Books Every Software Developer Ought to Read About TypeScript

As the popularity of TypeScript continues to rise, it is becoming the language of choice for many developers. With the surge in demand for TypeScript literature, now is the ideal time to invest in a book to help you hone your skills and learn the fundamentals of this powerful programming language. To make things easier, we have compiled a list of the best TypeScript books for both beginners and experienced coders. Whether you are a novice seeking to understand the basics or an experienced programmer looking to add to your existing knowledge, these books will provide you with the necessary guidance and instruction you need.

TypeScript is not intended as a substitute for JavaScript (JS), but rather as an enhancement to enhance the quality and productivity of JS development. Through the process of compilation, TypeScript code is transformed into JavaScript, thus making it compatible with all JS runtimes.

So that we know part of the background, it’s time to learn why TypeScript is a good option.

Okay, so let’s begin!

Explain what TypeScript is. So why use TypeScript instead?

When TypeScript is compiled, it is converted into JavaScript, allowing it to be used as a typed superset of the popular scripting language. This provides the advantage of being able to detect potential issues during the design process, as opposed to after development when it can be more difficult to identify and address problems. After compilation, TypeScript produces JavaScript code that is both human-readable and compliant with industry standards. Furthermore, the framework has the necessary resources to allow for the creation of enterprise-level JavaScript applications.

All implementations of JavaScript are functionally equivalent to TypeScript; however, TypeScript may make use of certain features and capabilities which are not available in JavaScript. As such, the demand for developers who are proficient in TypeScript is increasing significantly.

Which TypeScript book is the best?

It is essential to consider both customer reviews and the content of the book when attempting to learn a new language. You may opt for a book that is paired with an accompanying website or a comprehensive online course. Additionally, many programming books are available in multiple languages, offering the option of choosing a book written in a language that is already familiar.

Some recommendations for excellent books about TypeScript:

  • Find a book that works with your operating system and software development platform. The book shouldn’t use a dated form of the language.
  • You should read a book that explains the fundamentals of TypeScript, such as its types, variables, functions, and classes.
  • Pick a book that walks you through TypeScript with clear, actionable examples.
  • The book you choose should provide easy-to-understand explanations of each idea.
  • Try to track down a book authored by a seasoned TypeScript developer.
  • Verify if the book’s content is suitable for your current knowledge of programming.
  • Look for a book that has supplementary materials, like discussion forums or email assistance, to help you through any difficulties you may have.
  • Look for a book that can be read on your computer or printed out.
  • Look for books with code snippets you can implement in your own work as a prerequisite for buying them.

Favourite educational texts TypeScript

TypeScript is a widely-adopted and publicly-available programming language that can be used with any web browser, server, or operating system. It is an incredibly versatile language that can be taken and used anywhere, is easily reusable, and has access to a wide range of JavaScript libraries. All of these features make it an ideal choice for many JavaScript programmers, making it the preferred language of many.

Find the best TypeScript book for your needs.

In-Depth Look at TypeScript

This book, TypeScript Deep Dive, is designed to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the TypeScript language. It covers all aspects of the language, from basic concepts to more complex topics, allowing readers to gain a complete mastery of the language from any angle.

The TypeScript book explains the following ideas:

  • Declarations, Type Inference, and Type Compatibility are cornerstones of the TypeScript language.
  • Learn the TypeScript language’s more sophisticated features, including Generics, Enums, and Decorators.
  • Modules, Namespaces, and Source Maps: Making and Using Them.
  • Compiler, Language Service, and TypeScript features.

Using TypeScript in Your Code

This book is an excellent choice for developers who already have a working knowledge of JavaScript and wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of the TypeScript language. It provides a comprehensive coverage of the language, clearly and logically laying out each concept in an accessible manner.

The ideas presented in this TypeScript book are:

  • An introduction to the various variable types and their uses in TypeScript.
  • This book explains how to utilise the various functions and classes available in TypeScript and provides examples of their usage.
  • Learn the ins and outs of TypeScript’s interfaces and modules.
  • A comprehensive guide on setting up and using TypeScript decorators in your own projects.
  • Describes the TypeScript symbols and how to use them.

The TypeScript Programming Language for JavaScript

If you are a software developer who is interested in transitioning from using JavaScript to working with TypeScript, this book is the perfect resource for you. It covers all the essential aspects of TypeScript and provides multiple code samples to help you gain a better understanding of the language.

The ideas presented in this TypeScript book are:

  • An overview of TypeScript’s features and examples of its use.
  • Creating a TypeScript workspace and the concept of TypeScript tools.
  • The development of a TypeScript app is facilitated by the language’s compatibility with the most popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks.
  • TypeScript’s Object-Oriented Programming Style (OOPS) and Functional Programming.
  • Accessing and updating databases and building web applications using TypeScript.
  • Working with TypeScript for server-side and web-based applications.

