Books Every Software Engineer Ought to Read: The Best of React Native

Delving into React Native is a thrilling voyage.

With the help of React Native, app developers can make apps for Android and iOS platforms with a single codebase, which not only saves them time but also effort. To have an app built for both Android and iOS, the easiest approach is to hire a developer proficient in React Native.

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Studying React Native can be beneficial for programmers irrespective of their skill level, be it a beginner or an expert. It is crucial to find the best resources for studying React Native to get started seamlessly. These resources offer guidance on quickly setting up a development environment, enabling you to start building React Native apps without any delay. If the availability of numerous React Native books appears overwhelming, this guide can assist in refining your options to the most relevant books apt for your requirements.

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If you’re not acquainted, what is React Native?

When initiating new projects from scratch, you can make use of both native development and React Native, one of the most sought-after JavaScript libraries, to fabricate natural applications and services while maintaining optimal user experience. React is a dynamic library for building user interfaces, making it a perfect choice for any project.

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React Native books in alphabetical order

To be an expert in React Native, the following books are crucial for mastering the basics of the React Native framework and its components. These books provide a comprehensive examination of the React Native framework and its numerous features, making them ideal for anyone striving to attain a thorough comprehension of the framework. Investing in these books will enhance your proficiency and competence as a React Native developer. Don’t wait any longer, start your React Native journey today!

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Hands-On Approach with React Native: Methods and Patterns for Efficient Native Mobile Development Using JavaScript

  • This all-inclusive book on React Native offers more than 80 extensive examples to assist readers in comprehending JavaScript design patterns and concepts that relate to React Native. It’s a great source for anyone trying to acquire a better understanding of React Native.
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  • Redux delivers a comprehensive overview of all concepts related to Flux architecture and React development patterns.
  • Redux Thunks and Redux Sagas elaborate on each intricate concept relating to data transfer protocols.
  • The book discusses the concepts behind navigation in React and React Native.
  • The final chapter of the book concentrates on ECMAscript patterns and JavaScript functional characteristics, where the book excels.
  • Keywords: ECMAscript, JavaScript, functional characteristics, book.

Written by: Mateusz M. Grzesiukiewicz

Publication Date: September 29, 2018

Cost: Available for purchase on Amazon for $39.99

React Native Cookbook – Second Edition

  • For developers new to React Native, this exceptional book concentrates on building a remarkable user interface.
  • The book is an extensive 592-page guide providing remarkable explanations of complex React Native framework aspects.
  • Obtaining education and practice in user experience design, data research and analysis, and deploying JavaScript applications across various platforms can be immensely beneficial skills to master. Acquiring a sound understanding of these fields can unlock numerous opportunities and offer substantial professional gratification. User experience design is a particularly important area to focus on.
  • Keywords: user experience design, data research and analysis, JavaScript applications, discipline, education, practice.
  • This guide will streamline the procedure of developing robust, feature-packed apps for iOS as well as Android.

Written by: Dan Ward, Mr

Publication Date: January 2019

Purchase: Available for $16.00 exclusively at Packt

JavaScript Everywhere – First Edition: Building Cross-Platform Applications with GraphQL, React, React Native, and Electron

  • Using this React Native guide, you can construct a comprehensive application with advanced features.
  • Keywords: React Native, app, guide, advanced features.
  • Using this book, you will learn how to build APIs using Apollo Server, Express, Node, and MongoDB to integrate with React Native.
  • Front-end development issues such as React Native Expo, Electron, and React constitute only a small portion of this book.

Written by: David Adam Scott, Author

Publication Date: February 6, 2020

Purchase: Get it on Amazon for only $28.92

Creating Native Mobile Apps with JavaScript and React Native

  • Similar to other guides, this book elaborates on how to leverage JavaScript and the React Native framework to produce native mobile applications.
  • The relationship between native UI components and React Native is examined in detail within this book.
  • The React Native equivalents of standard HTML elements are compared in this book for mobile development.
  • This book instructs how to utilize the React Native community’s APIs and modules on your selected platform.

