A Rise in the Demand for DevOps Professionals in September of 2022

The upcoming years foresee a high demand for DevOps professionals throughout the IT industry. The field, which was not recognised professionally not too long ago, has now become one of the most desirable specialisations out there. To know the top DevOps job roles that will be in great demand by 2022, it is essential to first comprehend what DevOps actually entails.

DevOps is a methodology that merges software engineering with IT management to hasten software and system development. Its aim is to produce reliable and robust software solutions. By using DevOps, teams can decrease development time while ensuring the final output is of superior quality. It also facilitates the effortless integration of modern technologies into the software to enable faster and more efficient product delivery. By streamlining the development process, DevOps enables teams to generate top-notch software solutions in a cost-effective and timely way. DevOps assists teams in creating impressive software solutions.

  1. AWS

    This year, there is a high demand for proficient engineers with DevOps skills for Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS has captured over one-third of the cloud computing market and is a market leader. The United States is presently providing remunerative remote software engineering roles for professionals familiar with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    Here are a few reasons why you should learn AWS
    • Big corporations are increasingly drawn towards the cloud. AWS is the dominant force in the cloud computing industry.
    • By utilising the potential of Amazon Web Services (AWS), companies can expedite their shift to DevOps. Businesses are aiming to employ experts in AWS software development to guarantee seamless integration of AWS into their operations.
    • The scarcity of trained personnel in the United States is the highest where there is a demand for AWS software developers. If you wish to stand out amongst your peers, gaining expertise and knowledge in AWS will definitely set you apart from the competition.
    • There is a plethora of AWS-related information available on the internet.
  2. Kubernetes

    Kubernetes is a free and open-source container orchestration tool that is getting increasingly popular among companies of all sizes in the United States to streamline their DevOps processes. Previously, Kubernetes was only accessible to large corporations, but now it has become a valuable resource for firms of all sizes. Hence, the demand for skilled individuals with experience working with Kubernetes has risen in 2018, presenting an ideal time to acquire the requisite skills.

    Here are some of the reasons to study Kubernetes:
    • With the help of Kubernetes’ scalability, companies can streamline their operations to cater to their customers’ needs and promptly adjust their resources as required. Therefore, Kubernetes is the perfect solution for businesses that wish to enhance efficiency and lower costs by efficiently expanding or reducing their resources.
    • Kubernetes is backed by robust open-source communities. By joining one of these groups, you can become a member of the growing cloud community.
    • Kubernetes is entirely portable and works with any system setup.
    • Expanding and releasing new software is much easier with Kubernetes.
  3. Google Cloud Platform

    Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a widely recognised service known for its extensive access and exceptional customer service.

    Here are some reasons why you should familiarise yourself with GCP DevOps:
    • GCP DevOps offers a unified platform for all of Google’s security tools and services.
    • Not only is the ecosystem extensive, but GCP also comes with exceptional default log monitoring tools.
    • GCP DevOps presents numerous benefits that can be utilised by organisations. It offers access to a vast collection of contemporary technologies such as Big Data services, Networking solutions, Internet of Things (IoT) services, Machine Learning solutions, and Storage solutions by Google. This enables businesses to leverage the latest technologies to optimise processes, decrease costs, and increase overall operational efficiency. Additionally, GCP DevOps provides higher scalability and dependability than traditional solutions, making it a perfect choice for companies that want to avail themselves of the latest technological advancements.
    • GCP DevOps proficiency is in high demand and for good reason.
  4. Docker

    Docker is a potent Platform as a Service (PaaS) container delivery system that facilitates virtualisation at the OS level. Docker is one of the top solutions for DevOps as deploying applications is simplified, enabling multiple container instances to run on the same host. This expedites application delivery, providing businesses with a significant competitive advantage.

    If you aspire to work as a DevOps engineer, it is essential to have a good understanding of Docker because…
    • The process of testing and releasing new versions of Docker is ongoing.
    • Docker’s inherent portability is effortless.
    • Docker guarantees that if a feature can run in one environment, it will run in all environments.
    • Docker simplifies the process of configuring load balancing by providing predefined service concepts.
    • When it comes to DevOps, collaboration and communication are crucial, and Docker makes them simpler.
  5. Azure

    Microsoft’s Azure is one of the leading options for developers when it comes to cloud computing. Azure not only offers a comprehensive range of DevOps tools for application creation and release but also a variety of services such as Azure Boards, Azure Pipelines, Azure Repositories, Azure Artifacts, and Azure Test Plans. These services equips developers with the tools and resources they need to develop and deploy top-notch applications quickly and efficiently.

    Learning Azure is vital if you wish to pursue a career as a DevOps engineer.
    • Utilising Microsoft Azure enables you to stay updated with the latest upgrades and advanced features as soon as they are available. Moreover, Azure DevOps customers can expect to receive additional features regularly, with updates released approximately every three weeks.
    • Azure’s reliability and versatility are unmatched. You can access all the DevOps services, or you can select the ones you require.
    • Azure DevOps is highly portable since it is independent of specific platforms and languages.

If you are a seasoned DevOps engineer with proficiency in any of the topics mentioned, be aware that some of the leading businesses in the United States are actively seeking professionals with your skillset. Do not miss this opportunity and discover the possibilities.

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