Advantages of Remote Work Outweigh the Drawbacks

We see resistance to the adoption of remote work.

Some people feel isolated and alone; however, attending social events and participating in community activities can help to reduce these feelings. Additionally, individuals may worry about being overworked and constantly connected, but this can be managed by managing workloads and forming reasonable expectations for availability. Although there are a few other issues to consider, they are all entirely manageable.

ScholarshipsOwl Co-CEO David Tabachnikov (@davidtab) posted:

Have a co-working space, have a flight budget, have offsites
You can still have meetings without needing them.

An excellent point was made in The Globe And Mail:

The question of whether we should move away from remote work and bring everyone back together to work harmoniously may seem logical, however, this is not the answer. Introducing this change would come with tremendous costs, including the need for additional office space and an increase in cars on the road, both of which would require workers to make significant sacrifices. It is not necessarily the case that remote workers miss the office kitchen, but rather they would like to feel connected to their colleagues and part of a team. Companies are using various strategies to achieve this, such as virtual weekly meetings, retreats, and promoting phone calls and conversations rather than relying on e-mails or text messages.

We concur.

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