Conquering TypeScript

If you are a software developer looking for an in-depth understanding of TypeScript, this book is the perfect resource for you. It covers topics such as type definitions, decorators, and modules, which are considered more advanced concepts. Additionally, the book provides a comprehensive overview of all the important components of TypeScript and how they can be used in real-world applications.

The ideas presented in this TypeScript book are:

  • Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming in TypeScript are discussed here, such as Inheritance, Interfaces, and Modules.
  • This section describes advanced aspects of TypeScript, such as Generics, Enums, and Type Guards.
  • It teaches how to use TypeScript with React for writing robust, type-safe React components.
  • In this section, we will explore a range of resources that can be used in conjunction with TypeScript to optimise the development experience. These tools have been designed to make programming with TypeScript more efficient and effective, allowing developers to make the most of the language’s features. With the right tools at hand, developers can create code that is reliable, maintainable, and of a higher quality.

Structured Patterns for Designing with TypeScript

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the various design patterns that can be used to build robust and maintainable applications with TypeScript. It provides clear and concise examples of the design patterns through code snippets, and explores how to effectively use them in your own projects.

The ideas presented in this TypeScript book are:

TypeScript development makes use of a wide variety of design patterns, such as:

  • Design principles
  • Consistencies in structure
  • Methods of action
  • Time-sharing structures
  • Anti-patterns

Cooking with TypeScript

The TypeScript Cookbook provides comprehensive recipes to help you solve common problems when working with TypeScript. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer, this book will be an invaluable resource as you navigate the language. By following the step-by-step instructions, you can easily understand and master the nuances of TypeScript.

The ideas presented in this TypeScript book are:

  • Fundamentals of TypeScript: This section covers the basics of TypeScript, including how to work with variables, functions, classes, and interfaces.
  • Differences between TypeScript and other languages are discussed here.
  • This section focuses on the various TypeScript development tools available, such as the TypeScript compiler, Visual Studio Code, and other integrated development environments (IDEs). The TypeScript compiler is a key tool for development, as it allows developers to write TypeScript code which is then compiled into JavaScript which can be run in a browser. Visual Studio Code is a popular IDE which provides an integrated development environment with features such as code refactoring, debugging, and version control. Other IDEs such as WebStorm and Eclipse also provide support for TypeScript development. Together, these tools enable developers to create robust applications using TypeScript.
  • It describes the many TypeScript libraries that are out there, including React, Angular, and Vue.
  • Cookbook for developing with TypeScript; includes various recipes for things like debugging, unit testing, and using third-party libraries.

Acquiring Knowledge of TypeScript

For developers looking to get a firm grasp on TypeScript, taking a course is the most effective way to get up and running. This course provides an introduction to the basics of TypeScript, and it includes a variety of code examples to help students understand the fundamentals. Additionally, the course will equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to begin writing and implementing TypeScript programs.

The ideas presented in this TypeScript book are:

  • The book starts out with a brief introduction of TypeScript and its benefits.
  • It explores the syntax and capabilities of the TypeScript programming language.
  • Using TypeScript with popular JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React is also covered in this book.
  • The last part of the book shows you how to build and launch a TypeScript app.

Learning TypeScript as an Angular Developer

This book is designed to provide developers with an introduction to the fundamentals of TypeScript and how it can be used to integrate with Angular. It provides a comprehensive overview of the language and offers a range of code samples to demonstrate its practical application. Through this book, developers will learn how to design and implement TypeScript applications with Angular, and gain a greater understanding of the language and its features.

The ideas presented in this TypeScript book are:

  • Synopsis of the TypeScript and Angular programming languages.
  • Angular developers’ go-to library of TypeScript components and services.
  • Concepts related to the attributes of websites, such Directives, Routing, HTTP, and Forms.
  • Security, testing, and distribution for TypeScript.
  • Use of the Angular APIs, CLI, and NgRx.
  • TypeScript and Angular coding standards and best practices.


TypeScript is a powerful yet straightforward programming language that offers developers an error-free coding experience. If you are already familiar with JavaScript, then learning TypeScript will be a breeze. These books will provide you with an in-depth look into the history of TypeScript, as well as how to integrate the language with popular frameworks such as Angular, and how to take advantage of TypeScript’s robust features.

These books will help programmers create code that is more robust, user-friendly, and easy to maintain.

We hope that you achieve success in your pursuit of TypeScript and that this leads to even greater accomplishments in the software development industry. If you are an aspiring software developer looking for a Remote TypeScript Developer role, you have come to the right place.

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