5 Strategies for Forming Strong IT Groups

Hiring a remote developer can be a daunting task, but fret not, as we are here to guide you through it. Our recruitment process is rigorous, ensuring that the chosen candidate is a perfect match for your organization. However, the true test lies in integrating your decentralized development team into a cohesive and efficient entity.

Achieving a 70% increase in sales is of utmost importance for the development team. To sustain productivity levels in the long run, it is crucial to explore strategies beyond KPI and time tracking tools, which can foster unity and effectiveness among team members.

The Importance of Teamwork in the Workplace

When every team member shares the same objective and is driven to attain it, team cohesion is established. This enables a smooth project collaboration with each team member providing support and assistance to their mates.

Virtual teams comprise people from diverse cultural backgrounds, yet a shared vision and value system can encourage smoother coordination and harmony in the long haul. The question remains – why is team unity crucial?

When it comes to business, productivity and results are of utmost significance. Studies indicate that 97% of employees feel task outcomes suffer when team members lack synchronicity. Conversely, effective teamwork can create a sense of belongingness and motivate all members to strive towards success. Such factors foster a work culture that promotes employee retention and contribution.

Key Attributes That Foster Group Cohesion

Being part of a team involves more than just working together on projects. Successful completion of tasks and managing tight deadlines can bring both satisfaction and pressure to team members. To achieve favorable outcomes, team unity is indispensable, especially during demanding or stressful situations.

Similar to conventional teams, virtual teams experience various stages and changes in dynamics as they progress. Several factors contribute to creating a successful team dynamic and trust. Initiating casual interactions and group activities is an effective means to foster rapid collaboration among newly formed teams. Nevertheless, introduction of new strategies to teams that have been working together for an extended period could be met with reluctance and opposition.

Every team possesses a unique identity. Here are five proven ways to promote unity among your remote developers.

Effective Approaches to Establish Robust Virtual IT Teams

Developing a Remote-friendly Corporate Culture

Corporate culture might be subjective or abstract, but it plays a crucial role in establishing a sense of community among remote workers. The company’s vision acts as a thread that brings the workforce together, forging meaningful connections that transcend geographical barriers.

Even in digital workspaces where remote workers interact online, an absence of robust organizational culture can lead to marked and apparent repercussions.

A robust organizational culture can serve as a great motivator, inspiring individuals to collaboratively strive towards a common objective. Building a prosperous and enduring team begins with fostering a favorable workplace culture.

Establish Channels for Interdepartmental Communication

As a remote hiring agency, we recognise the significance of efficient communication among geographically dispersed teams. Studies reveal that over 86% of remote employees attribute deficient communication to missed deadlines and subpar output. As a team leader, it is vital to establish reliable channels of communication and an orderly document management system.

If your workforce is dispersed remotely, a wide array of applications and software is available to enhance your internal communication. Your team will become self-reliant and more responsive during busy stretches rather than spending times searching for crucial information or the right communication tools. By establishing a simple and effective remote working infrastructure, your team productivity can improve, leaving more time for interactions.

Provide Feedback on Performance and Encourage Others to Do the Same

Proper communication and feedback can hasten an individual’s integration into a team by fostering information exchange and idea-sharing. Even the most skilled developer can derive value from constructive criticism. Being available throughout the development process to provide inputs is critical. This includes both one-on-one feedback and team discussions. In case of raised concerns, the team must clarify their strategy and proposed next moves. Openly discussing earlier projects can create a more cohesive team going forward.

Leaders must strive to obtain ongoing feedback from their teams. As a leader, it’s fundamental to acknowledge that being human entails making errors. Overburdening your team with tasks that they cannot manage is possible if you’re unaware of their current workload. Thus, it’s vital to establish a bidirectional communication system where both the leader and team members actively request and assess each other’s advice.


Facilitating seamless communication channels and fostering an environment that encourages team members to feel at ease with expressing ideas and issues is crucial. Regardless of the addressee, whether the CEO or a coworker, all conversations should provide personnel with a platform to offer constructive feedback without apprehension of negative outcomes.

Establishing trust isn’t simply a theoretical construct, but an applied action. Providing feedback and rectifying mistakes, when required, is also critical. Your responses to these errors could either reinforce or jeopardize the trust bond. Merely maintaining transparency isn’t enough to build trust in virtual teams; it’s necessary to display appreciation for your coworkers’ contributions. If they’re overwhelmed by an excessive workload, arrange a meeting to explore alternative measures. When your colleagues see your commitment to enhancing their work environment, they’re more inclined to heed you when you raise any concerns.

Building Teams and Celebrating Success

Lastly, take pleasure in what you do. There must always be time for celebrations after receiving feedback or triumphing over a daunting feat.

Ultimately, an integrated and high-yielding remote team necessitates team members expressing admiration for their coworkers’ contributions. Building an effective team is a continual endeavour to which every new task or project poses its own obstacles and personnel. To maintain a steadfast team over time, it’s beneficial to provide opportunities for socialising and enjoying non-work related activities.

Therefore, carefully select top talents and assemble an exceptional remote team.

A unified team is fundamental for a company to achieve its maximum potential. By building a supportive and encouraging environment, productivity can expand and a robust brand can emerge. The most effective approach to ensuring personnel is committed and dedicated to the company’s goals is to instil a feeling of togetherness among them.

These recommendations stem from our virtual staffing company’s extensive experience. Working remotely has never been a challenge for us, given that our team is dispersed across different parts of the world.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the key to a successful team rests on the individuals you select. Poor choices in this domain can render any strategies you have in place futile. If you require guidance on evaluating applications or devising relevant questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can aid you in finding the most suitable remote developers for your project and manage the entire recruitment process.

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