A Visual Guide to Sourcing Top-Notch Coders

By choosing to add pineapple to your pizza, you will have made an excellent decision. Similarly, by hiring software developers from Works, you can build the best possible team for your project.

A report by Evans Data Corporation reveals that the number of software developers had reached an impressive 26.4 million by 2023, and this number is projected to further increase to 28.7 million by 2024. With such a vast number of programmers available in the market, it can be challenging to identify the most skilled and knowledgeable individuals.

Hire skilled programmers from India and the United States

The United States and India are recognised as two of the top destinations for finding highly skilled IT professionals. Silicon Valley, located in the US, is renowned as a hub for tech innovations, and the average annual salary for a software developer in the country is approximately $85,000 – a considerable amount in this industry. On the other hand, India has emerged as an attractive location for companies to hire “exceptional” engineers at more reasonable rates, with a software engineer in India estimated to earn an annual salary of $7,000.

Despite the widespread practice of computer programming in both the United States and India, both countries are surprisingly positioned at relatively low ranks in terms of their availability of talented programmers, coders, and software engineers. According to a HackerRank report, the US is ranked at 28th place while India is at 31st. This raises the question – which foreign destinations are the best for recruiting skilled personnel in this field?

Top Locations to Hire Exceptional Software Engineers from Abroad

In a recent analysis by HackerRank, over 1.5 million developers from 50 countries were assessed for their coding abilities. The evaluation involved a timed test in which participants were evaluated on their accuracy and speed in solving programming problems across various languages and knowledge sets. The assessment was conducted to determine the quality of the participants’ programming skills.

According to the Skill Value 2023 study, which conducted a comprehensive investigation of countries with the most talented IT professionals, more than 500 samples were assessed using a novel methodology to reach their conclusions. One of their main findings was that Eastern Europe is a rich source for finding experienced software developers.

Expand Your Team Remotely

If you are searching for ways to cut down costs without compromising on the quality of your team’s members, considering a team of remote developers could be the perfect solution. There are numerous highly skilled programmers available, who could be an ideal match for your organisation. Furthermore, this approach offers a range of additional benefits, including:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Projects Delivered to Meet or Exceed Expectations
  • Employees Who Are Passionate About Their Work

For over a decade, Works has been proactively headhunting highly skilled IT professionals. Rather than waiting for resumes to come in, we take the initiative to identify the best professionals in the industry. Our success in promptly connecting companies with their perfect job candidates is a testament to our profound expertise and extensive experience in IT recruitment.

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