Be Imaginative, as if You Were a Software Developer

Amazon began as a bookseller and has since grown to become a worldwide marketplace. When it first launched, Facebook was limited to students at elite institutions and didn’t provide the advanced services it now offers, such as advertising and job boards. Netflix, too, has come a long way since its inception; when streaming was in its infancy, it sold DVDs.

It is clear that businesses which once served niche markets have grown into large companies that now dominate their respective industries. Amazon’s pioneering tactics have had a major impact on many industries, while Facebook has become more than just a social media platform, with many individuals using it as their primary source of news and information. Additionally, Netflix has created a vast library of content which can be accessed through their streaming service.

What technique did they utilise to achieve success? One of the key elements of their approach was the emulation of software companies and the continued adoption of this model. Is this something that can be replicated by others? Absolutely, there are steps that can be taken to help you start thinking like a software company.

Adopt a “growth mindset.”

When Jeff Bezos founded Amazon more than a quarter of a century ago, it is highly unlikely that he could have envisioned becoming the wealthiest person in the world. Nevertheless, it is likely that he had far-reaching aspirations for his company beyond being an online bookseller.

Software corporations, such as Amazon, have an ambitious outlook. Although they may still be a startup, they should be confident that they will ultimately identify the ideal investor or be able to enter the public markets.

Regardless of your field, you need to have a development mentality and always be planning for your company’s future success.

Reduce Silos Within Organizations

Software-centric companies often hear complaints that developers are treated like celebrities. However, a successful software development firm recognises and values the contribution of every member of staff to its success. The success of the company’s products and services does not depend on any single department or employee; all employees play an important part.

The teamwork displayed was exemplary and should be a benchmark for other companies to follow. It is essential that everyone in marketing, sales, HR, finance, design, and operations feels valued and their opinions are taken into account. Establishing a culture of open communication and encouraging contribution from all staff is essential.

Adopt an Agile Approach

Developers and development firms have widely adopted the Agile methodology due to its focus on collaboration and responding to customer needs. The Agile Manifesto, with its 12 principles, provides a framework for success. Ultimately, this approach helps development businesses better serve their clients and work together with their peers.

Many of the principles outlined in the Manifesto can be applied to a variety of organisations across multiple industries, however some are more specific to software or technology (the seventh principle states: “Working software is the key metric of progress”). For instance, businesses should strive to continually enhance their customers’ experiences.

Please review the Manifesto and consider how its principles could be applied to your company. They could potentially lead to positive changes. Additionally, broaden your search for other agile methods to improve operations.

Embrace Ambiguity

It is understandable to strive for a successful outcome; however, it is important to recognize that there is always an element of risk associated with business. Companies in the software industry are cognizant of the fact that this sector is ever evolving, with new concepts coming to the fore and trends changing frequently. As such, they plan ahead and build in contingencies.

It is essential to recognise that circumstances are likely to change. Although it may be difficult to anticipate every possible issue, it is beneficial to implement strategies to help manage unpredictability, which will help ensure operations run smoothly.

Pay Attention to Your Return on Investment.

It is important to remember that consumers may not understand the value of a project or product, even if it is evident to you. Therefore, it is essential for software developers to consider the return on investment (ROI) at every stage of product development.

Gartner emphasises the importance of ensuring that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the desired outcome of the project and have established metrics to evaluate its success. Establishing objectives is essential in measuring the value and effectiveness of the project.

Never Stop Trying New Things

It is clear that technological progress is reliant upon fresh concepts. However, it is essential for all industries to embrace innovation in order to remain competitive and stand out from the competition.

As software developers, it is important to continually strive for new ways to grow your business, enhance your competitive advantage and provide excellent products and services to customers. Everyone within the team, regardless of their role or expertise, should take responsibility for this process.

Create a Productive Work Environment

Company culture is an integral factor in the success of software development organisations. Businesses like this tend to maintain a culture of collaboration, which promotes and celebrates the individual contributions of all employees, as they are more likely to have a strong connection to their early days as a startup, compared to more established enterprises.

In addition, some organisations provide their personnel with additional benefits such as on-site gyms, complimentary meals, regular social events, unrestricted annual leave, and more. These advantages can help to foster a more positive environment. Although not compulsory, considering ways to enhance the company culture can help to improve morale.

It appears that your business is likely to be achieving more than it may be aware of. Moreover, we would like to emphasise that we are not suggesting that all software development companies are without fault.

Even so, software development firms can teach you a thing or two that will help you lead your company into a new era of innovation and prosperity.

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