an inclusive atmosphere that empowers women to excel. Let’s dive into the conversation.

4 Tactics for Fostering a Positive Workplace Culture for Women in Technology

Despite significant attempts to encourage women to pursue careers in technology, the results are still discouraging. In the past thirty years, the total number of women in technology has increased from 1.6 million to 3.7 million. However, the percentage of women in technology jobs has actually decreased. Interestingly, women had a higher presence in the IT workforce in 1984 (35%) than they do today (32%).

Not only do women represent just 25% of the IT workforce in the United States, making them underrepresented in the industry, but they also have a higher tendency to quit their jobs than men. Adding to this, women hold less than one-fifth of CIO and CTO positions in Fortune 1000 companies. This gender gap in the field is a significant issue and it is crucial to take additional steps to build an environment that supports both genders in succeeding in the IT sector.

Studies conducted in the last twenty years have validated that incorporating a diverse workforce has several benefits such as positive impacts on customer service, brand image, innovation, expertise, and experience. These studies have also established a firm correlation between higher female representation in the workplace and improved company performance, resulting in better financial returns, increased sales returns, faster stock growth, and more.

With a growing understanding of the need for gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace, many companies are taking steps to promote these values actively. However, it is evident that a profound cultural change is required to achieve meaningful progress towards equal representation of women in the technology sector. Such a cultural shift demands the implementation of gender-neutral policies, the promotion of role models and mentors, and the provision of resources and support for women in tech. Addressing these challenges can significantly contribute to building a more inclusive and fair environment for all members of the technology community. Check out our blog post for some powerful tips to help women in technology succeed in IT.

Four Ways Companies Can Cultivate an Inclusive Culture:

  1. Boosting the Number of Women in Technology

    Ensure that your recruiting process is unbiased against women and that your job advertisements are free of any gender-oriented language.

    To minimize the possibility of unconscious bias and perception of female candidates as unsuited for technology-related roles, recruitment organizations can introduce blind evaluations. Blind evaluations involve a hiring process in which applicants are not required to disclose their gender, allowing recruiters to assess candidates exclusively based on their performances. This promotes fair and balanced hiring decisions.

    After the recruiters have finished reviewing resumes, it is crucial to carefully select members of the interview panel. To obtain the best results, ensure that the panel is diverse, not just in terms of gender, but also in terms of experience and expertise. Additionally, when inviting a candidate back for a second interview, it is vital to provide her with the opportunity to speak with a senior female manager. This demonstrates our organization’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for all applicants and a positive and diverse work environment.

    By providing such opportunities, we illustrate our dedication to encouraging professional growth and development and providing the experience of working in a professional environment to women.
  2. Eliminating Bias in Decision-Making

    Management should avoid making assumptions about employees’ willingness to take on new roles based on their family status. It is unjustifiable to assume that an employee is unable or disinterested in taking on additional responsibilities simply because they have a family to care for.

    At Works, we believe in granting all our staff members the freedom to choose their career paths. We are dedicated to assisting individuals in achieving their desired roles, provided they possess the required abilities and attitude to succeed. Additionally, we endeavor to guarantee that our decision-making process is free from any hidden biases.
  3. Empowering Women to Express Their Authentic Selves

    Creating a space for women in technology where they can be genuine without having to adhere to traditional male-centric leadership models is essential. In doing so, the valuable contributions of women to the workplace are no longer disregarded or undervalued. It is critical to provide women in technology with the same opportunities as their male colleagues, allowing them to realize their full potential and establish their impact.

    Ensure that your organization encourages women to take the lead and is receptive to fresh ideas and approaches in the workplace.
  4. Emphasizing Productivity over Attendance

    Establishing a successful career while managing a family can be difficult, especially given that many employers put traditional office hours above job performance.

    Flexibility has never been more critical than it is today. With the various tools and technologies at our disposal, we can now perform a wide range of tasks from virtually anywhere in the world. This unprecedented access to a global workplace has allowed us to be more agile and forward-thinking in our work approach.

    Women in the technology industry can leverage their skills and abilities by implementing flexible work arrangements that prioritize outcomes over hours spent in the office. This enables them to collaborate equally with their peers and make meaningful contributions to their work while still managing their personal lives. This approach emphasizes the significance of their contributions and enables them to achieve their full potential.

What Efforts Are Large Tech Companies Making to Support Women in Tech?

In the current era, if organizations want to succeed, having a gender-diverse workforce is imperative. Hence, enterprises like Airbus, Microsoft, and Accenture are taking several initiatives to make their workplaces more inclusive for women. These organizations are studying cultural norms to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all.

Let’s take a look at how it’s accomplished:

  • Microsoft’s DigiGirlz initiative aims to introduce middle and high school girls to the world of technology and the associated career possibilities. By participating in this program, young women can meet with Microsoft professionals, learn about their roles, and acquire insight into different technology aspects. It is our sincere desire that through DigiGirlz, we can offer the information and resources young women need to pursue a career in technology, if they so choose.
  • Accenture’s ‘High-tech Women Rise’ initiative aims to assist women in building enduring careers in technology. The program comprises various benefits, such as maternity leaves, period leaves, and sabbatical leaves, to aid women in transitioning back into the workforce. These initiatives are designed to create a just and inclusive work environment that enables all individuals, regardless of gender, to flourish.
  • Airbus initiated the ‘Fly Again’ program to offer free upskill training, coaching, and support to women who had taken a career break, allowing them to re-enter the workforce. This program provided candidates with the chance to refine and enhance their abilities and knowledge, enabling them to keep up with the latest industry advancements.

How Can Your Organization Attract More Women into the Technology Field?

Having a diverse leadership team brings significant advantages. Nevertheless, technology companies have not fully utilised the potential of women.

To create outstanding working environments for women, it is crucial that everyone, from senior management to new hires, actively participates and is committed to this mission. The involvement of all is critical in enabling women in technology to achieve their full potential, which will prove beneficial for both businesses and individuals.

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