5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job in the United States

Works’ Matching Engine recommends five actions to bolster your odds of obtaining a top-tier job in the United States. These actions are designed to ensure that your profile accurately reflects your capabilities, qualifications, background, and potential to our US partner companies. By taking these steps, you can maximise your chances at securing a coveted US job.

Here are five things you can do to improve your chances of matching with top US jobs:

Step 1: Clearly state your availability to land top US jobs

During the vetting process, you will be directed to the ‘Get Matched Dashboard’, where you can update your work availability. The Works’ Matching Engine will then be aware that you are currently seeking employment as a developer, and are open to accepting positions in the near future.

By stressing your commitment to working a full workweek and being flexible to work additional hours when required, you will greatly improve your prospects of securing desirable job opportunities in the United States.

While taking the tests, you can also update your availability status. The availability status function is located in the dashboard’s top left panel.

Keeping the system up to date with your most recent information will allow you to attract more offers and make faster matches with top US jobs.

It is essential to take note that your availability status is only effective for a period of thirty days. If you do not revise it within this timeframe, the system will automatically update your status to ‘unavailable.’

Step 2: Make your resume brief and to the point

You will arrive at the ‘Resume’ section once you have completed the Works developer tests.

The platform will provide a series of recommended steps that you can take to increase your chances of being matched with the best job opportunities in the United States. It is essential that you take the time to carefully follow these steps to optimise your resume, emphasising your skills, experience, and unique talents. This will help you to stand out from the competition and increase your chances of success.

It is important to remember that recruiters are inundated with resumes on a daily basis, so it is essential that your own stands out from the crowd. If your resume does not demonstrate uniqueness and fails to capture the recruiters’ attention immediately, you may find yourself eliminated from consideration without ever getting the chance to meet the recruiter in person.

Including small details in your resume, such as the tools you have experience with and any internships you have completed, can help to give a hiring manager a more comprehensive view of your qualifications. These details can provide a more detailed picture of your skillset, experiences, and interests.

Please keep in mind that Works’ client companies prefer developers with at least three years of experience.

Step 3: Pass the suggested tests

At Works, we receive frequent job requests from hiring managers of renowned technology enterprises in the United States. The majority of these requests are for candidates with a wide array of technical abilities. Consequently, if you have successfully passed the suggested technical stack evaluations, it will increase the likelihood of your profile being seen across a larger selection of skillsets.

The Works Matching Engine can provide you with an array of examinations that are tailored to your specialised abilities, thereby enhancing your ability to compete for the most sought-after positions in the United States. Completion of these assessments will significantly increase your chances of being chosen for a role.

Step 4: Create an outstanding cover letter

A resume emphasises technical skills and work experience, whereas a cover letter emphasises soft skills, attitude, and motivation.

When employers visit our self-service pages, they are able to view the cover letters of potential candidates and evaluate how well they would fit into their organisation. Self-service pages provide customers with an independent platform to source and select qualified personnel. On these pages, candidates’ fundamental information, expertise in various technologies, and a summary of their cover letter are displayed.

When crafting your cover letter, it is important to emphasise two or three of your top skills and abilities. To do this, provide examples of times when you demonstrated these abilities. As an example, if you would like to showcase your tutoring capabilities, illustrate a situation in which you effectively tutored students and enabled them to understand the material. This will help demonstrate your expertise in this area and demonstrate that you are a good candidate for the position.

A well-written cover letter can significantly improve your chances of landing top US jobs.

Step 5: Determine the appropriate compensation to match top US jobs

Employers typically consider five key factors when determining compensation for a particular role: the responsibilities associated with the job, the compensation provided by their competitors, the value of the position to their company, the rate of pay given to employees in similar roles according to their pay structure, and their budget allocation for the position.

After taking the points above into consideration, it is recommended that you get in touch with a representative from Works to discuss your desired hourly rate, monthly wage, working hours, and any other issues that might be related to your employment with Works and their clients. It is essential that you make sure to voice any doubts or worries you might have about the job in order to ensure a successful working relationship.

So, how will these steps assist you in matching with top US jobs?

Completing these steps will assist you in optimising your profile prior to submitting it to US recruiting managers and engineering leaders.

Once you have taken care of these action items, your profile’s ranking in Works‘ Artificial Intelligence Matching Engine will be significantly increased, granting you access to many more leading job opportunities in the United States.

Works‘ sophisticated Matching Engine will proactively recommend your profile for various roles that are compatible with your aspirations, competencies, and level of proficiency. Our experienced Matching team will reach out to you as soon as an ideal opportunity is identified.

After completing the initial matching process, you will be required to conduct a brief interview with the customer you were matched with. Subsequently, the Works Workspace platform team will provide you with onboarding support to ensure that you are well-equipped to begin your journey as a Works Developer.

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