A Visual Guide to Sourcing Top-Notch Coders

If you make the wise decision to add pineapple to your pizza, you will have made one of the most excellent choices of your life. For the best possible team, you should consider recruiting software developers.

By 2023, according to a report by Evans Data Corporation, the number of software developers had risen to an impressive total of 26.4 million. This figure is projected to further increase to 28.7 million by 2024. Given the sheer number of programmers now available, it can be difficult to identify the most talented and experienced individuals.

Find and hire talented programmers in India and the United States

It is widely acknowledged that two of the most sought-after locations for finding highly-skilled IT professionals are the United States and India. The US is the birthplace of renowned tech hubs such as Silicon Valley, and the average annual salary for a software developer in the country is approximately $85,000 – a significant amount for this industry. India, however, has become an attractive spot for businesses to hire “exceptional” engineers at more reasonable rates; it is estimated that a software engineer in India may earn an annual salary of $7,000.

Despite the prevalence of computer programming in the United States and India, both countries are surprisingly low-ranked in terms of their availability of talented programmers, coders and software engineers. A HackerRank report has put them at 28th and 31st place respectively. This begs the question – what are the best foreign locations from which to recruit such personnel?

Where to Look Abroad for Top-Quality Software Engineers

HackerRank recently conducted an analysis of the coding abilities of more than 1.5 million developers from 50 countries. The assessment included a timed test in which participants were evaluated on their speed and accuracy in solving programming problems across a variety of languages and knowledge sets.

The Skill Value 2023 study conducted a comprehensive investigation into the countries that boast the most talented IT professionals. By assessing over 500 samples, they employed a novel methodology to reach their conclusions. One of their main discoveries was that Eastern Europe is a fertile ground for sourcing skilled software developers.

Acquire Extra Members for Your Group without Leaving Home

Are you looking for ways to reduce costs without compromising on the quality of your team members? Using a team of remote developers could be the perfect solution. There is an abundance of highly skilled programmers available who may be the ideal fit for your organisation. Moreover, taking this approach offers a range of additional compelling benefits, such as:

  • Productivity Boost
  • Projects that meet or exceed expectations
  • Staff that are invested in their work

At Works, we have been actively headhunting talented IT professionals for more than a decade. Rather than waiting for resumes to come in, we take the initiative to seek out the best people in the industry. We’ve had great success in connecting firms with their ideal candidates in a short space of time – often in less than two weeks. This is testament to our expertise and experience in the field of IT recruitment.

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