A Comprehensive Resource for Employing iOS Developers Covering Job Duties, Salary Expectations, and Interview Questions

If you intend to recruit iOS developers, understanding their fundamental skills and experience is crucial. You should create a plan detailing the essential qualifications and requirements for a potential iOS developer.

This blog post aims to assist you in your quest to hire an iOS developer by offering a comprehensive guide. Additionally, it covers the types of interview questions for the candidate and their valuable contributions on the job.

Purpose of an iOS Application

iOS and Android, in combination, possess almost the entire market share, making up 99.6%. Although Apple devices comprise only 20.38% of the market, users of such devices tend to favour premium features, paid apps, and non-digital services over those of other devices. As a result, developing iOS apps is a financially sound decision.

Create a comprehensive list of requirements before recruiting iOS developers.

Prior to hiring an iOS developer, it is crucial to have a thorough comprehension of your project. This will allow you to define your needs explicitly, and make an informed decision during the hiring process.

Develop a paper prototype of your groundbreaking application

Compose a brief yet comprehensive summary of your app idea to prevent it from being overlooked. This could be a short phrase or paragraph. Keeping your app’s concept at the forefront of your mind will assist you in accomplishing this.

Develop a list of various uses for the app, as well as issues and problems that it hopes to address. Completing this exercise will assist you in organizing your ideas and focusing your attention on how to further explore them.

The Finest Features of Your Application

Compile a list of essential features that you wish to include in your application. Analyze existing apps to gain a better understanding of available functions and features. iOS developers will benefit from this knowledge to predict potential obstacles and challenges.

Determine Goals and Priorities

Recruit competent iOS programmers and arrange your collection of features and capabilities in order of significance, enabling them to concentrate on the most critical tasks. Several prioritization methods may be utilized to establish which functions and features should be developed first. Outline your short-term and long-term goals, such as obtaining funding for your app, achieving the highest ranking on the App Store, and earning tens of thousands of downloads, and establish a step-by-step plan to accomplish these objectives.

Responsibilities of an iOS Developer

Upon employment, iOS developers in the mobile operating system are responsible for creating, designing, and executing applications. Assignments will be adjusted depending on the team structure, the individual team members’ capabilities, the project’s scope, and the work environment. Nevertheless, there are key competencies that all iOS programmers must possess.

The following are some of the most common duties that an iOS developer will be accountable for:

  • iOS developers should have a strong command of both Swift and Objective-C.
  • They should have expertise in developing user interfaces.
  • They possess the expertise to ensure that the application is of top-notch quality.
  • They are fully equipped to collaborate with the design team to determine the extent of the application’s functionality;
  • Composing and executing unit and user integration tests is one of the most common tasks for iOS developers.
  • An iOS developer’s error-handling abilities should be exceptional.
  • Professionals developing for Apple’s iOS operating system must know how to deploy app upgrades.

Due to Historical Occurrences

iOS Developer Assistant

We suggest hiring an novice iOS developer with no more than two years of experience for this project. They must be closely monitored by a more experienced team member and should be trained on both writing and coding duties. It is imperative that they work under the guidance of the more experienced team member at all times.

Intermediate Level for iOS Developers

We are in search of iOS developers who possess 2 to 5 years of experience, with the capability to switch tasks swiftly and adeptly. Moreover, they should have a sound understanding of coding and testing. Intermediate iOS developers should also possess the required competencies to work alongside DevOps teams and handle projects effectively.

Competent Leader of iOS Developers

Seasoned iOS coders possess an abundance of expertise, owing to their five or more years of experience in the industry. They deliver top-notch software solutions for computers. Including them in the iOS development squad would be beneficial. Senior developers have an in-depth understanding of architecture, are proficient in code review, and provide design guidance while ensuring quality assurance.

Capability to become proficient in iOS development tools and techniques

  • When hiring iOS engineers, proficiency in the Swift programming language is a must. This includes familiarity with syntax, Objective-C compatibility, inheritance and initialization.
  • When building a mobile application, it is advisable to find iOS developers who possess expertise in UX and UI.
  • To ensure productive and successful collaboration on diverse projects, an iOS developer should possess a strong understanding of code versioning systems.
  • When recruiting iOS developers, it is imperative that they possess an extensive understanding of the Apple Human Interface Guidelines. This guarantees the development of applications that maintain Apple’s distinct aesthetic of sophistication and simplicity.
  • Proficiency in JSON is crucial for effective network administration.
  • Familiarity with Apple’s Core Data and its information retention capabilities;
  • Several technical concepts and elements are necessary, which may include but are not restricted to concurrency, reactive programming, and animations.

Various Approaches Exist for Hiring iOS Coders

Now that you have a heightened comprehension of the qualifications, duties, responsibilities and proficiencies to seek when recruiting iOS developers, it is time to explore the diverse approaches that can be employed to obtain resumes and hire iOS developers.

There are three alternatives for locating and hiring iOS developers. We will examine the advantages and disadvantages of each of the three alternatives.

Outsource iOS Development Tasks


  • You will gain access to the best iOS programmers from across the globe.
  • Relatively cost-effective in contrast to employing an internal team
  • Lessened or eradicated paperwork obligations


  • Apprehension of falling behind without any supervision.
  • They may abandon the project midway.
  • There is not a complete dedication.

