5 Hard Facts in Favor of Outsourcing Software Development

As a technical staffing firm, Works specializes in the remote recruitment of IT professionals. Our highly trained recruiters have a wealth of experience in identifying exceptional candidates. We take a realistic approach to sourcing top-tier IT talent; this means we are less optimistic than some other recruiting firms. We believe that the best way to uncover top talent is to cast a wide net by employing remote engineers.

We have identified this field as the most suitable option due to our belief that a distributed team of remote workers would be best placed to achieve the desired outcomes. By using an Agile approach, we are demonstrating our trust in their capabilities and providing them with the necessary tools to ensure success.

Are you still unsure about employing remote programmers? This essay will explore the most convincing arguments in favor of recruiting remote developers, as it is difficult to dispute empirical evidence.

Reasons Why You Should Use Remote Developers

Programmers Choose Remote Employment.

More and more professionals in IT are now working remotely, challenging the traditional view that most programmers still prefer to commute two hours every day to a small cubicle. According to DigitalOcean, 86% of IT engineers work remotely, with almost a third of them doing so on a full-time basis.

A survey has found that 43% of programmers consider the ability to work remotely to be a key priority when considering a new job or evaluating an offer.

Programmers can be more productive when they are allowed to work remotely, as they can create their own schedule. A 9-to-5 schedule may not always be suitable if a developer is most productive at 4am but cannot work during the day.

Developers working from home have a greater impact on output.

It is evident that different people have varying preferences when it comes to productivity. For example, some are more productive in the morning, while others work better in the late hours. Additionally, while some may be able to remain productive in an environment with multiple people, others may prefer a more tranquil setting.

One of the main advantages of employing remote developers is that they are given the autonomy to work when they are most productive. A developer who prefers to work with others may benefit from a collaborative office setting, whereas a programmer who prefers to work in isolation may still be just as productive.

Seventy-seven percent of the 353 participants in a CoSo cloud research reported higher productivity while working remotely.

Agile virtual teams

In order to maximize the potential of your distributed teams, we suggest adopting the Agile Development Process. We believe that remote working offers employees a greater degree of autonomy. To ensure regular contact between employees and help to eliminate micromanagement, we recommend holding daily stand-up meetings online.

Utilizing remote developers enables continual progress to be made, regardless of geographical location. For instance, a developer based in London, England, can complete their tasks for the day before passing their work on to a colleague in Portland, Oregon, who will begin their shift at 9am.

According to DeltaMatrix research, based on 8000 samples, Agile teams are 25% more productive and 50% quicker to market than non-Agile teams. This indicates that teams who adopt Agile methodologies are better equipped to achieve desired outputs.

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Decreased Expenditures

Financial factors are often the determining factor when it comes to business decisions. Utilising remote developers can help to reduce expenditure and boost profits.

Remote recruitment offers an abundance of opportunities to source the right individual for a position, regardless of their location. Through this method, you can access a wide pool of highly qualified and motivated applicants, without the need to bear the costs associated with office expenses, such as rent and utilities. This approach could provide the ideal solution for your recruitment needs.

Sun Microsystems cut its annual real estate expenses by $68 million, while Dow Chemical and Nortel cut theirs by more than 30 percent.

You’ll have a future-ready business

There has been much discussion recently regarding the potential of remote working becoming the norm in the future. Whilst this may be true, it is important to note that remote working is already a reality, having been pioneered by Works over a decade ago.

Many companies have learnt from the pandemic the importance of being prepared, and one of the key advantages of using remote developers is that businesses can avoid making the same mistakes as those of the past.

A recent survey conducted by MBO revealed that the number of remote workers in the United States has risen significantly, with 4.8 million individuals reported to be working remotely. It is clear that, in today’s climate, workers are no longer prepared to compromise on the work they do and are instead searching for a job that is compatible with their lifestyle and values.

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Identifying and retaining exceptional remote engineers can be achieved in a variety of ways. To begin, it is important to create a comprehensive job description and disseminate it across multiple channels. Additionally, utilizing LinkedIn (or another social media platform) can assist in locating highly skilled software developers for your company.

Works has been recruiting IT professionals for over a decade and has the necessary knowledge and expertise to do so successfully. If you have any open roles, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are confident in our ability to source and hire the best talent for your business.

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