A Developer Creates Real-Time Alerts for Reaction Commerce

New developers who join Works are taken through a three-month programme called “Simulations.” This department replicates real open-source projects, offering invaluable experience to the learning team, which, in turn, equips developers with the required technical and soft skills necessary to collaborate effectively with global software development teams.

At Works, the Simulation phase has been designed to provide developers with a realistic experience of working within an agile team environment. By replicating real-world software projects, the Learning team creates an authentic and adaptable learning environment that meets the needs of the program. This enables Works Developers to gain an understanding of what it is like to build genuine software applications while acquiring knowledge about working within a simulated business environment.

During his time in the Simulation phase, Kolawole Alade, a developer at Works, was tasked with replicating an open-source e-commerce platform known as Reaction Commerce, coded in JavaScript and hosted on GitHub. His work was so exceptional that his Simulations Facilitator recommended his code be integrated into the primary development branch.

Thanks to Kolawole’s unwavering commitment to the project, Reaction Commerce was able to successfully integrate pop-up alerts into its admin panel. As a result, whenever customers place an order, both the shop owner and the customer receive dashboard notifications. In addition, shop owners can customize and send SMS alerts as desired.

According to Kolawole, the most challenging aspect of developing the notifications feature was designing a system that was flexible enough to offer swift feedback to both store owners and guest users after placing an order.

Reaction Commerce recently posted an article thanking Kolawole for his contributions towards building their website. It is essential to mention that Joshua Azemoh from Works was also among the many developers who assisted in completing the project.

Kolawole was attracted to this project due to its well-structured code-base, which made development relatively straightforward, and the opportunity to help over 3,000 customers who depended on the program. He found the challenge of assisting such a substantial number of people highly alluring.

Kolawole’s stint with the Simulations Program at Works has demonstrated how prepared our developers are for real-world team roles. He has expressed a keen interest in expanding his contributions to Reaction by enhancing the digital items section. This eagerness indicates his strong desire to make a lasting impact, and I am excited to witness the many new features he has in store.

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