Are Remote Programmers Available from Latin America?

In the past, businesses have had reservations about hiring remote programmers, often based on negative experiences. However, the increasing prevalence of remote IT personnel is not solely driven by monetary advantages, but also the wider pool of gifted candidates from the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and Latin America. With outstanding programming skills, Latin American nations are rapidly carving out a niche in the computer industry. This blog post aims to explore the availability of remote programmers in the region.

Hiring Freelance Programmers from Latin America

Evans Data’s Global Developer Population and Demographic Study suggests that there are approximately between 21 and 23 million programmers globally, and this figure is anticipated to increase to 28.7 million by 2024.

According to a report, in the upcoming years, the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America are projected to witness the highest growth rates in the number of programmers and IT sector respectively, as compared to North America.

With India leading the way, it has become the most densely populated hub for coders, surpassing the United States. In addition, Brazil has replaced Japan as the fifth-largest software exporter worldwide.

Brazil is regarded as one of the fastest-growing nations in Latin America for outsourced programming services.

Stack Overflow conducted research on the number of developers in various Latin American countries.

Which Latin American Countries Boast the Best Software Developers for Recruitment?

Latin America’s tech expertise is highly sought-after, and there is a burgeoning demand for software engineers, which is projected to rise even further. To determine which countries in the region offer the best IT professionals, we undertook three separate studies.

Ranking of Nations Based on Elite Programmers

Out of the top ten performers in this assessment, only four were from Latin America. The final rankings for Latin America (Latam) are:

Country Place

Furthermore, on HackerRank

The investigation included 1.5 million programmers from 50 nations. Here are the end results for Latin America:


Assessing the Value of Your Skills

This research was compiled by analysts who used data from over 500 assessments conducted across 44 countries. The Latin American findings are presented below:


Our research indicates that Brazil and Mexico are the top choices for hiring developers in Latin America. Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Colombia are also considered viable options.

Budget Planning for Developers in Latin America

The financial advantages of hiring remote workers are widely recognised. Yet, when searching for IT talent, the decision isn’t always influenced by financial considerations. Being able to attract and retain elite personnel is a significant advantage of virtual expansion. With a worldwide pool of potential employees at your disposal, the options are virtually limitless.

One way to achieve both cost savings and get top talent is by identifying proficient coders who are willing to work for lower wages. Many North American enterprises are turning to Latin America as a means of lowering expenses while still obtaining outstanding quality. The following table gives an overview of the salaries of software developers in Latin America.

Why Consider Employing a Latin American Programmer as an IT Company?

Here are the top 5 reasons for considering outsourcing software development to Latin American professionals from a distance.

Time Zone Differences

When you have employees working in different locations, it’s important to consider their respective time zones. This can be both beneficial and challenging, as it allows for greater freedom for workers to set their own hours but also may require meetings outside of regular business hours.

If you are located in the United States, time zone differences are not as significant, which is one of the benefits of hiring remote workers. For instance, if you’re in California and you recruit a developer in Mumbai, there’s a 9.5-hour time difference, as compared to just 1 hour if you hire someone in Buenos Aires. Why is this relevant? It’s much easier to maintain communication with remote personnel when everyone is operating within the same time zone.


Hiring remote workers is an affordable way to access expert IT assistance. This is advantageous to both small and large businesses as it allows them to lower their costs. When compared to other countries, wages in the US are often perceived to be high. As a result, it can be advantageous to pay Latin American employees in US dollars, especially given the variety of currencies used in the region.

The typical annual income of a developer in the United States is around $70,000, while the median yearly income of a programmer in Latin America is between $20,000 and $40,000, as per the median annual income.

Fluent in English Language

When hiring remotely, it’s crucial to weigh not only a candidate’s expertise and credentials but also their mother tongue. Recruiting the top remote developer would be of no use if communication is impeded by language barriers. While translation services are an option, the outcomes may be unsatisfactory. A shared language promotes effective communication.

The Latin American corporate arena has expressed the need for more English-speaking professionals, as highlighted in the EF English Proficiency Index 2023. In response, most governments in the region have instituted educational reforms to enhance the quality of English language teaching.

The leading English-speaking countries comprise:

  • Argentina (Proficient: 58.38 EPI)
  • In particular, Costa Rica (Intermediate level: 57.38 EPI)
  • Uruguay (Intermediate level: 54.08 EPI)
  • Chile (Intermediate level: 52.89 EPI)
  • Cuba (Intermediate level: 52.70 EPI)

Emerging Market

The IT sector can tap into expertise from various global locations. Although companies typically concentrate on conventional markets like India and China, Latin America often eludes them. However, expanding into this sector offers the chance to access skilled professionals at competitive rates and fill any unoccupied programming roles.

The Latin American digital landscape is spearheaded by Brazil, with nations like Chile and Colombia following suit. This makes the region an extremely appealing prospect for outsourcing.

Natural Aptitude

The number and calibre of IT professionals in Latin America have grown significantly in recent years. Top Stack Overflow users enjoy greater prestige in Latin American nations like Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil than in India and China.

The Latin American region is witnessing a rise in the number of highly skilled software developers. Buenos Aires, in particular, has a significant cohort of IT professionals with tertiary-level qualifications, making them ideal recruitment prospects, largely courtesy of enhanced educational systems in various countries in the area.

Considering Outsourcing to a Competent Programmer? Going the Extra Mile Can Yield Results

Aside from possessing the requisite skillset for the role, the article stressed that it’s crucial to engage an applicant who can also:

  • Is proficient in the language you communicate in
  • Shares and values your company’s ethos
  • Possesses a comprehensive understanding of how your business functions
  • Is compatible with the team (among other factors)

But how can you be sure that your chosen candidate will excel?

To ensure the recruitment of competent remote LATAM programmers, HR teams must possess the necessary tools to identify the optimal candidates. When making their selections, it’s important to consider the candidates’ technical proficiency as well as their soft skills and personality traits.

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