Written by: Theresa Bonnie Eisenman, Author

Publication Date: December 3, 2015 (Monday)

Purchase: Available on Amazon for $47.19

Developing Mobile Apps with React Native

  • This book comprehensively covers ECMAScript 7, Redux, and React Native, providing a fundamental understanding of these technologies.
  • Explore the intricacies of React Native applications and concepts, while understanding the differences between Flux and Redux, through this book. Check out our blog post on the top 10 React apps used by major websites.
  • React Native concepts are clearly and effectively explained, enabling the development of remarkable apps for both iOS and Android platforms after completion of this book.
  • Besides, you will be able to incorporate advanced functionalities like camera, GPS, React Native contact book, and others seamlessly into your application with the assistance of this book.
  • This book will equip you with a strong understanding of the Redux design pattern, empowering you to apply its principles effectively in your development endeavours.

Written by: Akshat Paul and Abhishek Nalwaya (Authors), Those Two Guys’ Names

Publication Date: June 12, 2019

Pre-Order: Get it Here for $34.99

Developing iOS and Android Applications with React Native and JavaScript

  • For individuals seeking to learn React Native, this book provides an excellent starting point, particularly for those who are new to Android, iOS or web development.
  • The techniques provided are straightforward to comprehend and can be applied to build applications that are compatible with a broad spectrum of mobile and web platforms.
  • Besides, you will gain knowledge in Routing, Redux, and animations, which will accentuate your application development abilities further.
  • This book offers an extensive walkthrough of the entire data querying process including data retrieval, management, and local storage within the React Native ecosystem. It elaborates on each step of the process, equipping you with the knowledge to optimize the data acquisition efficiently.

Featured: An interview with Nader Dabit (Author)

Publication Date: March 2019

Purchase: Presently Obtainable at Manning Publications for only $49.99

The Third Edition of the Definitive Guide to Building Websites and Applications with React.js, Extending to React Native

  • This book is an ideal choice for developers who wish to benefit from the latest React Native version and construct native user interfaces right from the beginning. Additionally, developers interested in designing native user interfaces will also find this book beneficial.
  • Develop a profound understanding of the intricacies of React and its several components, including their states, attributes, and contexts.
  • Moreover, the concepts elucidated here can be applied to devise code splitting utilities for employment in React.
  • By utilising React Native, this book imparts a clear understanding of the shared characteristics of the iOS and Android mobile operating systems.
  • Whether you are constructing online or mobile applications or developing GraphQL schemas, this book will serve as an invaluable resource.

Authors: Roy Derks and Adam Boduch

Publication Date: April 30, 2020

Purchase: Prices at Packt commence from $35.99

Developing Exquisite Mobile Applications with JavaScript and React Native, the Full Stack Approach

  • Upon completing this book, you would have acquired proficiencies that are essential for developing four practical applications, such as a weather forecasting application, a timer application, an Instagram-styled messaging interface, and a messaging service.
  • Comprising of 10 chapters, this book is replete with illustrations and useful tips that are excellent for developing outstanding applications for iOS and Android. Further, it also offers insights into creating exceptional iOS applications.

Written by: Sophia Shoemaker, Anthony Accomazzo, Houssein Djirdeh, and Devin Abbott

First Published On: September 22, 2019

Purchase: Available for $61.95 on Amazon

Master React Native by Developing Two Comprehensive Projects and a Complete Game

  • If you are searching for a high-quality reference to learn React Native, this book is an excellent point of origin. It features an all-inclusive introduction to the technology and an extensive analysis of the React Native framework.
  • Upon finishing this book, you will be capable of producing diverse puzzle games and other structured projects.
  • There is a scope for enhancing one’s understanding of React Native beyond the fundamental technology itself, and explore its correlated technologies such as React Navigation, Redux, Expo, and server-side frameworks like NodeJS and Each of these technologies has distinctive features and competencies that can be harnessed in developing potent applications.

Written by: Roberto Frank Zammitti

First Published On: This Day in 2018

Purchase: Available for $22.99 on Apress

Developing 4 Utility Applications with React Native, a Cross-Platform User Interface Framework for React

  • With the assistance of this book, amusing applications such as ride-sharing, photo-sharing, messaging, and more can be designed.
  • After finishing this book, you will possess the expertise to employ third-party Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for building games, streamlining the development process, and handling state management frameworks like Redux and Mobx.

Written by: Emilio R. Martinez-Rodriguez

First Published On: March 13, 2018

Purchase: Available for purchase at $34.99 here

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of the top 10 recommended books from Works for mastering React Native. If you have any doubts about the books that a software developer should read, feel free to contact our team. Don’t wait any longer – grab your copy of these books at discounted prices today!

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