Books Every Software Engineer Ought to Read: The Best of React Native

Reading about React Native is a great adventure.

By leveraging React Native, developers can create apps for both Android and iOS platforms with the same codebase, thus saving time and effort. If you are looking for a developer to create an app for both Android and iOS, the most straightforward approach is to select a developer with experience in React Native.

Regardless of experience level, both novice and experienced programmers can benefit from studying React Native. To ensure a successful start, it is important to find the best resources for learning React Native. These resources can provide guidance on setting up a development environment quickly and easily, allowing you to jump straight into creating React Native applications. If the amount of available books on React Native is overwhelming, this guide can help you narrow down the choices to the best books for your needs.

For those who are unfamiliar, please define React Native.

When creating new projects from the ground up, it is possible to leverage both native development and React Native, one of the most popular JavaScript libraries, to build native applications and services without sacrificing user experience. React is a powerful library for crafting seamless user interfaces, making it an ideal choice for any project.

Books that cover React Native, in alphabetical order

If you want to become a React Native expert, the books listed below are essential for mastering the fundamentals of the React Native framework and its components. These books provide an in-depth look at the React Native framework and its many features, making them perfect for anyone looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the framework. Investing in these books will help you become a more knowledgeable and skilled React Native developer. So, don’t delay – get started on your React Native journey today!

Methods and Patterns for Effective Native Mobile Development with JavaScript: A Hands-On Approach with React Native

  • This comprehensive book on React Native provides readers with over 80 detailed examples to guide them through learning JavaScript design patterns and concepts related to React Native. This book is an excellent resource for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of React Native.
  • Redux provides a comprehensive introduction to all the ideas behind Flux architecture and the React development patterns.
  • Redux Thunks and Redux Sagas clarify every complex idea in data transfer protocols.
  • It discusses the ideas behind navigation in both React and React Native.
  • The book’s last chapter focuses on ECMAscript patterns and JavaScript functional features, which is where the book really starts to shine.

Author: M. Grzesiukiewicz, Mateusz

Published: On This Day in 2018 (September 29)

Price: Amazon Is Selling It for $39.99

The Second Edition of the React Native Cookbook

  • Another great book for newcomers to React Native, this one focuses on creating an exceptional user interface.
  • There are 592 pages of fantastic explanations on complex aspects of the React Native framework.
  • Studying and mastering user experience design, data research and analysis, and deploying JavaScript applications across a range of platforms are all valuable skills that can be acquired through education and practice. Achieving a strong understanding of these disciplines can open up many opportunities and provide a great deal of professional satisfaction.
  • This guide will simplify the process of creating powerful, feature-rich apps for both iOS and Android.

Authors: Mr. Dan Ward

Published: A New Year Begins in January of 2019

Buy it: Only $16.00 at Packt

First Edition JavaScript Everywhere: Constructing Cross-Platform Applications with GraphQL, React, React Native, and Electron

  • You can build a fully-featured app with this React Native book as your guide.
  • This book will teach you how to use Apollo Server, Express, Node, and MongoDB to create APIs for use with React Native.
  • Only a small fraction of this book is devoted to front-end development issues like React Native Expo, Electron, and React.

Author: David Adam Scott

Published: This Day in 2020: February 6

Buy it: At Amazon, You Can Have It for for $28.92.

Using JavaScript to Create Native Mobile Apps with React Native

  • This is yet another book that explains how to use JavaScript to create native mobile apps using the React Native framework.
  • This book describes the interplay between React Native and native UI elements.
  • Standard HTML elements may be compared with their React Native mobile counterparts.
  • It teaches you how to use the React Native community’s modules and APIs on your chosen platform.

