5 Hard Facts in Favor of Outsourcing Software Development

Works is a technical staffing company that specialises in identifying and remote recruiting of IT professionals. Our experienced recruiters take a pragmatic approach to sourcing exceptional candidates. Unlike other staffing firms, we do not overpromise and believe that the most effective strategy to pair top-tier IT talent with businesses is to cast a broad net through our team of remote engineers.

At Works, we have determined that a remote team would be the most effective means to achieve the desired outcomes. By using an Agile approach, we are showing confidence in our team’s abilities and providing them with the necessary resources to ensure success.

If you are still uncertain about hiring remote programmers, this article will examine the most compelling reasons for employing remote developers, as it is challenging to question hard evidence.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers

Remote Employment is the Choice of Programmers.

Contrary to the conventional belief that most programmers favour travelling for hours to work in a small cubicle, an increasingly significant number of IT professionals are now working remotely. DigitalOcean reports that 86% of IT engineers are remote workers, with nearly one-third of them choosing to work from home full-time.

A study revealed that 43% of programmers rate the option to work remotely as a crucial factor when assessing job opportunities or evaluating an offer.

Remote work can boost the productivity of programmers since it offers flexibility, allowing them to work according to their preferred schedule. A 9-to-5 schedule may not always be suitable since some developers are more productive at night and cannot work during the day.

Remote Developers Have a Significant Impact on Output.

It is clear that people have different preferences for productivity. For instance, some thrive in the early morning, while others work better later in the day. Moreover, while some individuals can remain productive in a shared workspace, others may prefer a quieter and more peaceful environment.

One of the key benefits of hiring remote developers is the flexibility to work at their most productive time. A developer who prefers a collaborative workspace may excel in an office environment, while a programmer who prefers working independently may experience the same level of productivity.

According to a CoSo cloud survey of 353 individuals, 77% reported increased productivity while working remotely.

Virtual Teams with Agile Methodology

To unleash the true potential of your distributed teams, we recommend implementing the Agile development methodology. At Works, we believe that telecommuting empowers employees with increased autonomy. To ensure timely communication and avoid micromanagement, we suggest having daily virtual stand-up meetings.

Employing remote developers leads to uninterrupted progress, irrespective of the location. For instance, a developer in London, UK, can finish their workday and pass their tasks to a teammate in Portland, Oregon, who starts their shift at 9am.

DeltaMatrix conducted a study of 8000 samples which reveals that Agile teams are 25% more productive and 50% faster to launch products than non-Agile teams. This suggests that teams that implement Agile methodologies are better positioned to attain their desired outcomes.

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Reduced Expenses

Business decisions are often driven by financial considerations. Hiring remote developers helps to cut costs and enhance profits.

Hiring remotely offers an array of opportunities to find the perfect candidate for any job, regardless of their location. This approach provides access to a large pool of highly skilled and motivated applicants, while eliminating the expenses associated with office space, such as rent and utilities. It’s a viable recruitment solution worth exploring, as we explained in our previous blog post.

Sun Microsystems reduced their yearly real estate costs by $68 million, while Dow Chemical and Nortel trimmed theirs by over 30 percent.

Your Business will be Ready for the Future

The possibility of remote work becoming the norm in the future has been a topic of much debate. However, it’s worth noting that remote working is already a reality and was pioneered over a decade ago by Works.

The pandemic has taught many businesses about the value of being proactive. One of the main benefits of working with remote developers is the ability to circumvent past errors.

A survey by MBO indicated a considerable increase in remote workers in the United States, with 4.8 million people reported to be working remotely. It’s evident that in today’s environment, employees no longer want to settle for work that doesn’t align with their values and lifestyle.

Ready to Embrace Telecommuting? Works is Here to Help

To identify and retain outstanding remote engineers, there are various strategies that can be employed. Firstly, it’s crucial to craft a thorough job description and distribute it across multiple platforms. Moreover, utilising LinkedIn (or another social media platform) can help in finding skilled software developers for your organization.

Works has been hiring IT professionals for more than a decade and has the expertise required for a successful recruitment process. If you have any job openings, feel free to contact us. We’re confident we can locate and hire exceptional talent for your organization.

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