Benchmark’s Experience with Outsourcing to a Remote Java Script Development Team

Benchmark began as a small business with just a single person at the helm and the slogan ‘not only delivered, accepted’. However, thanks to their commitment to providing an outstanding customer experience, they have achieved remarkable success and become a well-known international company.

Despite the great success of the company’s rapid expansion into new markets, it also faced a number of challenges. One of the most fiercely competitive industries on the web is email marketing. For customers to be satisfied with their advertising activities, they expect a highly efficient online interface that is capable of responding quickly to their requests. Furthermore, they anticipate having access to powerful resources for data analysis and monitoring.

Benchmark had previously relied on external assistance, a common choice for businesses operating in a rapidly-evolving landscape. The company had outsourced the development of its technology infrastructure to specialised providers. While initially the outlook was positive, the contractors ultimately failed to deliver; unfortunately, they fell short of expectations.

Benchmark experienced a rapid expansion of their user base, largely due to their superior vision and ideals. Unfortunately, their IT systems were struggling to keep up with the demands of this growth. The contractor responsible for the IT systems was not performing to the required standard, which threatened to undermine the team’s otherwise exceptional dedication to expansion. As time was of the essence, Benchmark had become increasingly anxious.

Upon realising that they needed to establish an internal IT department, the management team was fully aware of the task at hand. It was essential that they recruit competent programmers and ensure that they could become part of the Benchmark family. This would enable the developers to gain a greater understanding of the company’s ethos, which includes having a “can-do” attitude, displaying confidence and being humble.

The Benchmark organisation were looking for a candidate who could bring a combination of experience and strong moral character to the role. Director of Product Development, Paul Rijnders, put it this way:

We were searching for an individual to become a permanent member of our team, rather than just a short-term employee, so being a good cultural fit was just as important as being geographically close. The calibre of our personnel has a significant impact on the success of our business, just as much as the products we offer. Consequently, we sought out a partner who would not only be in line with our company’s image and culture, but also with the persona we have cultivated.

This first gave them confidence that they were making progress, but they eventually ran into resistance.

How Works Solved Our Problem of Finding a Remote JavaScript Programmer

After conducting extensive research, Rijnders found that it was a laborious task attempting to locate an appropriate local headhunter, and that these headhunters were requesting exorbitant advance payments without first carrying out any preliminary candidate assessments.

Benchmark’s transition from a broken contractor business to a broken employment sector was accompanied by an increase in payroll costs due to the hiring of costly recruiters, which was further exacerbated by a high level of bureaucratic inefficiency that consumed valuable time. This posed a significant obstacle to the company’s attempts to bring on full-time developers.

At the time, Sharon Koifman, CEO of Works, got in touch with them to discuss the groundbreaking framework that Works had developed. This system is designed to find and hire full-time remote workers, whilst managing all the administrative tasks that come with it. Moreover, the process of integrating new overseas hires is greatly simplified.

Works’ approach was completely different to what Benchmark had experienced in the past. There were no upfront costs, no red tape to navigate, and no surprise fees. We would only accept applications from highly-skilled developers whose values and ethos aligned with Benchmark’s. We would also be open to considering headhunted individuals who were a good match for the company.

“This allows the business and the worker to immediately begin working together.” remarked Sharon on the originality of Works‘ method.

It was evident that Benchmark had developed a strong fondness for a South American programmer quickly. At the time, he had a job, but he chose to abandon it without any hesitation. The reasoning behind this decision was quite simple; they both had similar values.

The Java programmer employed the precise terms “responsibility,” “communication,” “effort,” “honesty,” “can-do,” “confidence,” and “humility” during his job interview. He had no prior knowledge of Benchmark or its practices, yet the fit was uncanny.

At Benchmark, the procedures for integrating a new remote employee were outstanding. In the onboarding process, both long-term and short-term goals were discussed, as well as their overall objectives. Additionally, they were made aware of the potential opportunities for professional development and growth within the organisation.

The results were truly remarkable. The remote developer they employed was a perfect fit in terms of cultural identity and worked extremely hard. It was not unusual to observe him in the office late in the evening, diligently working on the organisation’s IT system. His proficiency as a Javascript developer enabled him to enhance a number of their systems. He was able to upgrade the company from the customer interface all the way through to technical support.

Due to his diligent efforts, Benchmark’s software products experienced a marked improvement, allowing them to demonstrate their commitment to their customers.

Benchmark’s success in managing remote workers has instilled confidence in their organisation, enabling them to become a global presence. They have managed to maintain their competitive edge by taking advantage of the expertise of their personnel who are located in distant locations. This has allowed them to stay up to date with the latest trends in email marketing, ensuring they remain at the forefront of this sector.

Benchmark may have been the first to tell this story, however you have the opportunity to create your own positive outcome. Why not get in touch with Works and discover if the finest talent in the world can be accessed by you?

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