A Breakdown of Critical Salesforce Positions: To Begin, Let’s Define a Salesforce Product Manager

This latest article in our “Breaking down essential Salesforce positions” series examines the roles and responsibilities of Salesforce Product Managers. This article also provides guidance on the qualifications to look for when recruiting for this important role.

So, how does one become a Product Manager for Salesforce?

As a Salesforce Product Manager, I am responsible for ensuring that the Salesforce integration process runs smoothly. I keep an eye on the overall strategy while ensuring that all stakeholders have full confidence and understanding of the budget. My knowledge of what it takes for a company to succeed is used to create and implement new features and improvements to the system. This means I am able to guarantee that the Salesforce team follow through on all commitments.

A Salesforce Product Manager is an integral role that goes beyond the traditional responsibilities of a product manager. They must possess an in-depth understanding of cloud computing and the Salesforce platform in order to collaborate with engineers and ensure projects are completed on time and on budget. The Product Manager must ensure that the product roadmap is established, explained, and driven, while also keeping track of the workloads of the entire team.

Look out for these traits in prospective Salesforce Product Manager employees:

  • Leaders and managers should be able to delegate tasks with assurance, help to set priorities for new projects, manage difficult issues and ensure workloads are balanced amongst employees.
  • Strategic thinkers who can keep initiatives moving forward.
  • Experts in resolving technical difficulties by collecting customer input for use in fixing problems and guaranteeing full service delivery.

Are you ready to staff up with Salesforce Product Managers?

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