Author’s Desk: 5 Hints for Creating Technical Documents

If you aspire to grab the interest of recruiters or fellow technology professionals, then displaying your proficiency is indispensable.

To demonstrate your proficiency and be recognized as a top expert in your domain, create content such as technical tutorials and opinion pieces. This content can span diverse areas ranging from data science, product management to Ruby development and UX design. You can effortlessly share your expertise by initiating a blog or social media account.

To enhance the writing skills of the community, we frequently host writing workshops and established the Writer’s Room. The Writer’s Room constitutes blog entries drafted by our technology specialists on diverse subjects like SOAP and Java.

Our company, Works, is divulging some of our insider tips to assist you in enhancing your technical writing skills.

Why invest time in writing when there are alternative activities available?

As a technology enthusiast, it is essential to deliberate on the following seven advantages of producing content (specifically, writing blogs):

  • Increase the traffic to your website (in case you possess one)
  • Prioritize search engine optimization
  • Establish your repute as a go-to specialist in your area of expertise.
  • Attract potential employers
  • Generating content is necessary to increase your social media followers.
  • Promote awareness of your technology-related pursuits.
  • Establish your identity within the IT industry.

When releasing content online, you can showcase your expertise and ideas with a global audience. Consistent writing can aid in honing your writing abilities, and with increased proficiency, you can reach a wider reader base.

Article and instructional writing involves:

  • Disseminating knowledge
  • Conveying a message
  • Urging the reader to take some form of action
  • Advocating for a particular course of action or approach

Individuals who are technically inclined have the capacity to create:

  • An exhibition or instruction
  • Showcase a Project or Application Utilization
  • Elaborate on the steps in extensive detail.

It is crucial to deliberate on the message you wish to impart to your readers. Do you intend to present a detailed synopsis of Docker environments, or do you aspire to present a broader outlook on the benefits of collaborating on open-source initiatives? Regardless of the content of your post, ensure that you…

Be mindful of your audience.

It is crucial to take into account the targeted readership when crafting any written material. For instance, are you drafting a guide for a novice programmer in Golang, or are you designing a higher-level lecture about a Python project you have built? Bearing the intended audience in mind is essential for effective written communication.

It is crucial to communicate with the reader in an equitable manner. Employing an amicable tone and uncomplicated language is the optimal way of establishing a comfortable and engaging dialogue with the reader. There is no requirement to use excessively intricate terminology in this respect.

Capture the interest of your reader.

When generating a post, reflecting on the context in which your readers will discover it is crucial. What objective do you want to fulfil for them? Upon encountering your technical piece, if they do not communicate with you, do you aim for them to at least peruse the tutorial? In creating a technical essay, make it a point to prioritise the four primary areas itemised below.

  • Clarify the relevance of the topic to them.

    This guide or article strives to present a distinctive viewpoint on the subject matter, furnishing readers with novel information. By highlighting the importance and objective of the piece in the introduction, readers can promptly discern the worth of the content and what they can anticipate from it.
  • Provide them with solid evidence

    To instil readers with confidence in the assertions made in this essay, it is crucial to lay out the author’s credentials and expertise. If the author is a seasoned Python programmer, they should underscore this in the blog, as it bolsters the reader’s trust in the legitimacy of the shared information. To sustain the reader’s interest, it is imperative to guarantee that the content is persuasive and reliable.
  • Equip them with the requisite information.

    Furnish your readers with the essential information that enables them to actualise their intended objective. If you are crafting a tutorial, make sure to supply all the information needed for the reader to competently execute the task, including any pertinent code. If you are producing an opinion leadership article, incorporate pertinent quotes and figures to substantiate your concepts.
  • Impart the essential directives.

    To ascertain optimal effectiveness, it is crucial to incorporate a call-to-action at the end of your blog. This could be a hyperlink to your social media accounts or a catalogue of supplementary resources that could be useful. By doing so, you can ensure that your writing is of exceptional quality and that your objective of enticing people to subscribe, download or acquire a new programming language is realised.

Composing Your Article

It is crucial to bear in mind the following while composing your essay.

  1. Headline

    Ensure that your title instantly grabs the reader’s attention. Employ words such as “advice,” “best practices,” “create,” and “build” to enhance its searchability. Titles that involve numbers, e.g. “15 Steps to Construct a Machine Monitoring Tool,” aid in setting the tone and providing insights into the upcoming content. Including the word “you” in the title will attract more attention to your work. Adding the reader’s name will confer a more intimate and chatty tone to the writing.
  2. Structure

    It is essential not to come across as too serious when crafting your post. Involve your readers by inviting them to read and provide feedback. If it is a how-to guide, ensure to sustain the reader’s motivation. Positive statements such as “keep practising” or “if it doesn’t work, don’t worry, try again” can aid in keeping your audience interested. Using the first-person point of view gives the impression of having a conversation with the reader, and phrases like “you can always use this app, I prefer to use…” can help the reader feel more connected to you and your writing. When discussing your achievements and shortcomings, be candid and truthful.
  3. The role of visuals

    Studies carried out by Google have demonstrated that blog posts with images are 94% more likely to attract readers’ attention than those without visuals. For technical blogs, utilising screenshots and inline code can aid in clarifying complex procedures in a more comprehensible manner. Additionally, including links to relevant videos can help readers better grasp the content. Hence, producing a video of your guidelines and uploading it to a video sharing platform such as YouTube or Vimeo is an efficient means of elevating your blog post’s comprehension.

Publish Your Work!

When deciding on the platform to publish your technical articles, there are various options to explore. Publishing your work to a blog or online magazine may be fitting, or you might want to launch your own online journal. To aid you in finding the most suitable platform for your writing, here are some recommendations to ponder.

  1. Works

    Have you joined our Works Community yet? If so, you may want to participate in our site’s content creation. Our team members must be well-versed in the technology domain, and our widely read blog is an excellent platform to demonstrate this proficiency. Connect with us in the #Writing-Opportunities section of our Slack community to gain more insights into our Writer’s Room initiative. You could receive up to $200 for each of your blog posts that we use.

    Medium provides an outstanding platform for writers to share their work with a worldwide readership. With a pronounced emphasis on technology, startups, and business, it is a top-tier option for software engineering-related blog posts.
  3. Launch a personal blog.

    Initiating and releasing your own content is an excellent means of getting your work noticed. If you are just getting started, creating a blog on WordPress or Blogger is an effective way to commence your journey. You could then employ social media to help broaden the reach of your content.

We trust that these recommendations will function as a starting point for your technical writing vocation.

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