Best Remote Team Management Tools

When determining which technologies to utilise for remote workers, it is important to consider the projects that need to be accomplished and how the remote team should interact with the local team. It is essential to select tools that will allow the staff to operate efficiently and effectively. As each business has its own set of requirements, it is important to evaluate each option thoroughly to ensure that the chosen tools are in line with the desired objectives.

Having said that, here are a few technologies we believe your firm might benefit from if you operate in a remote environment:

  1. For project management….

    Works relies on Trello to keep our projects organized, assign tasks, and collaborate with colleagues. As an additional project management solution, we have recently integrated Asana into our workflow. Asana is easy to use and highly effective for planning and tracking tasks. It’s worth noting that some of the world’s most successful organizations like Uber, Airbnb, and Pinterest also rely on Asana.

    Although lacking in versatility, these tools offer exceptional benefits that outweigh any drawbacks, ensuring your remote team’s productivity and punctuality.
  2. For communication…

    We rely on Slack for most of our internal communication needs at Works. Slack is an internet chatroom that offers various advantages, such as encouraging collaborative thinking, allowing easy file sharing, providing a space for exchanging notes, and much more. Additionally, Slack has the feature to organize conversations into channels, which helps in maintaining an organized and efficient workspace.
  3. Video conferencing is crucial…

    For effective communication amongst teams, we rely on Zoom for all-hands meetings and Whereby for quick small-team discussions or sales calls. Both tools have their own strengths and limitations, but the most suitable one for your team depends on your specific communication requirements.
  4. Specially designed for creatives…

    Even though Works primarily focuses on engineering-driven activities, we still appreciate the importance of exploring creative avenues. The marketing and communications team has shown interest in Milanote, a tool that offers both artistic and technical capabilities.

    Main features of Milanote:
    • It allows you to make notes and to-do lists, upload photos and files, and save content discovered online.
    • The flexible drag-and-drop interface enables graphic organization.
    • By default, the boards are private for personal brainstorming. However, with a simple click, you can create a shared workspace and collaborate with your team.
    • Milanote provides numerous adaptable templates to support a wide range of projects, like developing a mood board or crafting a comprehensive creative brief. Our templates are designed to help you initiate your work and efficiently organize it.

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