7 Justifications for Hiring Mexican Developers

Looking to hire software developers in Mexico? This comprehensive guide has got you covered.

The software development outsourcing market has grown significantly in the past two decades and is projected to exceed $98 billion in value by 2024. While outsourcing software development can result in lower costs, businesses must also consider potential drawbacks such as delays, cultural differences, and time zone disparities before making a decision. For more on outsourcing software development, check out our blog post about why Ukrainian developers are a great choice.

To overcome the challenges of outsourcing, businesses are opting for remote employees who are geographically closer to their headquarters. Hiring developers from Mexico and other Latin American countries can prove highly advantageous for American organizations as their proximity eliminates many outsourcing-related issues.

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What sets Mexico and its developers apart?


Mexico has been actively striving to increase their presence in the technology sector. They see the implementation of modern technologies as a way to empower their workforce with the skills necessary to work remotely and generate foreign revenue. This will not only help them to compete in the global market but also stimulate the domestic economy.

To achieve its objective, the Mexican government has established 38 IT clusters throughout the country, equipped with cutting-edge technology, reliable power supply, and secure internet connectivity. As a result, an estimated 72 percent of the Mexican population now has internet access.

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Here are some additional facts about Mexico:

  • The official currency of Mexico is the Mexican Peso (MXN).
  • The official language of Mexico is Spanish.
  • Mexico follows GMT-6 as its standard time zone.
  • Mexico has a population of 127.6 million people.
  • There are currently over 223,398 developers in Mexico.
  • The average annual salary for developers in Mexico falls between USD 20,000 and 30,000.
  • Mexico scores 71.7 out of 100 for ease of doing business.
  • For human capital and skills, Mexico scores 64.9 out of 100.
  • The maximum working hours for a week in Mexico is 48 hours.
  • Mexico observes eight national holidays annually.

What makes employing software engineers in Mexico a great choice?

Reason 1: Affordability of labour

Employee salaries and benefits are a crucial part of any business budget. Lower labour costs in Mexico allow companies to allocate more funds towards growth and development.

Mexico’s lower cost of living is advantageous for both employers and remote software developers. This creates a mutually beneficial situation stemming from the cost disparity.

Reason 2: Overlapping time zones with the United States.

Outsourcing jobs to foreign countries often involves managing significant time zone differences between teams. This isn’t a challenge for US-based companies using Mexican software development outsourcing since Mexico and the US share the same time zone.

The majority of Mexico shares time zones with the United States, with the remaining areas differing by only one or two hours. This eliminates the concern of time zone disparity for US-based companies looking to hire software developers, ensuring project deadlines, team meetings, and response times are not hindered.

Reason 3: Strong cultural and linguistic similarities

The Mexican and American cultures share a close proximity along their borders, resulting in a blending of the two. This proximity lowers the likelihood of cultural clashes between team members from different backgrounds.

Hiring remote workers from Mexico does not come with significant language barriers, despite the two countries having distinct official languages. Both countries have a strong bilingual presence, making communication more effective and reducing the risk of misunderstandings related to language differences.

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Reason 4: Strong ties with the United States

Mexico’s strong economic ties with the United States are exemplified by the fact that political changes are unlikely to have a significant impact on trade between the two nations. This demonstrates a dependable and lasting connection between the countries, making it far less susceptible to disruptions.

Reason 5: Protection of Intellectual Property

If a competitor obtains access to critical components of your business model, they could employ it to their advantage, compromising your chances of success. As a result, it is crucial to safeguard your intellectual property to guarantee the continued prosperity of your company.

Mexico and the United States have taken a proactive approach by establishing a trade agreement that safeguards intellectual property, distinguishing them from many other nations. This agreement has allowed businesses to securely and efficiently exchange the information required for the development of new software with remote developers based in Mexico.

Reason 6: Abundance of software development talent to hire from

The most significant obstacle in outsourcing for businesses is finding and recruiting skilled staff with appropriate qualifications. To tackle this issue, hiring companies can utilise their access to a massive talent pool that offers a wider variety of potential candidates. This can assist businesses in selecting and hiring the best personnel for their outsourcing requirements.

In recent times, several educational reforms implemented by the Mexican government have increased access to resources required for professional development, resulting in the expansion of the nation’s talent pool consisting of software developers and other IT professionals.

Reason 7: Well-developed IT Infrastructure for Developers in Mexico

Mexico possesses an excess of skilled and experienced software developers. The country has made considerable investments in modernising its infrastructure, enabling its people to compete internationally with developers from all over the world in terms of technological advancements and labour. As a result, Mexico has become a major centre for highly talented and knowledgeable software developers.

Thanks to its world-class infrastructure and dedication to enhancing it, Mexico has witnessed a significant increase in the number of proficient remote workers and skilled software developers.

Therefore, what advantages does employing software engineers in Mexico offer?

Mexico is an excellent software development collaborator. As an outsourcing partner, Mexico has a skilled and competitive workforce capable of real-time collaboration with your team, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to outsource their software development.

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