Al Gore Speaks on Impact Investing and Sustainable Solution Funding at Works HQ

Around a month ago, Works had the great honour of hosting a lively conversation with the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder and former United States Vice President, Al Gore. After the talk, Mr Gore kindly answered questions from employees at various locations in the building.

Al Gore is the Chairman and esteemed Co-Founder of Generation Investment Management, the company that took the lead in our most recent Series D financing round. He is a renowned environmental activist and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for his efforts in bringing attention to the dangers of global climate change. Along with his environmental accomplishments, Mr Gore also served as the Vice President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. His commitment and experience in sustainability initiatives make him a priceless asset to our company.

During his visit to Generation, Al Gore talked about the newly unveiled $1 billion fund aimed at promoting sustainable solutions. This fund distinguishes itself by investing in businesses that are paving the way in areas like the environment, healthcare, and workplace, rather than merely focusing on what may seem most profitable. At Generation, they take a comprehensive approach to investing, not only taking into account financial measures of prospective portfolio companies but also the impact their work has on the broader world. As Mr. Gore elucidated, it would be impossible to manage the situation without monitoring the data.

According to Mr. Gore’s explanation to Works, how can we reduce something if we don’t have any data on it?

Generation has enthusiastically commended Works for its exclusive ability to foster a new generation of Asian engineers and provide a viable solution to the global digital literacy deficit. As per Mr. Gore, “The most assured path to success is the efficient execution of a well-conceived strategy like Works.” This perspective was further cemented by our own in-depth analysis of Works’ goals, leading to a positive convergence of results. Not only are you making a significant global impact, but you are also realising a solid financial return.

The Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Works noted that there was a tangible feeling of mutual values shared within the team. As stated by the Generation manifesto, it is essential to show the impact of our work through data to achieve our mission.

Enterprises in the private sector can make an enduring and significant contribution to the world whilst still accomplishing their financial objectives. Mr. Gore urges businesses to match their financial targets with solutions to global challenges, which research has shown to be a lucrative and profitable approach. At Works, we believe this is the most practical method for businesses to succeed in the long haul.

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