ActivTrak: A Tool for Managing Distributed and Hybrid Workgroups

ActivTrak is an analytics platform that provides organisations with the ability to monitor and analyse their human resources to gain valuable insights into productivity. It is designed to increase transparency and accountability among employees.

Employee monitoring software has been the subject of much debate, and it is important to consider the implications of its use. Employees may feel uncomfortable or even that their rights are being violated if such a system is implemented. It is essential for companies to take into account both the potential advantages and disadvantages before making a decision on whether to use this software.

The Operation of ActivTrak:

The organisation requires the deployment of the ActivTrak agent in order to monitor staff devices. The ActivTrak agent is a piece of software that provides information about employee activity to the ActivTrak server. Once added to the system, this tool will operate in the background, providing valuable insights into productivity, such as session overview, time spent idle, and daily average output.

The data is also uploaded to the ActivTrak dashboard for the company to review. The dashboard has been divided into tabs to enable easy access to the relevant data.

Organisations can monitor the websites and applications used by their employees, as well as the amount of time spent on them. This data can be used to identify patterns in productivity and can be categorised according to groups and objectives.

Employee inactivity can be monitored using these characteristics. Additionally, reminders can be programmed to be sent out to staff members at regular intervals to ensure productivity is maintained (i.e., a trigger is set off when employee productivity drops for an extended period).

ActivTrak allows users to monitor staff devices through the capture of screenshots, with parameters that can be adjusted to individual preferences. For a more detailed view, keyboard and mouse movements can be monitored. However, please note that ActivTrak does not include a keylogger and does not access the camera or make any webcam recordings.

Some of the app’s features are as follows:

The Science of Managing Productivity

Productivity trends can be monitored using ActivTrak’s dashboard, which provides visualisations of data in the form of charts, graphs and statistical tables. This software can be utilised to produce weekly reports on productivity and to rank top performers by team and manager. Additionally, this data can be used to recognise and reward exceptional performance.

Active monitoring of employee performance is essential in order to identify potential signs of burnout and disengagement. The workload-balance dashboard provides useful metrics such as the amount of work per week, time spent on each task, and the comparison between overworked and underworked personnel. By using these indicators, companies can foster more positive relationships with their employees.

Managed Software as a Service

ActivTrak can provide insight into which applications and websites employees are using most frequently, which may help companies decide what investments in software and websites would be most beneficial in terms of increasing productivity. Additionally, ActivTrak allows administrators to block access to sites and applications that are deemed to have a negative effect on productivity.

Void in Security

ActivTrak’s capacity to monitor employees’ app usage across platforms has the potential to uncover security weaknesses in your organisation’s infrastructure. Additionally, it can be employed to detect malicious software and block it from entering the network.

Furthermore, this programme can be used to ascertain whether any other programme you are using is compromising your privacy and security. Additionally, it is possible to monitor the use of any USB devices to ensure they are being used in accordance with the law.

Is it Possible to Trick This Program?

The initial issue is the lack of dependable procedures for monitoring staff. As it is not available as an installed software, the user will need to manually search the control panel to find it. If they are successful in locating it, they will need administrator access to the system to be able to successfully delete it.

The implementation of staff monitoring systems has provided internet firms with significant advantages in the areas of workforce management and productivity analysis. Nevertheless, there have been cases of workers circumventing such systems.

Users can monitor the frequency of automated screenshots for increased system utilisation and to potentially deceive the detection system. False positives may occur, where the software misinterprets user productivity. To avoid surveillance, users may opt for remote access or split displays.

ActivTrak offers three subscription plans to choose from. The free edition enables you to monitor up to three users and store data for up to 30 days. The Pro edition allows for monitoring an unlimited number of users and a data archive spanning six months, beginning at $9 per user per month. For an even more comprehensive package, the Premium edition provides an unlimited number of user tracking and a data archive of 12 months, starting at $15 per user per month. This plan also includes a 14-day free trial period.

Do You Know of Any Good ActivTrak Substitutes?

Finding an employee monitoring software that is compatible with your system can be both time-consuming and challenging. Therefore, ActivTrak may not be the best choice for everyone. Below are some alternative options to ActivTrak.

Time Traveler

Cloud-based time tracking software provides insight into staff productivity. In addition, you may keep tabs on the squad in real time.


Teramind is an advanced data analysis programme designed to monitor and analyse human behaviour. This powerful software is used by businesses to improve productivity and identify potential threats.


Veriato is a cloud-based employee monitoring solution which allows organisations to track employee productivity, attendance, and active/inactive times.


Hubstaff is a time and attendance system that can be utilised to effectively monitor employees, as well as facilitate payroll processes. Additionally, it can be employed to record employees’ idle time and capture screenshots from work computers.

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