Best Practices for Contracting Android Programmers Abroad


Due to the rapid growth of Android, the requirement for remote Android developers has sharply risen. Developing an Android app can be a laborious and time-consuming task, making use of a range of tools and techniques. However, there is an optimum method that allows you to publish your app on the Play Store and make it available to your customers in a reduced timeframe.

The objective of this discourse is to ascertain the benefits of hiring Android programmers to work remotely, which is highlighted in this suggested article. It is crucial to comprehend the advantages of remote work. Therefore, let us delve deeper and examine the benefits in more detail.

Cost-efficient: When devising the layout of your workplace, it is imperative to contemplate the possible reverberations of having remote Android developers. It is noteworthy how you can have employees without the provision of fundamental facilities. It is vital to take into account expenses such as providing lunch, commuting costs and giving hardware equipment, which can be minimized to reduce costs.

Talented individuals from all over the world: Opting for internal applicants when hiring Android developers is feasible, but you could also consider sourcing skilled remote Android developers for the role. Broadening your search can prove advantageous in seeking out the best candidate suited for the job.

Increased efficiency: Recent studies have found that remote workers are 20-25% more efficient than traditional office workers. Coupled with other benefits, this has led to a growing number of startups adopting remote work as the norm.

This blog post will cover the top practices for remote recruitment and hiring of Android developers. But before we proceed, let us first ponder why Android has emerged as the most extensively employed mobile operating system.

Why Choose Android?

The Google Android operating system is incredibly coveted in the current market. It was initially launched in 2007 and has been consistently enhanced ever since. With Android-based smartphones gaining more and more popularity, the requirement for skilled Android Developers is also increasing.

With its user-friendly interface and personalization options, Android has secured an impressive 73% market share in the smartphone industry. According to recent data from Google, over 2.89 million applications are now available for download on the Play Store.

With the proliferating ownership of smartphones, there is an escalating demand for applications. The app store now offers a myriad of choices, enabling businesses, irrespective of their size or age, to profit from an app that can effectively manage the influx of customers and revenue it can produce.

The augmented requirement for user-friendly, fully functional and personalized applications has caused a rise in the need for proficient Android app developers with adequate expertise.

  • Defining Project Requirements is Vital

  • Now that we have established a basic comprehension of Android, we can examine the procedure of contracting out Android development to remote developers. Before embarking on this, however, there are certain critical prerequisites we should concentrate on.
  • Description of Mobile App Project –

  • At this point, having a lucid comprehension of the app’s commercial potential is crucial. With over 30 unique app categories, each comprising of multiple alternatives, the Google Play Store has a vast selection of applications.
  • – Integration of the Following Features

  • Having accomplished the previous phase, aspects such as user interface, speed, security, push alerts and other app requirements for your business will come to light.
  • Appearance and Proportions Are Key

  • The size of most apps available on the Google Play store generally ranges around 11.5 megabytes. In instances where an app necessitates substantial power, it might be necessary to make a tradeoff between size and functionality. However, customers are usually hesitant to install bulky apps that perform only a solitary task. They prefer apps that deliver the most features without requiring them to download huge software packages, providing excellent value for their money.

Qualities to Look for in a Remote Android Developer

When deciding on the type of Android developer essential for a project, it is imperative to take into account the specific demands of the task. Employing an experienced Android developer who can notice the slightest of intricacies might be advantageous, or alternatively, pairing a less experienced developer with an expert might be more appropriate. There are Android developers with diverse levels of experience and proficiency readily available to cater to all necessities.

Novice Android Programmer

  • Experience Level: Three Years
  • engaged in the development of fundamental mobile applications.
  • Professionals at the intermediate and advanced levels may find advantageous.

Part-Time Middle Android Developer

  • Minimum of three years of appropriate work experience.
  • Demonstrated active involvement in complex Android-based projects previously.
  • able to operate independently in diverse circumstances.

Expert Senior Android Developer

  • Demonstrated record of accomplishment of more than five years in the industry.
  • Oversaw, guided, and provided counsel on major initiatives.
  • Possesses the qualifications to lead a team.
  • Moreover, a remote Android Developer must have technical proficiency, analytical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and be able to cooperate in a team-oriented setting, in addition to meeting the above criteria. For tips on motivating excellent performance in technology teams, please visit this link.

Discuss the Technical and Interpersonal Abilities Required for a Remote Android Engineer

Certain technical proficiencies are required for a remote Android developer, as outlined in this article.

Being knowledgeable in Java is crucial for Android developers since it is one of the most commonly utilised coding languages for Android application development. Android Studio is compatible with numerous Android SDK versions, providing developers with the chance to create their best work on native Android applications. Additionally, Android Studio includes emulators for various mobile devices, allowing developers to evaluate their applications on virtual machines before releasing them to the public. Therefore, it is vital to employ a remote Android developer with Java proficiency due to its widespread use and popularity.

