5 LinkedIn Best Business Practices for Software Developers

With the rapid development of technology, it is unsurprising that most software developers are familiar with websites such as Hackernews, Reddit, and Dev.to. However, many overlook the potential benefits of joining LinkedIn, a platform that offers many advantages to software developers. Through LinkedIn, developers are able to keep up with relevant technical news, connect with peers, and gain access to job opportunities that are only available on the platform. If you are a software developer looking to make the most of this platform, it is highly recommended to create a profile that follows the best practices of LinkedIn. Doing so will enable you to take advantage of the unique professional opportunities that this network has to offer.

Here are the top five LinkedIn strategies to help you stand out to top recruiters and rank better on the network.

  1. Best LinkedIn practices: Add a decent profile photo to your LinkedIn profile

    Although recruiters may take a close look at a job applicant’s work experience and educational qualifications, the majority of them will only do so if the profile image appears to be professional and of interest. Selfies taken on a handheld device and group photos should be avoided by software engineers as they may give off an impression of unprofessionalism or insincerity.
    Choosing the best profile photo is simple.
    In order to create a professional profile, it would be beneficial to have a photo of yourself with your face clearly visible, smiling. If you have a photo of yourself or a work-related event on your desk, it will give you an edge in presenting a professional image.
  2. Best LinkedIn practices: Select the appropriate keywords

    When recruiters are searching for potential candidates, LinkedIn’s algorithm allows them to access your profile by using keywords. As a result, many recruiters take advantage of the platform to locate the most qualified and suitable individuals for their positions.
    As a consequence, it is essential for you to highlight your proficiency in the relevant programming languages when you are seeking your desired position in software development. Additionally, you can make the decision of whether you prefer to work remotely or in an office environment in your profile.
    Additionally, software engineers should ensure their accounts are free of any unnecessary information. It is important to keep their LinkedIn profiles up to date, as it can help them to secure the best job opportunities over the course of their career.
  3. LinkedIn best practices: Highlight your work

    It is important to be transparent and candid about your employment history when crafting a professional profile. Demonstrating your accomplishments and successes through the inclusion of links to exemplary projects that have been positively received by both clients and employers is an excellent way to showcase your abilities. However, it should not be the only information included in your profile.
    Recruiters are routinely tasked with the challenge of going through a large number of candidate profiles to find the ideal applicant. Unfortunately, due to the amount of information they have to process, they sometimes fail to identify the distinguishing features which set apart one individual from the rest.
    As a consequence, it’s best to emphasise initiatives that demonstrate talents that provide you an advantage over your competition.
    Software engineers with a comprehensive understanding of their specialised skillset, as well as a working knowledge of other areas, are well-suited for job interviews. Recruiters recognise these developers as a valuable asset, as they can bring a wide range of competencies to the table, and make significant contributions to the organisation beyond the scope of their job duties.
    As a result, make your strengths as evident as possible.
  4. Best practices for LinkedIn: Define the headline and the ‘about’ section

    It is common to see LinkedIn profiles with poorly written or non-existent headlines. Merely including generic labels such as “Software Engineer” or “Developer” on your profile will not be sufficient to secure a job. To make your profile stand out, it is important to provide a more detailed account of your technical abilities to demonstrate the specific type of software development you specialise in.
    For example, if you are a front-end developer who only understands node, write front-end node.js developer or front-end react/node developer.
    In the ‘about’ section of my profile, I would like to highlight my professional experience by stating the number of years I have been developing my programming skills and the frameworks I have worked with. I have been honing my programming talents for many years and have had the opportunity to explore a variety of frameworks. This allows me to bring a wide range of knowledge and experience to any project I work on.

    Here’s an illustration:

    As a Front-End Developer with six years of experience in User Interface Development and Web Designing, I am well-versed in Reactjs and Nodejs. Additionally, I have two years of expertise in JavaScript, Vuejs, and jQuery (1 year). I am knowledgeable in the use of Photoshop, WordPress, GIT, and Dreamweaver as well.
  5. Last but not least, conduct skill evaluations and get suggestions

    According to recruiters, utilising the talent evaluation feature of LinkedIn is one of the top practices for optimising one’s profile. LinkedIn’s algorithm has been proven to increase the likelihood of being recruited for a job by 20% when one successfully passes a talent test.
    If you’re a new software developer, you should absolutely put your main and secondary talents to the test on the platform.
    It is highly likely that referrals from past colleagues and supervisors could potentially provide you with an advantage when applying for a job. Hiring managers will typically prioritise candidates who possess the required technical skills as well as the ability to smoothly transition into the company’s environment.
    As a result, applicants who have recommendations that showcase their soft abilities have an advantage over the competition.

So, why should you adhere to these guidelines?

Software developers can increase their chances of being contacted by recruiters for attractive job opportunities by applying the best practices for building their profiles on LinkedIn. Optimising their presence on the platform will make them more visible to recruiters, and thus more likely to be contacted with potential job offers.

To summarise, to make the most of LinkedIn, keep as active as possible and publish content related to your business.

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