A Comprehensive Resource for Employing iOS Developers Covering Job Duties, Salary Expectations, and Interview Questions

It is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of recruiting iOS developers if you are considering doing so. A roadmap should be established to outline the basic requirements for an iOS developer.

This article will provide a guide to finding and recruiting an iOS developer, as well as the types of questions to ask during the interview process and on the job.

To What End an iOS App

The two most popular operating systems, iOS and Android, together make up 99.6% of the market share. Moreover, Apple users are more likely to utilize premium features, paid apps and non-digital services than users of other devices, despite the fact that Apple devices only make up 20.38% of the market. It is therefore logical to suggest that developing apps for Apple’s iOS would be a profitable venture.

Make a detailed inventory of everything you need before hiring iOS developers.

Before embarking upon the recruitment process for an iOS developer, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of your project. Doing so will enable you to clearly define your requirements and make a well-informed decision when hiring an iOS developer.

Create a paper prototype of your game-changing app

Craft a succinct description of your app idea to ensure it is not forgotten. This could be a phrase or two, or a longer paragraph. Keeping the concept for the app at the center of your thoughts will help you to achieve this.

Create a list of all the many ways the app may be put to use, as well as all the different issues and problems that it would hopefully solve.
As you go through the exercise, you’ll find that it helps you organize your ideas and zero in on how to take them further.

All the Best Stuff Your App Can Do

Create a list of desired features for your app. Review existing apps to gain an understanding of the tools and features they offer. This will provide iOS developers with valuable insights to help them anticipate potential challenges.

Establish Objectives and Priorities

Hire iOS programmers and arrange your list of features and capabilities in order of importance to ensure they can focus on the most important tasks. Various prioritization techniques can be used to determine which features and functions should be developed first. Clearly define your long-term and short-term goals, such as securing investment for your app, reaching the top of the App Store’s rankings, and obtaining tens of thousands of downloads, and create an action plan to reach these objectives.

Developer obligations in iOS

Once employed, iOS mobile operating system developers are responsible for designing, developing and implementing applications. Assignments will be tailored to the team’s make-up, individual members’ abilities, the scope of the current project and the working environment. However, there are certain skills that all iOS programmers need to be familiar with.

Here are some of the most typical tasks that an iOS developer will be responsible for:

  • iOS programmers are expected to be fluent in both Swift and Objective-C.
  • They need to be proficient in creating user interfaces.
  • To guarantee a high-quality application, they know just what to do.
  • They are prepared to work in tandem with the design team to establish the scope of the app’s functionality;
  • One of the most typical tasks for iOS developers is writing and running unit and user integration tests.
  • An iOS developer’s error-handling skills should be top-notch.
  • Developers for Apple’s iOS platform must also be able to implement app upgrades.

As a Result of Past Events

Assistant iOS Developer

For this project, we recommend hiring an entry-level iOS developer with no more than two years of experience. They should be closely supervised by a more experienced colleague and given instruction on both writing and coding tasks. It is essential that they operate under the guidance of the more experienced colleague at all times.

Ability Level: Middle for iOS Developers

We are seeking iOS developers who have two to five years of experience, with the ability to switch tasks quickly and competently. Furthermore, they should have a good knowledge of coding and testing. Intermediate iOS developers should also have the necessary skills to work collaboratively with DevOps teams and manage projects.

Proficient iOS Developer Leader

Experienced iOS programmers have a wealth of experience, having been in the industry for at least five years. They deliver high quality software solutions for computers. It would be advantageous to have them on the iOS development team. Senior developers have a strong understanding of architecture, are adept at code review, offer design assistance and guarantee quality assurance.

Ability to master iOS development tools and techniques

  • Recruitment of iOS engineers require proficiency in the Swift programming language, including knowledge of syntax, Objective-C compatibility, inheritance and initialization.
  • If you’re looking to build a mobile app, you should look for iOS developers with experience in UX and UI.
  • It is essential for an iOS developer to have knowledge of code versioning systems in order to ensure efficient and effective team collaboration on projects of varying complexities.
  • It is essential to hire iOS Developers with a comprehensive knowledge of the Apple Human Interface Guidelines in order to ensure the creation of applications that maintain Apple’s signature aesthetic of cleanliness and elegance.
  • A thorough familiarity with JSON is necessary for network administration.
  • Knowledge of Apple’s Core Data and how it keeps information;
  • A variety of technical concepts and aspects, including but not limited to concurrency, reactive programming, and animations.

There Are a Variety of Methods for Recruiting iOS Programmers

Now that you have a better understanding of the requirements, roles, responsibilities and skill sets you need to look out for when hiring iOS developers, it is time to consider the various methods you can use to source resumes and recruit iOS developers.

There are three options for finding and employing iOS programmers. We’ll go through the benefits and drawbacks of each of the three options.

Contract out iOS development work


  • You’ll get access to the top iOS developers from all around the world.
  • Comparatively less expensive than hiring an internal staff
  • Reduced or eliminated paper work requirements


  • Concern of falling behind without any oversight.
  • They could bail out in the middle of the project.
  • There isn’t a hundred percent dedication.