Third-party services that broaden the app’s capabilities are frequently integrated into the application. Candidates may be assessed on their knowledge of XML/SOAP and JSON/REST APIs. To ensure a thorough response from the developer, one can request either the name of the API or its name accompanied by its associated functionality. Experienced remote Android developers are anticipated to possess knowledge of such APIs and their usage.

In the current digital scenario, an internet connection is crucial for most software applications. This is why XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a crucial tool for developers as it enables them to access data online and execute program functions. XML is employed to create Android layout files, making it important to recruit a remote Android developer who possesses aptitude in XML.

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) offers an array of tools for building Android applications. Kotlin, Java, and C++ are the coding languages most frequently used in creating Android applications. Skilled Android developers must have a thorough understanding of views, layouts, user input, activities, and lifecycles, as well as the ability to resolve issues. Before engaging a remote Android developer, it is critical to guarantee that your Android SDK is thoroughly tested.

Currently, most mobile applications need to be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. They should operate seamlessly while still putting users at ease. This necessitates a well-designed plan and the ability to implement it. Thus, the app’s user interface and user experience are critical components of its success or failure. Android developers and UI/UX designers collaborate to create visually striking and user-friendly applications. UI/UX designers provide feedback and suggestions to improve the Android developers’ designs. When seeking remote Android development teams, it is essential to consider candidates with a strong design background.

The amount of data that mobile applications handle is too vast for it to be stored entirely within the app. Cloud-based databases such as Firebase and MongoDB are indispensable in addressing this issue. Database proficiency is critical in addition to the other required skill sets for any Android developer. Consequently, it is highly advisable to hire an experienced Android developer who is also skilled in database storage and retrieval.

When seeking a remote Android developer, it is critical to evaluate their abilities beyond their technical expertise. To thrive in a remote work context, candidates must exhibit aptitude in several areas.

It is crucial to identify candidates who possess a strong command of the English language and can articulate themselves effectively. Even if someone is an accomplished remote Android developer, they must be able to speak English fluently since it is a language that is widely spoken globally.

To maximise productivity in a remote work setup, it is necessary to maintain strong communication with colleagues. This ability is essential for anyone seeking to be recruited as a remote Android developer.

Being capable of dealing with both successes and failures is crucial, as this seemingly minor requirement may have substantial repercussions for the projects.

Collaborating with individuals from different continents can frequently result in delays, hence it is recommended to seek employees who can work within your own timeframes.

Ways to Hire Remote Android Software Developers

Dependence on Freelancers
Several businesses have attained success by engaging remote Android developers. Popular platforms generally possess similar attributes: they go online, create a “customer” account, post job vacancies, receive CVs, and then communicate with the developers with whom they wish to collaborate.

Next, we will identify the most suitable candidates and organise interviews to assess their technical expertise and soft skills, such as their ability to communicate and work well with others.

  • Reduced project costs
  • Select from an extensive pool of candidates
  • Beneficial for short tasks
  • Quality is not guaranteed.
  • Without privacy safeguards in place
  • Multiple Time Zones
  • There may be a language barrier.
  • Manage and handle tasks independently

Feel Free to Contact Different Builders

When buying or selling, a legally binding contract is created that outlines the details of the project, such as quantity of goods, delivery dates, and any restrictions. Outsourcing, the practise of hiring an external organisation to perform a specific aspect of a business contract, is commonplace. As many of these tasks require external assistance, bringing in a contractor helps with efficient project management.

  • A reduction in costs
  • Appropriate for short-term projects
  • Their developers are some of the top in the field.
  • Not retaining talented individuals in the team
  • They do not align with the current company culture.
  • Receive compensation based on the amount of effort put in.

Partner with Outsourcing-centric Employment Agencies

Our Android development procedure has been exhaustive until now. It might have become evident that the process is quite time-consuming, arduous, and demanding. Nevertheless, stay resilient!

Earlier, we talked about the best methods for users to find and download your app on the Play Store. Hence, I can delve further into the topic; the solution is to leverage external hiring agencies. It truly is that simple.

To ensure a hassle-free recruitment procedure, the most effective solution is to approach a company that can supply remote Android developers tailored to your specific needs. Some firms may be able to offer flexible working hours, such as part-time or full-time. Additionally, to provide further reassurance, certain enterprises provide a risk-free trial period. Skipping the cumbersome process of registering on freelancing portals and submitting job applications, this approach helps you save time by scheduling multiple interviews quickly.

  • Rapidly acquire the necessary developers
  • employ certified developers
  • Measures to Protect Newly Generated Items
  • Avail the opportunity to try it out without any obligations.
  • Engaging in a productive discussion
  • Our pricing is fairly reasonable.
  • Assistance from the Enterprise


Having perused this article, you are now well-versed in the numerous options accessible for hiring remote Android developers. Carrying out this task on your own can consume a significant amount of time. Nonetheless, with adequate support, the process can be substantially hastened.

It seems that choosing a firm with expertise in hiring Android developers remotely is the optimal solution at present. If you are interested in proceeding with this, please contact them to comprehend their process, policies and conditions prior to making a final call.

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