Author: Theresa Bonnie Eisenman

Published: Monday, December 3, 2015

Buy it: From Amazon, $47.19

Building Mobile Apps Using React Native

  • With this book, you’ll learn all you need to know about ECMAScript 7, React Native, and Redux.
  • Discover the inner workings of React Native apps and ideas as you study the distinctions between Redux and Flux.
  • Concepts in React Native are well presented, making it possible to study and construct impressive apps for both iOS and Android.
  • Furthermore, you’ll find out how to integrate advanced features into your app, such as the camera, GPS, the React Native contact book, and more.
  • You will have a firm grasp of the Redux design pattern and the knowledge to implement its principles in your own work.

Authors: Those Two Guys’ Names Are Akshat Paul and Abhishek Nalwaya.

Published: June 12, 2019

Preorder: Buy It Here for $34.99

Using React Native with JavaScript to Create iOS and Android Applications.

  • If you want to learn React Native, this is a great book to start with. It’s a great fit for developers new to the web, Android, or iOS.
  • The methods are simple to grasp and may be used to create apps that run on many mobile and online platforms.
  • Additionally, you will have an appreciation for Routing, Redux, and animations.
  • This book provides a comprehensive overview of the entire process of making data queries, retrieving data, managing data, and storing data locally in the React Native environment. It outlines each step of the procedure and explains how to optimise the process for the most efficient data acquisition.

Author: An Interview with Nader Dabit

Published: March 2019

Buy it: Currently Available at Manning Publications for only $49.99

Third Edition of the Definitive Guide to Developing Apps and Websites with React.js, Extending to React Native

  • This book is perfect for any developer who wants to utilise the latest version of React Native and design native user interfaces from the ground up.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of React and its many components, as well as their attributes, states, and contexts.
  • The ideas presented here may also be used to the development of code splitting tools for use in React.
  • This book uses React Native to provide a straightforward explanation of the common facets of the iOS and Android mobile operating systems.
  • This book is useful for developing online and mobile applications, as well as for creating GraphQL schemas.

Author: Roy Derks and Adam Boduch

Published: April 30, 2020

Buy it: Prices at Packt Start at $35.99

Making Beautiful Mobile Apps with JavaScript and React Native, the Full Stack Way

  • By the time you finish reading this book, you will have acquired the skills necessary to develop four useful applications, including a weather forecasting application, a timer application, a messaging program modelled after Instagram, and a messaging service.
  • This book has 10 chapters, each of which is packed with examples and helpful hints for creating exceptional applications for iOS and Android.

Authors: Sophia Shoemaker, Anthony Accomazzo, Houssein Djirdeh, and Devin Abbott

Published: The Date of September 22, 2019

Buy it: At $61.95 on Amazon

Learn React Native by Building Two Complete Projects and a Full Game

  • If you are looking for an excellent resource to learn React Native, this book is an ideal starting point. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the technology and an in-depth exploration of the React Native framework.
  • Following the completion of this book, you will be able to create a wide range of puzzle games and other organised projects.
  • It is possible to expand one’s knowledge of React Native beyond the core technology itself, and delve into its related technologies, such as React Navigation, Redux, Expo, and server-side frameworks like NodeJS and Each of these technologies has its own set of unique features and capabilities that can be utilised to create powerful applications.

Authors: Roberto Frank Zammitti

Published: On This Day in 2018

Buy it: In Apress for $22.99

Building 4 Practical Apps Using React Native, a Cross-Platform UI Framework for React

  • Fun apps like ridesharing, photo sharing, texting, and more may be created with the guidance of this book.
  • Upon completion of this book, you will be equipped with the knowledge to utilise third-party application programming interfaces (APIs) to craft a game, streamline the development cycle, and manage state management frameworks including Redux and Mobx.

Authors: Mr. Emilio R. Martinez-Rodriguez

Published: March 13, 2018

Buy it: Buy It Here for $34.99

Closing Remarks

We have now concluded our list of the top 10 recommended books for learning React Native from Works. If you have any questions about the best books that a software engineer should read, our team would be delighted to answer them. Don’t hesitate – take advantage of the sale and purchase these books today!

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