5 Best Practices for Orienting a Distant Employee

Is it appropriate to end the contract of a remote worker?

Oh! That unpleasant feeling!

Hearing that your highly regarded remote employee is departing from the company can be a challenging situation. Even if the partnership was favourable, the truth is that every good thing must end eventually. When working remotely, the offboarding process carries equal weight to that of onboarding, which is why it is crucial to allocate sufficient time for it.

Having a well-defined offboarding plan in place is crucial to maintain minimum interference in essential operations. We are here to support you throughout the entire process, including searching for an appropriate replacement. With an experience of a fully remote organisation for the last ten years, we have effectively handled numerous employee offboarding procedures.

Below are our top five recommendations for smoothly terminating a remote worker:

  • It is vital to uphold positive relationships.
  • Developing a mechanism for exchanging information
  • Private exit interview
  • Safeguarding the organisation’s data
  • Paperwork needed for departure

Five Methods for Onboarding Your Remote Employees

Initially, Stay in Contact with Your Departing Remote Employee and Strive to Maintain a Cordial Relationship.

Prioritising the relationship will lead to smoother procedures in other aspects too.

At Works, we are reputed for recruiting top-notch IT professionals. We understand the significance of executing the termination of professional relationships appropriately, especially in the case of virtual IT offboarding.

Maintaining a positive working relationship with a departing remote employee is critical for the following reasons:

  • Irrespective of their personal preferences, all employees represent your organisation in the market.
  • There may be some overlap between your company’s professional networks and that of the departing employee. A favourable recommendation from a previous employee can be highly beneficial in creating a positive impact.
  • Lastly, a former employee may choose to rejoin the organisation. Be open to the possibility.

Set Up a Procedure for Consistent Information Exchange

The most disheartening part of losing an invaluable employee is the concern about finding a replacement that can match their proficiency in the same role.

Remote workers offer a plethora of benefits, with one of the most substantial ones being the ability to manage practically all tasks remotely. This makes tracking and recording work progress more effortless than having an on-site team.

Nevertheless, to maintain a calm composure during unexpected situations, it is crucial to have frequent “knowledge exchanges.”

Regualr one-on-one meetings can be utilized to ask employees for their perspectives, task management strategies, and creative ideas. This will aid in gaining a thorough idea of their current responsibilities.

Consistent staff performance check-ins can be conducted by implementing structured job shadowing. If need be, other team members must be prepared to assume their roles and responsibilities.

Accurate documentation following corporate standards is crucial for other staff members to clearly understand. During the exit process, the leaving employee should provide any necessary paperwork related to their position. This guarantees that the new hire has a clear understanding of the primary responsibilities of the role, resulting in a smoother transition.

It is advisable for the departing employee to be part of the recruitment process for their replacement, if feasible. It would be an additional asset if they could offer assistance to the new employee.

Invest in a Valuable Exit Interview

Whether the remote employee leaves on their own or has been let go, it is important to conduct a video chat with them.

Maintaining a cordial relationship with colleagues is crucial. In case someone decides to leave, it is vital to comprehend the reason behind their decision instead of harbouring any negative feelings.

Take this opportunity to gain insights into the position, effects of remote work, favourite projects, and more.

Apart from providing constructive feedback, it’s important to inquire about their entire employment experience at the organization. They may also provide valuable feedback that can help enhance specific aspects of the business.

Instead of disregarding any problems, it is recommended to address them promptly. To maintain a positive outlook, it’s important to highlight the employee’s positive contributions during their tenure with the organization.

Securing Company Information When an Employee Leaves Remotely

To perform efficiently in a remote setup, developers must have the freedom to share the necessary knowledge.

However, it is crucial to take measures to safeguard your company’s sensitive information once the partnership has ended.

When employing remote management software, it’s necessary to safeguard sensitive company information against inadvertent exfiltration. Also, keep in mind that some services do not allow uploads to individual profiles.

Once the employee departs, it’s crucial to secure all digital assets related to them. This involves acquiring passwords, key codes, and virtual security rooms and replacing them with your own.

It is advised to provide ample prior notice before closing the account and instruct the IT administrator to initiate the necessary procedures.

Last but not least, keep your lists updated to prevent any accidental inclusion in upcoming meetings or corporate emails.

Prepare the Exit Paperwork for the Remote Worker.

Paperwork is a requisite for remote worker onboarding and offboarding, with the exception being that all paperwork must be completed digitally.

Your organization may have specific requirements, but typically, the following must be included in your leave paperwork checklist:

  • Determine the latest email address, as that is where you will need to send the materials.
  • To prevent any ambiguity, reiterate the time and date when they will receive any accumulated but unused benefits, such as vacation days or incentives.
  • Reinforce any legal documents they may have signed, such as non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, or non-disclosure agreements, to guarantee that the pertinent information is correct.
  • Ask about their 401(k) plans and respect their preferences, such as transferring them to their new company.
  • Ensure they are informed about any additional paperwork, such as the W2, that they will receive in due course.
  • Inform them of when they can anticipate receiving their final paycheck.
  • Comply with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) and ensure that the employee’s health insurance remains in effect during the transition period. Specify when this coverage will terminate.

Phew! That’s a hefty sum. Unfortunately, this is one more source of stress for small business owners. Isn’t it?

You need not be concerned about the process. The Department of Works will handle all hiring matters for a remote developer. We will manage the necessary legal proceedings and aid in personnel replacement, allowing you to focus on running your business.

We dedicate significant effort to recruiting the ideal programmer for the position; someone with the necessary skills and character who will blend in seamlessly with your organization. Consequently, our remote programmers typically remain with us for the long haul, resulting in fewer reasons for them to depart. If you are seeking to hire a permanent, remote developer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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