7 Justifications for Hiring Mexican Developers

Are you looking for software developers in Mexico? Here’s everything you need to know.

The global software development outsourcing market has experienced significant growth in the last two decades, with projections indicating that it could exceed a total value of $98 billion by 2024. Despite the potential cost savings businesses may experience by outsourcing software development needs, there are certain drawbacks to consider. Delays in job completion, cultural and time zone differences, and other factors can make recruiters hesitant to outsource.

In order to address the difficulties posed by outsourcing, businesses have begun to look for remote employees who are closer in proximity to their home base. Utilising the services of developers from Mexico and other Latin American countries can be highly beneficial for American organisations, as the geographic proximity of these nations can eliminate numerous problems associated with outsourcing.

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What distinguishes Mexico and its developers?


Mexico has been actively striving to increase their presence in the technology sector. They see the implementation of modern technologies as a way to empower their workforce with the skills necessary to work remotely and generate foreign revenue. This will not only help them to compete in the global market but also stimulate the domestic economy.

In order to achieve its goal, the Mexican government has created 38 IT clusters across the country, each featuring modern technology, a secure power supply, and dependable internet connectivity. Thanks to these measures, it is estimated that approximately 72 percent of the Mexican population now have access to the internet.

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Here are some more Mexico facts:

  • Mexican Peso is the currency (MXN)
  • The language is Spanish
  • GMT-6 is the timezone
  • Population: 127.6 million
  • 223,398 developers and counting
  • The average wage for a developer is between USD 20,000 and 30,000 per year
  • 71.7/100 for ease of conducting business
  • 64.9/100 for human capital/skills
  • Working hours: a maximum of 48 hours per week
  • There are eight national holidays each year

Why should you employ software engineers in Mexico?

Reason No. 1: Low-cost labour

Labour costs represent a significant portion of any business’s financial plan. By cutting down on these expenses, personnel directors are able to allocate more resources to the advancement of their company.

Given the fact that living costs in Mexico are considerably lower than in the United States, it creates a beneficial situation for both the employer and the remote software developer. This disparity provides a mutually advantageous opportunity for both parties.

Reason 2: time zone overlap with the United States.

One of the most widely discussed issues related to outsourcing jobs to overseas countries is the time zone difference. However, this is not a challenge for US-based companies when they outsource software development to Mexico, as the two countries lie in the same time zone.

It is widely known that many areas of Mexico share the same time zones as the United States. For those that do not, the difference amounts to just one or two hours. This makes Mexico an ideal place from which to hire software developers, as there is no need to worry about project deadlines, team meetings, and response times being hindered by time zone differences.

Reason 3: Excellent cultural and linguistic similarity

Due to the close proximity of the Mexican and American borders, the two cultures have already begun to blend together. This nearness diminishes the likelihood of a cultural clash occurring between team members who are of distinct cultural backgrounds.

Despite the fact that the United States and Mexico have two distinct official languages, language barriers are largely minimised when hiring distant workers from Mexico. This is due to the presence of bilingualism in both countries, which allows for more effective communication and reduces the risk of errors made as a result of language-based misunderstandings.

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Reason 4: good ties with the United States.

Mexico and the United States have a strong economic relationship, which is evidenced by the fact that a change in political administration or leadership is unlikely to significantly impact the existing trade between the two countries. This is indicative of a robust and reliable connection between the two nations, one that is far less vulnerable to disruption.

Reason 5: intellectual property protection

If a competitor gains access to key elements of your business model, they could use it to their advantage, potentially jeopardising your success. Consequently, it is of the utmost importance to protect your intellectual property in order to ensure your company’s continued success.

Mexico and the United States have taken the initiative to establish a trade agreement that protects intellectual property, setting them apart from many other countries. This agreement has enabled businesses to easily and securely exchange the information necessary for the development of new software with remote developers located in Mexico.

Reason 6: A large pool of software development talent from which to employ

One of the greatest challenges faced by businesses that outsource their operations is sourcing and recruiting personnel with the necessary qualifications and expertise. To address this issue, hiring firms can leverage their access to a much larger talent pool. This can potentially provide a more comprehensive selection of candidates, enabling businesses to identify and hire the most suitable personnel for their outsourcing needs.

In recent years, the Mexican government has implemented various educational reforms, which have enabled a greater number of people to access the resources required for professional development. This has resulted in an expansion of the country’s talent pool of software developers and other IT professionals.

Reason 7: Mexico has a well-developed IT infrastructure for developers

Yes, Mexico has an abundance of highly-skilled and experienced software developers. The country has invested heavily in the modernization of its infrastructure, allowing its citizens to compete on an international level with developers from around the world when it comes to both labour and technology. This has resulted in Mexico becoming a major hub for talented and knowledgeable software developers.

Due to the high quality of infrastructure and a commitment to improvement, Mexico has experienced a dramatic rise in the number of adept remote workers and skilled software developers.

So, what are the benefits of hiring software engineers in Mexico?

Mexico is an ideal partner for software development. As an outsourcing partner, Mexico has a competitive and highly-skilled labour force that can collaborate with your team in real-time, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to outsource their software development.

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