5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job in the United States

To increase your chances of securing a top-tier job in the United States, Works’ Matching Engine recommends five actions. These actions are tailored to make sure that your profile reflects your potential, qualifications, background, and capabilities accurately. This will allow our US partner companies to understand your strengths better and maximise your likelihood of landing a desirable job position.

To elevate your chances of matching with high-quality US jobs, consider implementing these five actions:

Step 1: Be transparent about your availability to secure top US jobs

At the screening stage, you will be directed to the ‘Get Matched Dashboard’ where you can indicate your current work availability. By doing so, Works’ Matching Engine will know that you are interested in securing a developer position and are open to accepting job offers soon.

Illustrating your dedication to working a full workweek while being open to working additional hours when needed can significantly enhance your chances of securing desirable job openings in the United States.

You can also update your availability status while taking the tests. The availability status feature can be found in the top left panel of the dashboard.

Ensuring the system is up-to-date with your latest information will enable you to receive more job offers and make quicker matches with high-quality US jobs.

Please keep in mind that your availability status is valid for a limited period of thirty days. If you do not update it within this timeframe, the system will automatically change your status to ‘unavailable.’

Step 2: Keep your resume concise and straightforward

Upon completion of the Works developer tests, you will be directed to the ‘Resume’ section.

To enhance your likelihood of securing the best job opportunities in the United States, the platform will give you a set of recommended actions to follow. It is crucial that you take the necessary time to execute these steps properly, optimising your resume by highlighting your skills, experience, and exceptional abilities. This will elevate your profile and improve your chances of distinguishing yourself from other applicants.

Recruiters are frequently overwhelmed with resumes, making it crucial for your resume to be distinguished from the rest. If your resume fails to showcase your individuality and fails to engage the recruiter’s interest promptly, you may be rejected without ever having the opportunity to meet the recruiter face-to-face.

Incorporating minor details into your resume, such as your proficiency with various tools and relevant internships you may have undertaken, can provide a hiring manager with a clearer understanding of your qualifications. These pieces of information can help to present a more complete picture of your skillset, experience, and interests.

It is important to note that Works’ client companies tend to favor developers who have a minimum of three years of experience.

Step 3: Successfully complete the recommended tests

Works regularly receives job requests from prominent technology companies across the United States seeking talented candidates with an extensive range of technical skills. Therefore, if you have passed the recommended technical assessments, it will improve your chances of being visible to a wider range of profiles.

The Works Matching Engine provides an extensive selection of personalized assessments that cater to your unique skillset, increasing your capability to vie for the most coveted job opportunities in the United States. Successfully completing these evaluations greatly heightens your chances of being selected for a role.

Step 4: Craft a stellar cover letter

While a resume focuses on technical skills and work experience, a cover letter highlights soft skills, attitude, and motivation.

Employers looking for potential candidates can evaluate how well they would fit into their organisation by reviewing their cover letters on our self-service pages. This provides clients with an independent platform to source and select qualified personnel. Essential details about the candidates, their technology skills, and a summary of their cover letter are displayed on these pages.

When writing your cover letter, it is crucial to highlight your top two or three skills and abilities. To accomplish this, provide instances where you demonstrated these abilities. For example, if you want to showcase your tutoring skills, narrate a scenario where you successfully tutored students and helped them comprehend the material. This will showcase your proficiency in that area and indicate that you are an ideal candidate for the role.

Crafting a well-written cover letter can substantially increase your likelihood of securing premier job opportunities in the United States.

Step 5: Establish appropriate compensation to align with leading job opportunities in the US

Employers generally take into account five essential factors when deciding the compensation for a role: the job’s associated responsibilities, the pay provided by their competitors, the position’s value to their company, the pay rate for other employees in equivalent roles, and their budget allocation for the position.

Once you have taken the above factors into account, we suggest that you contact a Works representative to discuss your preferred hourly fee, monthly salary, work schedule, and other employment-related matters pertaining to your job with Works and their clients. It is critical to express any concerns or queries you may have about the role to foster a fruitful working relationship.

How will these steps aid you in securing elite job opportunities in the United States?

Following these steps will help you enhance your profile before presenting it to recruiting managers and engineering leaders in the US.

After completing these action items, your profile will significantly improve in Works’ Artificial Intelligence Matching Engine, granting you access to numerous elite job opportunities in the United States. Don’t forget to visit Works to simplify your job search.

Works’ advanced Matching Engine will suggest your profile for suitable roles that match your ambitions, skills, and level of expertise. Our seasoned Matching team will contact you as soon as a perfect job opportunity arises.

Upon the completion of the initial matching process, you will need to participate in a brief interview with the customer you were matched with. Following that, the Works Workspace platform team will offer onboarding assistance to help you prepare to start your journey as a Works Developer.

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