5 Non-Technical Abilities Every Great Software Developer Should Have

Due to the present low unemployment levels and expanding skills shortage within the software development sector, finding a well-paying job might seem effortless. However, it is imperative to understand that having technical expertise alone is insufficient to progress one’s career, and securing managerial roles requires one to successfully lead teams, projects, and organisations.

Regrettably, the technology industry faces a shortfall in building the essential soft skills that can influence not only a well-paying job but also a flourishing career in technology. Furthermore, this inadequacy is aggravated by the critical shortage of technical talent that our educational system is producing.

Distinguishing a good software engineer from an excellent one can be achieved by evaluating their non-technical attributes, and here are five such qualities that businesses highly appreciate.

  1. Inquisitive Nature

    Individuals who aspire to advance their careers should think innovatively and seek fresh inquiries. Merely repeating the same procedures is no longer sufficient for professional growth.

    Successful professionals are not afraid to inquire about difficult situations and possible solutions, in order to acquire profound knowledge. They are naturally curious, exploring various perspectives and examining their implications practically. This interdisciplinary approach is vital to discover original solutions to complex problems.

    An inquisitive approach can invoke a powerful drive behind flourishing projects, businesses, and professions. To leverage this powerful attribute, it is imperative to explore topics that stimulate your interest. Stay updated with the latest trends in your field of expertise and involve in inquisitive discussions to gain a better understanding of the subject matter.
  2. Receptiveness to Novel Information

    Developers who are open to exploring new ideas are more likely to find job satisfaction and avoid stagnation.

    To stay ahead in the rapidly-evolving IT industry, one must be willing to take risks, experiment with fresh approaches, and try out new strategies. Those who are reluctant to challenge conventional practices and fail to keep pace with technological developments may fall behind. By welcoming change and embracing innovation, you can stay ahead of the competition and guarantee the success of your business.

    Assuming additional responsibilities can also support a developer’s career growth.
  3. Consideration for Future Self

    Disciplined software developers exhibit respect for their colleagues and their future selves by consistently delivering high-quality work.

    Professionalism: Experienced developers acknowledge the significance of producing quality work, even if it extends beyond the scheduled deadline. Poor output can result in additional time and resources being expended in correcting errors, which makes it beneficial to put in the extra effort to get it right the first time.

    By producing first-rate quality work consistently, the developer can establish a positive reputation for attentiveness, thoroughness, and accuracy. This will ultimately help them avoid complications in the future, providing them an added advantage.
  4. Establishment of Disciplined Habits

    Programming and sports training share many similarities. To attain peak performance, it is essential to enhance one’s cognitive abilities through repetition and practice. Similar to athletes training for a sport, software developers must dedicate sufficient time to sharpening their mental acuity and developing their cognitive recall to attain the highest level of proficiency.

    To become comfortable with coding, it is recommended to allocate twenty minutes each day to coding activities. Through regular practice, the brain can become acclimatized to the necessary actions, making coding less daunting and more enjoyable after a month of consistent effort.

    Gradually increase the practice time as proficiency improves. Establishing routines in coding may also aid in expedited learning and improved efficiency.
  5. Efficiency

    While software engineers need not be idle, they should strive to automate mundane tasks wherever possible.

    We are encouraged to conserve energy and maximize efficiency, as emphasized by Larry Wall, the creator of the Perl programming language, in his book Programming Perl. This trait motivates us to design programs that save time and effort while also documenting our work accurately and thoroughly to minimize inquiries about our code.

    When employees refuse to accept assigned duties, it can be viewed as an opportunity to explore more modern and efficient ways of performing the same task. By adopting the latest technology and software, businesses can automate their processes, resulting in improved motivation and overall productivity among their workforce. Those who demonstrate a commitment to developing and deploying efficient software will be rewarded with promotions.

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