83 Percent of Hiring Managers in a Recent Survey Agree that a Lack of Qualified IT Workers Is Detrimental to Their Companies

Indeed, a recent poll conducted by the company with more than a thousand HR professionals working in the IT industry has revealed consistent findings with what Works has been hearing. According to the survey results, an overwhelming 83% of the recruiters stated that the lack of technical skills is negatively impacting their company’s growth. The key findings from this survey are as follows:

Finding qualified individuals in the IT industry is challenging. The results of a survey conducted among respondents indicate that the challenge of finding and recruiting qualified technical personnel is significant, with 86% of those polled highlighting the difficulty of the task. Furthermore, 53% of the respondents admitted that they have had to settle for less-than-optimal individuals in the past due to a lack of qualified candidates. It is not surprising then that hiring managers are feeling the pressures of the so-called developer skill scarcity, with an alarming five job vacancies for every American programmer.

Partnering with Works has enabled businesses to quickly overcome the labour shortage issue by utilising remote workers. This has enabled enterprises to accelerate their growth, expedite product development, and provided their developers with the ability to focus on the most crucial projects.

A good pedigree is essential. The survey results show that the majority of respondents (77%) prioritise experience over a degree in computer science (56%) when considering a candidate’s technical competency. Additionally, 24% of respondents believed that a degree from an Ivy League institution was of great significance in assessing technical ability. Indeed believes that this “restricted notion of ‘high-quality applicant’ is another problem hampering tech recruiting.” We wholeheartedly agree.

It is essential to find programmers with knowledge and expertise in the technology stack that you are using; however, it is crucial to not rely too heavily on the number of years they have been working in the field. Even developers with considerable experience in their area of expertise must be open to adapting to new conditions and be willing to continue learning as programming languages develop.

Tests of one’s coding skills are crucial. When 92% of those asked how they would rate their technical skills reported that their performance on a coding challenge was indicative, it is clear that coding challenges are an effective tool for eliminating bad performers. While this is an important goal, at Works, we take a different approach. Rather than having the candidate start from scratch, we use a coding assessment that focuses on fixing bugs and adding new features to pre-existing code. This allows us to assess the candidate’s problem-solving capabilities without completely disregarding those who may not perform as well on tests.

Physical abilities are just part of the picture. When analysing technical competency, it is evident that an overwhelming majority (58%) believe that soft skills are essential. At Works, we wholeheartedly concur with this sentiment and factor in developers’ capabilities to think critically, pose appropriate questions, manage stakeholders and their expectations, actively solicit and integrate feedback, and so on when hiring. Engineering teams have the potential to be even more effective if they adopt a comprehensive approach to recruitment in the tech industry.

Despite the current trend of dispersed teams, many businesses still limit their talent search to their local area. However, if you are in the market for developers, a comprehensive strategy should also include exploring potential candidates beyond your local vicinity. Thanks to the recent advancements in technology, it is simpler than ever for teams to collaborate, regardless of their geographical locations. By expanding your search, you can access an abundance of exceptional talent that the other 83% of businesses are missing out on.

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