5 Recommendations for Hiring Remote Engineering Teams

If your organisation is thinking of hiring software engineers to work remotely for the first time, you likely have a lot of questions about the process of getting started. To help you find the most experienced and qualified remote talent in the industry, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of the steps you should take when hiring remote software engineers. From identifying the right job postings to conducting interviews and onboarding, this guide will equip you with the information you need to confidently hire the best remote software engineers for your team.

Here are 5 strategies for finding the greatest remote engineering teams:

  1. Finding remote engineers with the same work habits

    Entering into a relationship with a remote worker is similar to any other relationship; it requires mutual understanding and the establishment of common ground between both parties. It is important to ensure that there is sufficient compatibility between the remote worker and the employer in order for the relationship to be successful and mutually beneficial.
    As a manager, the use of video conferencing is of great importance to you, as it provides a more intimate and personal mode of communication with remote teams. Therefore, it is essential that your remote employees are familiar and comfortable with using video chat technology as a means of communication. This will ensure that you are able to effectively communicate and collaborate with your remote teams.
    Given the current circumstances, it is of great importance that your values and beliefs are aligned with those of your remote team members, as you will not have the opportunity to cultivate a working relationship with them in the traditional sense.
  2. Prioritising quality

    The key to successfully managing a remote team lies in sourcing and engaging high-calibre engineers. By employing top-tier engineers with a proven track record of excellence, you can increase the team’s productivity by an impressive 800%. Therefore, when considering potential engineers for your remote team, it is essential to ensure their skill and ability is of the highest calibre.
    It is apparent that many businesses are overlooking an integral concept – obtaining only the highest quality resources for their enterprise. It is essential to not settle for anything less than the finest and prioritise quality when it comes to selecting resources for your business.
  3. “When it’s good morning, say good morning.”

    It is essential to have effective communication when working as a team, and having remote engineers located in a time zone that is similar to your organisation will make it much easier to maintain regular communication. Working across different time zones can present challenges that can negatively affect the flow of communication.
    Each organisation has its own set of priorities, however, it is advisable to look for personnel within the same time zone. The Works machine learning system is a great tool for this purpose, as it is capable of accurately gauging which engineer is best suited to the task at hand. Additionally, the system’s intelligence allows it to be flexible and adaptive to evolving needs.
  4. Don’t always follow the crowd when hiring remote engineers.

    Instead of looking where other people are, look where they aren’t.
    If your company is considering hiring remote engineers from India, it is important to be aware that many large corporations, such as Google, have established offices in the country. This means that you may find yourself in competition with these larger companies when recruiting from India, a situation which is likely to be difficult to overcome. Therefore, it is important to consider whether engineers from India are the best fit for your specific needs before embarking on the recruitment process.
    If you are seeking to hire skilled engineers for remote positions, it is advisable to research markets that have not become oversaturated. To achieve the most successful outcome, it is essential to think and act strategically by proactively seeking to counter any emerging trends in the industry.
  5. Engineers can be hired before being pre-vetted

    As a hiring manager, one of the most important considerations during the recruitment process is the credibility and reliability of the remote engineers being considered for the job. It is essential that the chosen candidate is trustworthy, experienced, and able to fit seamlessly into the culture of the business. This can be achieved by conducting a series of interviews and running a background check. However, there is an alternative to this lengthy process: hiring pre-vetted remote engineers. A pre-vetted engineer is one who has already been through a rigorous selection process that involves multiple rounds of interviews and tests, ensuring the highest quality candidate is chosen.

The bottom line

Recruiting remote engineers can be a challenging undertaking in today’s globalised landscape. With the ability to source talent from any corner of the world, it is essential to ensure that the right people are hired who are reliable and experienced. It is also necessary to evaluate that the values and ethics of the engineers align with the company’s. As a manager, it is the responsibility to create a seamless workflow to ensure a smooth running of operations despite different time zones.

At Works, we prioritise quality over quantity. We utilise a rigorous screening process to identify the top 1% of talents who possess the necessary expertise and abilities to meet our client’s expectations. Every applicant is thoroughly evaluated based on their skill set, relevant experience, personality characteristics, and communication prowess.

Ultimately, it is essential that you select remote engineers who possess the qualities of dependability, expertise, and the capacity to successfully adapt to the culture of your business. With Works, you can quickly and easily hire individuals with these attributes at the click of a button.

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