6 Common Pitfalls When Recruiting Developers for a New Company

Effective recruitment procedures are crucial for entrepreneurs initiating a startup project, especially when searching for a talented developer for their team. To begin the hiring process, it is important to ask fundamental questions such as “What steps should I follow to identify a committed developer for my project?” and “Where can I locate competent IT professionals at a reasonable cost?”. By addressing such queries, you can start the process of discovering the perfect candidate for your enterprise.

Although questions may arise during the recruitment process, with the right guidance, you can successfully identify the employees you require.

Before taking the plunge into the IT pool, beware of these six common mistakes when recruiting your first developer for a startup:

Opting for Local Programmers Over International Ones

A common error made by companies seeking to hire IT professionals is the comparison of the number of programmers operating in the United States versus the number in the European Union. Novice individuals in the industry usually commit this error and it must be avoided.

Roughly nine million software developers are estimated to be located in Europe and the United States. This vast pool of talented individuals offers employers a great opportunity to find the ideal candidate with the required expertise, with many of them open to remote working arrangements.

Recruiting internationally can provide access to a broader pool of well-qualified candidates who would fit within your enterprise’s cultural ethos and meet all other essential requirements. This not only allows employers to find highly skilled IT professionals and create a more productive and satisfied workforce, but it also leads to savings on overhead expenses. With many remote employees choosing to reside in cities with a lower cost of living, businesses can save approximately £8,500 per year by avoiding expenditure on office space, utilities, supplies, and food.

Locating Online Programmers Who Can Work for You

There are two primary reasons why it is advantageous to recruit freelance developers:

  1. Cost-effective rates are provided.
  2. They are proficient in their duties.

Startup businesses sometimes make the mistake of assuming that finding a dependable freelance developer would be a simple process. However, the freelancing industry can be extremely disorganised, with numerous bids and freelancers prioritising profit and collecting favourable reviews. Hence, it is crucial for startups to invest time in thoroughly researching and evaluating potential freelancers to ensure that they find the most suitable candidate for their unique needs.

Although freelance developers may be capable of working on particular projects, they are usually unable to fully integrate into the team. They rarely go above and beyond, instead opting for satisfactory outcomes. Since they have other projects to handle, they usually complete the work and accept payment before moving on to the next job.

Freelance platforms may not be the best location to locate a capable developer who can smoothly assimilate into your enterprise and thrive by comprehending its practices and principles.

Non-IT Experts in Human Resources (HR)

Numerous firms and recruiting agencies make the mistake of neglecting their own absence of technical knowledge while recruiting software developers. It is almost impossible to hire the ideal candidate for the job without a complete understanding of programming languages and development techniques. This is why seeking the assistance of IT recruitment specialists is critical when attempting to fill software engineering roles. Experienced recruiters are knowledgeable about the specific abilities and knowledge required for the position and can aid in locating the perfect new hire for the company.

To discover the perfect candidate for a position, it is crucial to utilise a variety of methods in addition to the traditional interview questions. Creative methods can be valuable in revealing the abilities of potential developers, and it is essential to think innovatively to guarantee that the most suitable candidate is selected.

Relying Solely on Reviews While Selecting a Developer

Before making any investment, it is crucial to assess whether the product is actually worth the price. This same concept applies to the hiring process since individuals should not be viewed as commodities; while references are a crucial factor for potential employers to take into account.

While it is vital to consider reviews and ratings while evaluating a potential business partner, this should not be the sole basis for the decision. Even if an individual has a significant number of favourable reviews on an online marketplace or freelancing platform, it does not necessarily mean that they are the most appropriate match for your organisation. They may be exceptional in one area but deficient in another, which may not be immediately evident from their feedback.

Obtaining an understanding of a potential employee’s abilities and personality can provide insights into how well they will adjust to our organisation’s culture and comprehend our long-term objectives.

Unspecific Job Descriptions

To hire the best possible candidates for the software engineering position at your firm, it is crucial to create a thorough and detailed job description. This will enable you to precisely specify the roles that require filling, such as a DevOps engineer, a Redux developer, or a Clojure developer. It is vital to be specific about the positions you are looking to fill to ensure that the appropriate person is chosen for the job. This is particularly important after a challenging period of transition, and who wouldn’t want to collaborate with Clojure?

In our startup, we are committed to presenting a creative solution to a current problem. We endeavour to create an actual change, and our goal is to create a significant impact on our customers’ wellbeing. We want to develop a workspace where potential candidates can confidently ask pertinent queries and receive direct, innovative responses. Our purpose is to offer an exceptional standard of service and foster a culture of creativity and innovation. We are optimistic that our approach will lead to a constructive and enduring legacy.

  • Could you provide additional details about the position you are applying for?
  • Could you enlighten me about this company and its operations?
  • What sort of credentials are you looking for?
  • What career background are you specifically looking for?

Vague job descriptions can lead to the hiring of someone who is not well-informed about the position’s requirements. As the software engineering domain is extensive and intricate, it is crucial to define the specific type of programmer necessary before commencing the recruitment process. This will guarantee that candidates have a lucid understanding of the role’s responsibilities.

When Solely Evaluating Technical Skills

Technical expertise is a vital consideration when hiring new employees. For instance, when seeking a MongoDB Developer, it is crucial that they are well-versed in Namespace and ObjectID format. While having exceptional technical acumen is crucial, other qualities must also be taken into account to determine if an individual would be the best fit for the job and the team. Communication abilities, including the capacity to communicate effectively remotely, are an indispensable property that should not be overlooked when making hiring decisions.

According to Leadership IQ research, only 19% of new hires succeed in their position after 18 months, which is a concerning statistic. The survey identified the top three reasons for this failure rate: (1) a deficiency in motivation to complete the necessary tasks, (2) incongruity with the company culture, and (3) an unsuitable personality for the job. This is a serious concern that companies seeking to optimize their recruitment processes must address.

Soft skills such as emotional intelligence are frequently disregarded during developer screenings, despite their potential significant impact.

Optimal Employment Method? Seek advice from IT staffing agencies.

Hiring the correct person for the developer role can be challenging, as a skilled developer has the potential to elevate your business to new heights. Unfortunately, many companies make recruitment errors that result in wasted time and resources on unsuitable candidates.

To ensure a successful recruitment process, understanding the Information Technology (IT) industry, having expertise in the specific area needed, and the ability to recognize top candidates are all crucial requirements. So, what is the first step in finding the perfect new hire for a newly established company? Works can offer assistance in this regard.

Works is a leading IT recruiting firm. At TalentHut, we are not merely recruiters – we are headhunters. With our extensive knowledge and skills, we can conduct a thorough search to find the best candidate for your company, someone who not only has the requisite qualifications but also blends well with your organizational culture. Our recruiters are proficient in asking the right questions and evaluating potential candidates beyond their CVs to ensure that they are a perfect cultural fit for your business.

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