Best Practices for Staffing Your Organization (According to Bill Gates)

When it comes to being successful in the software industry, it’s wise to take inspiration from those who have already made it big. Influential figures such as Steve Jobs, Marissa Mayer, and Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, have invaluable insights and opinions that should be taken into account.

The co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, and William Gates, who began the company at just 20 years of age in 1975, are household names today. Gates has been instrumental in driving personal computing forward and is highly regarded as a result. While his business tactics have been questioned in the past, his charitable works have earned him significant praise in recent times.

After coming across the following statement from Mr. Gates, we felt it was important to share:

As time goes on, it’s expected that the competition for job openings will only become more intense. Businesses that allow their workers more freedom in terms of when they work are likely to be in a better position to thrive in this heightened competition.

It’s important to never simply take someone else’s word for something, even when it’s coming from renowned industry leaders such as Bill Gates. However, we are in complete agreement with the Microsoft expert and here’s why:

A Modular Schedule is Preferred by Employees

According to recent research from Global Workplace Analytics, a vast majority (70%) of employees would like the option to work remotely at least some of the time. Although there are certain responsibilities that cannot be completed off-site, such as working in a fast-food restaurant, many tasks are just as easily accomplished from a cubicle, coffee shop, or home office.

For businesses, there are many potential advantages to providing employees with the option to work remotely, as explored further in this blog post. This can improve employee morale and loyalty, leading to greater productivity and job satisfaction. It also means that if an employee falls ill, they can still work from home to prevent spreading illness in the workplace while still getting important work done.

With the help of technology, even teams working in offices can benefit from remote communication channels. If you’re already collaborating with colleagues from a different branch, your current setup may suffice. However, if the idea of employees not being physically present in the workplace causes discomfort, consider establishing a remote work setup, but still within the confines of the office, to help avoid the need for constant check-ins and supervisions.

The Very Best and Brightest from Around the Globe

While Silicon Valley is home to a large number of highly talented programmers, it’s crucial to note that similarly skilled individuals can be found in other areas of the world. If your business is located outside of the Valley and you’re unable or unwilling to hire individuals who are willing to relocate, your company may not be able to achieve its full potential.

By opting to hire remote developers, your business can expand its talent pool beyond just local candidates. You’ll be able to access a vast global network and find the perfect fit for the role without any limitations. This approach also offers the added advantage of promoting greater cultural diversity within your team. Plus, you can attract specific demographics, such as working mothers and individuals with disabilities, by advertising your job as a remote position.

Other Companies Are Following Suit

The popularity of remote working is clearly on the rise, with a 40% increase in the number of businesses offering flexible work options over the past five years. This trend is impacting the job market significantly, as a survey found that 80% of respondents preferred a job with flexible scheduling over one that lacked it. Therefore, in order to remain competitive, businesses must adopt flexible and remote work arrangements.

Distributed Teams Get More Work Done

Despite the common stereotype of remote workers lounging in front of their televisions while trying to work, countless studies have actually shown that distributed teams tend to be more productive. However, this misconception still persists. If there’s one key takeaway to remember from this article, it’s this very point.

By removing the need to commute, distributed teams have been able to boost their productivity and performance. This has been aided by the fact that flexible schedules and remote work have helped improve employee work-life balance, resulting in higher levels of happiness. This improved balance has also led to a greater willingness among employees to work weekends or put in extra hours.

There is a Reduction in Costs as a Result

According to an article on, remote employees can potentially save up to $5,000 annually by working from home. This is primarily due to the lower costs associated with transportation, work clothing maintenance, packed lunches, and takeout coffee. However, it’s important to note that these cost savings should not be used as justification for paying remote workers lower wages. After all, both parties stand to benefit from these savings.

Since remote employees don’t occupy a physical office space, they don’t require a designated desk, chair, light, telephone, or stationery supply drawers. Furthermore, they don’t make use of shared office amenities like the microwave or coffee machine, nor do they consume supplies like toilet paper. All of these factors can add up to significant savings, with an estimated business cost saving of approximately £10,000 per year by allowing employees to work from home.

Working Remotely Can Help Save the Planet

Global Workplace Analytics’ research has shown that if employees worked remotely for two days each week, it could result in a yearly reduction of 54 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. This could have a significant impact on pollution, benefitting not only employees, but also the wider community.

Enabling remote work has the potential to promote greater financial equality and have a positive impact on society. As mentioned by radio guest Jo Palmer, by providing individuals the option to work from home instead of concentrating in overcrowded urban areas, it could help revive struggling rural communities. This could represent a return to a simpler way of life, which many of us would appreciate.

It’s Easier Than You Might Think

We understand that it can be daunting to hire your first remote employee. Nevertheless, you can have confidence in our capability and expertise to support you. As a remote technical staffing company, we are skilled at identifying the right IT professional to meet your requirements, whether it’s a developer, analyst, or another specialized role. We can source candidates with the necessary technical skills who are also open to remote work within a two-week timeframe. After identifying the best candidates, we will provide you with a selection of resumes for your review.

As per the influential words of Mr. Gates, remote work is gaining significant traction in the job market, and if you aspire to attract top-notch tech talent, then embracing this innovative way of working is essential. By visiting the Works recruitment page today, you can offer your team the flexibility they desire while also gaining a competitive edge over your peers.

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