Internal Apple iOS developers

  • There is ample time for preparation.
  • Ease of managing your time and responsibilities.
  • The internal team will be accessible 24/7


  • It is immaterial if there is no employment as payment is still required.
  • Extra expenses related to office space, computer equipment, and software.
  • Training an in-house team of iOS developers is challenging.

Opt for the services of a third-party iOS application developer.

To develop an iOS app in the most efficient, prompt and cost-effective way, we suggest you get in touch with an experienced third-party iOS app development firm.

When searching for a company to outsource iOS development, you will have two options:


A business can collaborate with an iOS app development company to discuss and finalize project requirements. The iOS app developers will perform a thorough analysis of requirements before beginning app development. Additionally, the company is responsible for everything from concept to delivering the final product.

A Committed Team

To execute this strategy, recruiting iOS developers is necessary. The developers can be offered current projects or a new project can be initiated.


  • It will be beneficial when searching for iOS developers on an urgent basis.
  • Cost-effective when additional expenses can be avoided by working remotely.
  • You will be proficient in the field and up-to-date in terms of knowledge and professionalism.
  • The final product’s quality is not a worry.
  • There are no concerns about time zone differences.
  • Little language barrier.


The only significant challenge may be cultural differences, but these can be resolved through communication and mutual understanding.

Places to Find and Recruit iOS Programmers

Numerous online resources are available to find and recruit iOS Developers.

Platforms for Freelancers

Creating an iOS app affordably is possible through this option. Online research is required to find the contact information of iOS developers and schedule an interview. Once the candidate’s qualifications meet the job requirements, the position can be filled.

A list of top freelance sites is available below.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • AngelList
  • 99designs
  • Works
  • Indeed
  • Dice
  • Glassdoor

Information Technology Service Providers

Hiring a dedicated team or individual ensures quick and efficient completion of tasks and avoids potential issues that may arise from working with independent contractors.

The following are leading information technology providers:

  • Works
  • Technology and Computer Companies
  • Clutch
  • GoodFirms

Impact on Technology

A place to find people with the required skills for solving complex problems, which is typically the deciding factor in competition. Attending technical conferences is often the best method for locating iOS developers who are committed to delivering a high-quality product.

Below is a list of major technological events:

  • DroidCon
  • Appdevcon
  • UberConf
  • SMS Short Codes
  • IT and Telecommunications Convention

Utilizing the Internet for Socializing

Communities for any type of device can be found online. Within such communities, Developers have a passion for their work and are committed to delivering a flawless product. Established social media platforms like Google, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, among others, are all valid options.

Hiring the Top iOS Developers: 10 Key Interview Questions

  1. What are the four main data types utilized in Objective-C?
  2. Are your skills in Swift and Objective-C up to par? Can you provide a brief overview of what distinguishes them?
  3. Can you define UI components and their implementation in an app?
  4. Can you explain the role of the reuseIdentifier in the UITableViewCell function Object() { [native code] }?
  5. What are some of the typical applications of iOS?
  6. Explain the Objective-C structure referred to as managed object context (NSManagedObjectContext) and its application.
  7. Swift’s differentiation between raw and associated values.
  8. If you receive reports that your recently launched app frequently crashes, what measures would you take to address the issues?
  9. What are the primary advantages of developing testing for iOS apps?
  10. What is the difference between fileprivate, private, and public access in iOS?

Crucial Factors to Contemplate Prior to Hiring iOS Developers

Level of Expertise

When hiring iOS developers, it’s crucial to evaluate their expertise and the diverse types of apps and projects they have completed. Every industry and company has its unique challenges, so it’s vital that iOS developers can comprehend the challenges faced by the client’s business and suggest appropriate solutions. Reviewing the developers’ portfolio is an effective way to gain an understanding of their past work and can provide insights into their abilities as project managers.


Efficient communication is critical when partnering with iOS developers who work remotely from a different country. It’s crucial to be aware of potential language barriers and varied time zones that can hinder communication. To ensure seamless workflow, verify the developers’ proficiency in the project’s language and their willingness to adjust their work hours as needed.

Total Experience

Personal experiences should not be confused with facts, as they’re not equivalent. Technical coding expertise alone is insufficient to be a highly effective iOS developer; experience is also critical. When recruiting for such a role, it’s essential to inquire about the candidate’s previous projects and how they dealt with customer concerns. If you solely focus on coding abilities, you may end up making misguided hiring decisions.

The Cost of Employing iOS Developers

The salaries for iOS developers differ based on their location. This article provides a list of companies to recruit highly proficient iOS developers, as well as an estimate of their average annual pay.

  • United States – $115,246
  • $90,244 CAD in Canada
  • $70,669 AUD in Australia
  • United Kingdom – £38,675
  • Asia – $60,000 USD
  • Ukrain: $28,200


By adhering to the guidance in this article, you’ll be able to identify and hire an iOS developer who is fitting for your project. Ensure that you specify the qualifications, experience, and expertise you necessitate. When you’re prepared to make a decision, have a look at the essential websites you should be mindful of.

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