A List of the 5 Most Important Things to Think About Before Hiring a Programmer

For decades, people have been advocating the notion that ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’. It remains true today, as it is unwise to make assumptions about a person based on their resume alone. When recruiting for positions in the IT sector, it is important to take into account more than just a candidate’s educational background and technical know-how. This article provides an overview of the best practices for selecting a software developer.

According to Inc.com, resumes are often an incomplete representation of a candidate’s qualifications. Consequently, “blind hiring” is becoming increasingly popular in businesses today; this involves ranking potential employees based on the performance of a skill test, designed by the company’s recruitment team.

Managers should consider five factors when looking to find a remote developer to work on their project rather than just relying on CVs: ability, initiative, reliability, openness, and the ability to communicate effectively in an unstructured social setting.

The Association of American Colleges surveyed 318 presidents, CEOs, and other C-level executives, and found that a candidate’s demonstrated ability to think critically, communicate effectively and solve complex problems is more important than their undergraduate degree.

The job done rather than the CV is more valued by employers.

Five Things to Keep in Mind Before Hiring a Programmer

Focus on the skillset while making hires.

Selecting the right candidate is essential for the successful outsourcing of development work. Competency tests, especially for remote positions, can be used to eliminate unsuitable applicants. Such tests are not only a predictor of success, but they can also provide those with valuable skills, but who may lack a strong résumé, a chance to be identified and recruited.

Organizations may find it challenging to source qualified software engineers in their region, however, remote recruitment can help to resolve this issue. According to the Talent Shortage Survey, a third of the 38,000 surveyed businesses reported difficulty in filling roles due to a lack of suitable local applicants.

While resumes might seem impressive, they aren’t a reliable indicator of actual ability.

The key to self-motivated programming is a strong internal drive.

It is important to ascertain whether a job applicant has the necessary motivation to be successful. There are two approaches to this. Firstly, it would be beneficial to enquire as to how the candidate intends to remain motivated and productive when working remotely.

Forbes has compiled a list of more covert ways to inspire oneself.

  1. Having a good job history is the “best location to discover inspiration,” according to Forbes.
  2. Inspiration may be sparked by extracurricular pursuits, since they bring us closer to our ideal way of life.
  3. What doesn’t work in the past might be used to fuel a burning drive to achieve in the future.

You should ensure your developer is properly motivated, and that the team’s morale is kept up via various means.

Reliability of Your Software Engineer

Trusting your developer is the third piece of advice. Something that some managers may find challenging.

PsychologyToday states that it is possible to build strong and reliable professional relationships without relying on chance encounters in hallways. The article provides guidance on how to create strong ties of trust with others.

  1. Don’t jump to conclusions.
  2. Your level of interaction must be raised.
  3. Show that you are honest and trustworthy in your actions.
  4. Act in a genuine manner.
  5. Create true connections with others.

You need to feel safe and secure with your remote developer if you want to establish a solid working connection with them.

Make sure your developer is an excellent communicator.

It is essential that both you and your remote worker remain aligned in all aspects of their role, including providing them with the motivation to be successful. This includes establishing a clear understanding of the frequency of contact, the tools and services to be used, and the willingness to raise any queries or concerns. Keeping the channels of communication open is paramount to ensure a productive relationship.

Inc.com expresses a similar sentiment: “The more time you invest in familiarizing yourself with each other’s routines and communication styles, and the more consistent you are in maintaining your standards, the better your communication will be.

It was essential to provide information on how to effectively communicate with remote developers, so we dedicated a post to the different methods of communication available.

It is essential to ensure that communication with remote workers is maintained in the same manner as with employees in the office. This will enable trust and transparency, as well as making remote developers feel part of the team.

One Last Thing to Keep in Mind When Recruiting a Remote Developer

When looking to hire a remote developer, it is important to ensure that they are accustomed to working without the usual presence of a manager or supervisor. Although some may find the lack of direct contact with their colleagues beneficial, it is important to bear in mind that working from home can lead to a certain degree of isolation.

The following interview questions can help you determine whether or not a candidate is prepared for such responsibilities:

  1. Do you have experience of working remotely? If so, you will be familiar with the type of support available from your colleagues and managers.
  2. What measures will you take to interact with other people while working remotely? Working in public places such as cafes and libraries can help remote workers to connect with others while completing tasks such as merging formulae in spreadsheets.
  3. Investigate the motivations of those seeking a remote role. The benefits of being a developer, such as the intrinsic rewards, are likely to outweigh the reduced time spent interacting with colleagues.

Ensuring remote employees remain connected and engaged with the team can be achieved through providing multiple opportunities for interaction. To ensure remote employees are included, it is important to make a concerted effort to involve them in meetings and to show appreciation such as sending them a handwritten birthday card.

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