In-house Apple iOS programmers

  • There is a lot of time for preparation.
  • Manage your time and commitments with ease.
  • The in-house staff will be available around the clock


  • It doesn’t matter if there’s no employment since you still have to pay.
  • Additional expenditures in the areas of office space, computer equipment, and software.
  • It’s difficult to train a staff of iOS developers in-house.

Use the services of a third-party iOS app developer.

If you are looking to produce an iOS app in the most effective, timely and cost-efficient manner, we advise you to contact an experienced, external iOS app development company.

When looking for a business to outsource iOS development to, you will have two choices:


A corporation can contact an iOS app development company to discuss and agree the project’s requirements using a collaborative approach. The iOS app developers will conduct a comprehensive requirements analysis prior to beginning the development of the app.
Also, the company is in charge of everything from the initial idea to the final product’s delivery.

A Dedicated Group

In order to implement this strategy, the recruitment of iOS developers is required. Existing projects may be offered to those developers or alternatively, the development of a new project could commence.


  • It will be useful when trying to find iOS developers in a hurry.
  • Economical in cases when extra expenses may be avoided while working from home.
  • You’ll be well-versed in the field and up to par in terms of knowledge and professionalism.
  • The quality of the final product is not a concern.
  • There are no time zone differences to worry about.
  • Minimal linguistic difficulty


The only real obstacle is likely to be cultural differences, but these may be overcome via conversation and mutual understanding.

Locales Where You Can Look for and Hire iOS Programmers

There is a plethora of online resources for locating and hiring iOS Developers.

Freelance platforms

This is an affordable option for creating an app for iOS. Researching online is necessary to obtain the contact details of iOS developers and arrange an interview. Once the qualifications of the candidate match the job requirements, the position will be filled.

Top freelancer sites may be found in the list below.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • AngelList
  • 99designs
  • Works
  • Indeed
  • Dice
  • Glassdoor

Providers of Information Technology

By engaging a dedicated team or person, you may ensure that tasks are completed quickly and efficiently, avoiding any potential issues that may arise from working with independent contractors.

Top information technology providers include:

  • Works
  • Computer and Technology Companies
  • Clutch.io
  • GoodFirms

Affects on Technology

This is an ideal place to source individuals with the necessary skills to address complex problems. As this is often the deciding factor in competition, attending technical conferences can be the best way to find iOS developers who are passionate about delivering a high-quality product.

Here is a rundown of the most notable technological happenings:

  • DroidCon
  • Appdevcon
  • UberConf
  • SMS Short Code
  • Convention on Information Technology and Telecommunications

Using the Internet for Social Interactions

Any type of online community can be found for any type of device. Developers in these communities are very passionate about their work and will strive to ensure that your product is perfect in every way. Popular social media sites such as Google, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more are all viable options.

Recruiting the Best iOS Developers: 10 Crucial Interview Questions

  1. Name the four primary data types used in Objective-C.
  2. Is your knowledge of Swift and Objective-C up to par? A quick synopsis of what sets them apart would be much appreciated.
  3. Can you explain what UI components are and how they’re implemented in an app?
  4. Describe the function of the reuseIdentifier in the UITableViewCell function Object() { [native code] }.
  5. What are some of the most common ways in which iOS is put into action?
  6. Describe the Objective-C construct known as managed object context (NSManagedObjectContext) and how it is used.
  7. The difference between raw and associated values in Swift.
  8. You just got word that your brand new app often crashes. So, what steps do you take to fix the problems?
  9. Can you list the main benefits of creating testing for iOS apps?
  10. Can you explain the distinction between fileprivate, private, and public access?

Important Things to Consider Before Hiring iOS Developers

Quality of Knowledge

When recruiting iOS developers, it is essential to assess their experience and the types of applications and projects they have undertaken. Every sector and business have its own individual difficulties. It is thus essential that iOS developers can comprehend the difficulties confronting the client’s organization and offer suitable solutions. Examining the developers’ portfolio is a useful method of gaining an understanding of their previous work and can provide insight into their capabilities as project managers.


Effective communication is paramount when collaborating with remote iOS developers located in a different country. It is important to consider potential language barriers and time zone differences that may impede communication. To ensure smooth workflow, confirm the developers’ fluency in the language of the project and their ability to adjust their working hours as required.

Quantity of Experience

It is easy to mistakenly conflate personal experiences with facts. However, the two are not the same. Technical coding skills alone are not enough to be a successful iOS developer; experience is also essential. When recruiting for such a role, it is important to ask about the candidate’s past projects and how they responded to customer issues. If you simply look for someone who can code, you may end up making the wrong hires.

Price of Hiring iOS Developers

IOS developers can command varying salaries depending on their location. This article outlines a range of companies from which to source highly experienced iOS developers. Also included is an estimate of the average yearly salary for such a developer.

  • US – $115,246
  • The sum of C$90,244 in Canada
  • $70,669 in Australia
  • UK – £38,675
  • Asia – $60,000
  • Ukrain: $28,200


By following the advice in this article, you can identify and appoint an iOS developer who is suitable for your project. Make sure to be clear about the qualifications, experience and proficiency you require. When you are ready to make a decision, take a look at the key websites you should be aware of.

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