A Personal Account of the Transition from Remote Developer at Surgent to Remote Team Manager

When it comes to CPE (Continuing Professional Education) for accountants and other finance professionals in the United States, Surgent Professional Education stands head and shoulders above its competitors in terms of size. At Surgent, our mission is to be the premier provider of actionable insights that are timely and tailored to the needs of tax and finance professionals. We strive to be the go-to authority for those requiring up-to-date knowledge in this domain.

Surgent, who already have a good understanding of Works and who have expressed a wish to bring development in-house, contacted us for help in recruiting staff. Their Chief Technology Officer, Matt Bricker, talked to us regarding their operations.

Clay Bricker: One year ago, we took the decision to bring our development processes in-house. To achieve this objective, we sought out partners who could offer us a combination of experienced personnel and a recruitment process that could be completed quickly.

Having previously collaborated on a different venture, we were successful in not only recruiting but also nurturing the individual who possessed the required skillset.

We are delighted to inform you that one of the initial applicants you presented to us has been promoted to a more senior leadership position within the team. Initially, we had very stringent criteria for the role, however, with your assistance, we were able to focus on whether the candidate would be a good fit for our team from a cultural perspective, as opposed to solely analyzing their technical skills.

Even though it took some time, I think we now have the appropriate people on our team, so it was well worth it.

Was it more difficult to manage them than it would have been to handle locals?

Our Team Lead at the time was also working remotely, and since I had worked with them before on other projects, it made the process much more straightforward. They were very helpful in helping to bring the team together, and then they moved on to their next task.

The applicant from Works was promoted to a managerial position at that point, and he has been managing the remote members of my team with great success. I consider myself very fortunate that managing someone who works remotely has been no different to managing someone who is based locally; it has been a smooth and successful process.

What do you think this individual Works discovered you added to your company?

At present, we have three talented DJs on our team. We consider this to be a great advantage, providing us with more value than what is available in the UK or abroad for the cost we have incurred. The manufacturing cost is also very favorable, which has left us feeling very satisfied.

It was crucial that the majority of applicants had a strong command of the English language and could work within our time zone. Having a good command of the language was a fundamental requirement and we were able to find a suitable candidate who could seamlessly integrate into the team. Additionally, it was also important to consider the technical expertise of the applicant, as this could be taught if necessary. By focusing on the language skills and providing the relevant resources to facilitate communication, we have been able to avoid any difficulties.

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